Is Society Is Now Suffering The Consequences Of Living Out Of Its Natural Order?

When you remove anyone trained and conditioned in a specific area of expertise out of the natural environment that they have practiced in for countless years, they’re pretty much doomed not to perform at their absolute peak.

If we were to place professional golfer Tiger Woods in a boxing ring with former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson to put his athletic talent on display as a fighter, he would fail miserably because that is not the arena that would allow his years of training to shine.

Both are athletes, but excel individually in two very unique endeavors that require a totally different skill set. When remaining connected to the sport that they have trained for, they are literally (almost) unbeatable when on top of their game.

The lesson learned here is that in life it’s all about remaining connected to your source so that one can remain at their best.

We as humans feel as though we are so wise and know exactly what we need to function on this plane at optimal levels but we have fooled ourselves after becoming lost in a vast sea of what we feel is wisdom but are plummeting fast in what has become a “deathstyle” on many fronts.

We’ve become so very arrogant with what we feel is knowledge that we’re literally committing a form of suicide by refusing to acknowledge that we are part of a system that ultimately knows what’s best for us if we would simply get up off of our high horse and admit that we need to submit to it!

Does a child tell a parent what is best for them?

Could a child raise themselves properly as they are not equipped to deal with the consequences that result from their foolish decision to move independent of the parent source?

The obvious answer to most individuals who consider themselves sane to those two aforementioned questions would be absolutely NO!

Yet as adults we move in this very same manner in gross disobedience to this massive and very intricate system of life that we a part of whether we want to admit it or not!


Let’s throw the man made institution of religion straight out of the door right now and forevermore.  It doesn’t possess any power in this life in the same manner as our very powerful sense of spirituality does in relation to our Creator.

That being said, because of religion, we’ve lost our way depending on a limited powerless hierarchy that will leave us abandoned from true empowerment.

But it doesn’t stop there either!

Our disobedience as far as what we put into our bodies has taken us into a state of perpetual sickness and low achieving subpar living because we have become disconnected from knowing the true way of eating without the man made poisons that we are told are acceptable to consume!

On a mental level it’s the same way, we consume large amounts of poisons into our mind yet feel the way to regaining our sanity is through the consumption of these toxic concoctions that are prescribed for us by people who have been trained to profit from our downtrodden state of health.

I could literally go on forever in proving my points…….

Dark World

We as a society have become so far removed from the peace that comes from submitting to the Divine Order of God……yes, I said it….GOD…that we are quickly plummeting into what I would call a living state of pre-hell when all along we should be enjoying what could only be described as Heaven On Earth!

…….but we have becoming disconnected and hijacked away into believing that this substitute system that man has made is superior to the Divine Order that will keep us running happily along as intended.

If man’s order is so much better then why is there so much of a negative cloud of gloom hanging over the world today?

Why are we stealing, killing, slandering, raping, exploiting and just refusing to do the right thing each and every time in this life as though there are no consequences to our wayward actions down the line at some point?

You know, when someone has extreme mental issues, what is the first thing that a holistic doctor would do to restore the patient back to health and a sense of well being?

They remove that patient from the toxic environment from which they became ill and place them into a setting where they can began to self heal because their surroundings are conducive to good health and nurturing life.


Sunlight, good nutrition, exercise,  a drama free environment that harbors positive thoughts, loving support and the deep concerned connection of those around us who possess no other motivation other to see us happy and at our best!

Now imagine if we had this in our lives from the beginning we wouldn’t go crazy like we do from stepping into that deceptively delicious life of disobedience that brings nothing to us but a slow death ultimately!

We would look forward to every aspect of our days ahead of us with enthusiasm and zest. We would also take an extreme joy to working alongside and helping our fellow man to achieve a higher state of being because we would know that to help others would be to help ourselves.

We would consume the proper foods knowing that we are cultivating health from within and would never need to consume these toxic poisons to temporarily take ourselves away from the consequences of disobedience.

Life for all would be joyous and the need for law enforcement would vanish because we ourselves personally would enforce Divine Law with every step and our stress levels would literally be nonexistent.

Well what might ultimately be the answer to all of the negativity that plagues us in this life? The answer is if our Creator said to do something, the WE SHOULD DO IT because He knows what’s best for us like that nurturing protective parent. But also on the other hand if our Creator commands us NOT to do something then we need to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT!


It’s really that easy when you look at it from that simplistic perspective. It Is US who bring down all hell and damnation on ourselves because of the stupid choices that we make from being disconnected from our Divine GPS System that will NEVER lead us wrong.

Until we absorb this one singular truth then we need to prepare for a society that is traveling fast through death’s door as it sautes’ and simmers in its own dysfunction that it simply can’t seem to let go…….

I’m sorry but I can’t live that way as I choose obedience. Many here who know me personally wonder why my life has been cleaned up so much and that is the very reason. I “ain’t” getting involved in the toxic dirt that I used to. Living clean may seem boring to some but it damn sure keeps you OUT of he spotlight of drama!

…….you ought to try it sometime.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Divinely Connected Brother,


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