In recent weeks I’m beginning to realize that I am not to quick to push myself up around others as fast as I used to. I understand now that it’s because of my higher level of elevation and perception to see what lurks below the surface in the hearts of those who are potentially deceptive.

While I’ve always been one to enjoy my own company, I find it hard these days to leave the solitude that I look forward to every day with myself to break the fast of the company of others. To get to the point, I can see the greed, the jealousy, the narcissism and the games that people play that waste unnecessary time that can be used for something far more productive.

No one more than I have explored every nook and cranny of the best version of New York City that there was from the mid seventies to the mid nineties. I can honestly say that my eyes have observed just about everything that a twisted curious mind can conjure and have lived to tell those decadent tales in the present day in great detail.

But I’m at a place in my life where every endeavor that I indulge in must be productive and must be something that will last long beyond my time here on this earth. While there are so many out here that I know living a clean life that doesn’t intrude on anyone else’s existence in a negative way, I will say that those types of individuals are in the minority. I don’t have time to guess on what the intentions are of someone who intends to invade my life and personal space when they have nothing positive that they’re pursuing in their life. A definite red flag.

Many of those individuals seek a totally hedonistic life of sport and play as well as wonton behavior, recklessness and drunkenness. I just don’t see the point anymore. The longer you live and are granted lots of time in this life you will eventually begin to see life entirely different than you did decades before. The person that I am today is far removed from my ” exploratory years in all things pleasure seeking”, but while I can talk about the foolishness of my past to cause somebody to laugh uncontrollably, I am on a whole different stratosphere that I was on back in those nostalgic times.

These days reckless living is more dangerous than ever has been before. The consequences are beyond measure in the pleasure that one may feel that they derive doesn’t saturate your soul in any meaningful way whatsoever. But I will say that everyone has the time to fall and get back up against because this is how you learn. But many have fallen and returned to full strength yet it appears as though they haven’t learned one thing from the misjudgments and that’s sad, very sad you have accrued years and decades in this life that others have not been blessed with.

It is shocking to me to see how fast time has passed by, I say this not in the manner that many others mention it but in a very real way that is shocking when I look back over the years.

This is why in this phase of my life I do not want to waste time wrestling with those who were tormented within to want to bring me into their inner turmoil. It’s like the example of the good Samaritan attempting to save a man who is drowning by reaching down to that person to offer them their hand only to get yanked down into the water with the drowning man. You realize now he has used you to save his life without ever turning around to help you save yours.

While in the past I used to allow anyone in my personal space without filter I cannot afford to do this now anymore because I do not know how many years I have left in my life’s budget of time. The more I have come to this realization is the more I have noticed an increase of individuals who do not want to do their own heavy lifting and do not want to walk over the fiery coals that would teach them many valuable lessons in this life.

You have to understand that you can’t do everything for everyone and in my time on social media many will think that is the easy undertaking but it’s not.

For you it may be something else of a specific nature but the principles all remain the same. You will find that you will attract more takers than givers and often times you won’t find out they are takers until it’s too late. So I suggest to everyone before you meet in that advanced junction point on the chronological level to heed my words and save yourself a lot of wasted time. While I’m not suggesting that one become extremely reclusive or live life as a hermit, I will say that there are great benefits to doing so intermittently in your life to keep your filters clear.

Think of it as a much needed fast to clean compacted bowels.

This is why I’m not too fast to open the floodgates of my sanctum sanctorum anymore to these entities that intend to use you 85% to 90% of the time for their own benefit and advancement. I’m noticing that as I have come to this realization, that I feel my strength, creativity, enthusiasm and zeal for life returning to full strength at a phenomenal rate that I haven’t seen before in any other period of my life.

So expect from me more creative offerings as I have the time now to go completely within to enhance the legacy for my children in any one who would see value in my expressions as I fulfill my mission on this plane. Over the course of my life I have received many lessons and have accepted accountability for any misjudgments foolishly made on my part, I have faced them all to be chiseled into the being that I am now but cannot go through for you what you must experience for your own personal growth.

So if you don’t get anything else from this particular message I just want you to understand how precious time is and how what you do today truly affects the options that you’ll have for tomorrow. Do not accept anything less than what you desire and what you deserve, stand your ground with the high standard of morals that you should have. Never compromise. Never give up. Be warned that you’ll be made by those who can’t use you anymore to feel isolation, ridicule and often times scorn for you possessing the strong mind that you do to accomplish the work that is here on this planet for you to do.

As you look back over your life you will be pleased that you were never discouraged and made it to a level where nobody can stop you or attempt to stop you in pursuing your goals anymore.

Always listen to your spirit when it speaks to you about someone who is attempting to get close to you that does not have your best interest at hand. The only way to develop and hone that gift of discernment is for you to spend time with yourself in the deepest meditation that will always guide you right.

Much love to you all and I want to thank you for spending your precious time he with me and I hope you received something positive from the previous words I shared.



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