Society Is Currently Paying A Severe Price For The Neglect Of Our Precious Senior Citizens!

Overall as a society we have thrown our Elders away and we are definitely paying a steep price for doing so.

It seems as though our Elders have become a burden to us when in actuality to exalt them as the head of our communities as well as caring for them as the precious cargo that they are would enable us to fare so much better to avoid those dumb choices as the wisdom they possess is something that is lacking overall in our society.

They are the goldmine that we have been looking for but we have turned away from them and it’s a damn shame!

What many fail to realize is that WE will one day soon be the Elders of the world and we will not appreciate it at all of we get treated in the same isolated manner that we are guilty of doing to them today.

Senior Citizens

Imagine how the world appears to our elderly who don’t have the family or resources to live the full live that they thought they would when they were much younger. Life can be so unexpected and we need to reach out to them even when their pride won’t allow them to reach out to us in their time of need.

Many of our elderly feel as though they are merely waiting for death to arrive to their front door because many of their friends have passed away and oftentimes their families have neglected them or have passed on too. Some may not even have any family and would definitely appreciate the extended love that would come from being included in the activities of their communities to give them that sense of belonging that would enrich their lives in a very special way.

It doesn’t take much and the exchange would surely be a rewarding experience.

It could be as simple as helping with the maintenance of their yard and garden.

Maybe a ride to their doctor’s appointment.

An invitation to a family dinner or even a trip to the restaurant if you can afford it.

Purchasing some staples from the grocery store (toilet paper, toothpaste etc. & personal household maintenance items as well as canned goods and other foodstuff) that we all use and bringing it to them regardless how much they refuse your generosity. If they are on a fixed income, it will surely make a difference to free up their limited finances.

What I am trying to get at is that it doesn’t take much to reach out to an Elder to make their life that much more enjoyable and edifying, you really do not have to exhaust any extra resources to do something to make their life a joy.

Too many of us are more concerned with what outfit that we will wear to church while that very elderly neighbor possibly could be sitting in their house with no heat or food.

Senior Citizen Abuse

Many of our elderly feel trapped in their homes especially if they are on a fixed income and cannot get around the way that they used to. Imagine! You and I may think a quick trip to the local market is just another chore to knock off in a busy day but for our often forgotten senior citizens that same trip to the local market can be a very intimidating task that requires an immeasurable amount of effort on their part to complete.

Not only that but to venture out of their homes can be very intimidating to say the least. we all must understand that they pretty much grew up in a completely different world where people were not as anti-social as they are now today. People actually spoke to one another and meant it. They didn’t have all of the socially draining technology that we have now and people took their time more and had a more healthy/wholesome existence.

They knew their neighbors on a first name basis and the world had a better sense of community and a cohesiveness that is all but vanished in today’s world.

The rules of our society have changed and it is not something that embraces the needs of our senior citizens and I feel it is our loss.

While we struggle with our life issues we have ignored the wealth of knowledge, wisdom and hands on experience that our elderly have in abundance that is just waiting to be tapped into. All they need is to be included in our lives and we will benefit greatly as they would be too.

You see, if we followed divine law and treated our Elders the way God intended, we wouldn’t even have to worry about our retirement funds or pension plans because our youth would understand how valuable our experience is and would automatically take care of us as we have taken care of them. But the righteous order has been broken through the meddling of man and we have abandoned our trust in something that was far superior to man’s way of doing things.

This is nature’s pension plan. We are to treat our senior citizens as royalty and they will bestow on us a wisdom that is far reaching beyond our own reasoning and will save us from the drama that we fall into in life from our arrogant immaturity. It works both ways because they would benefit from the physical strength and energy of the younger generations and together our community would be strengthen as well as enjoying a heightened level of productivity.

We wouldn’t have to pay those high fees for a baby sitter anymore. We wouldn’t have to worry about our homes not being looked out for when we are gone. They wouldn’t have to worry about being so isolated and feeling as though they are all alone because a day wouldn’t go by when we wouldn’t swing by to check on them and rain down on them the resources that come so easy to us because of the abundance of health and vitality that we possess in the present time.

Overall it would be a win win situation.

Remember, we all will one day be much older and we don’t know the conditions that we will be living under no matter how much we plan. So reach out and share some good energy with someone who needs it as well as sending a flare out to the world of good karma that just return to visit you when you need it the most later on in your life!


So have a heart and look out for our seniors or at least be more considerate of their needs regardless as to how busy you may be. It doesn’t take much and the little bit of time that you donate will surely make a difference.

…….it would be a whole lot better to tithe your money and resources into helping a senior citizen who may be in distress than helping that pastor buy his next expensive luxury car.

Think about it.

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