Some Of You Brothers Are Breaking My Heart!

Black men are breaking my heart!

…….not all Black men but too many!

Earlier today I was driving my bus and was so fed up with the buffoonery and lowdown grade of conversation that I had to wonder about our women and the choices that they have in finding a good man for a decent future!

It was sickening and what made it even worse was that these men were between their forties and fifties and they way they spoke you would think that these were juvenile delinquents who didn’t know any better.

Sagging Pants

What happened to the days of old when men were proud to be Fathers and providers for their families?

All I heard today was how these men said that they weren’t giving these “hoes” any money to take care of THEIR responsibilities!

Can’t they see that they are playing into the sinister wishes of the system that wants them to perpetuate this foolishness so that they can be continued to be paid?

To many of us blame the system for our downfall and capture but too many of us fail to take responsibility for the actions that place us in these unfortunate situations in the first place.

Teen Pregnancy

To me it is like a cancer that is slowly spreading through our culture and it seems that ignorance and low standards are the accepted and expected norm.

For us to do better we’ve got to think better! We cannot fall victim to someone else’s low expectations of us that are projected all throughout our entertainment and engineered culture that has absolutely NOTHING to do with us because it is a grafted way of thinking that goes against our God given D.N.A!

We are NOT thugs! We are NOT pimps! We are NOT lazy! We are NOT all pleasure seeking hedonistic low standard irresponsible animals who bounce from the pleasure of one bodily function to another, where all we are concerned about is eating, sleeping, urinating, crapping, having sex and generally getting over.

We are so much more than the sum total of the pleasures derived from our bodily functions, we are divine beings with a holy purpose but for these evil entities in high places are to stay afloat and maintain the power that they have they must have us brainwashed into believing the worst of ourselves in order to keep them in power!

But the time must come for all who are deemed to be radicals to lurk in the trenches in order to wake up all who have fallen victim to the lies that have kept them bound and chained. Look at the world how it is right now and you tell me if we are not in trouble as a people!

Don’t show me Oprah and her so called success when there are so many of us will never see her way of living under the oppressors who stick to our ass like white on rice from the moment we are born until the day that we die

Don’t tell me that the odds are equal when our Sisters have to damn near become whores merely to share that God given voice as a vocalist in this wicked world of entertainment!

Don’t tell me that sports is a good thing to get our people to the next level of financial freedom when the few athletic slaves that these schools of higher indoctrination use them for there prowess then toss them away only to receive the next willing victim with open arms and a high paid sports contract!

Don’t tell me that this country is the land of freedom when most of my people are locked down in yet another form of corporate slavery in these privatized institutions of incarceration that force those of us who are unfortunate to get locked down to be turned into a modern day slave for mere pennies a day!

Louisianna Chain Gang

Who will stand up and be bold enough to tell you this as too many of our so called elite are afraid to lose what little amenities that they have been afforded in order to compromise a once fiery message?

The is the end of 2012 people and our world is going down the drain while we party our time on this earth away! Where are the Elders who will empower the youth with the practical knowledge that will protect them from having their ignorance exploited for the gain of another?

Many of our Elders have passed on but their Afrikan spirit lives on inside of us and we just can’t rest without continuing their great works or will be chastised in our every waking and sleeping moment until we give in to pursuing the victory that our God has written for us in stone!

So move without fear and spread the love, support, knowledge, tactics as well as building the confidence that our Lost Found Nation must have in order to make it into the future as free productive Godly men who stand tall in the world that God has given to us to live life to the fullest and NOT as a subservient low self esteemed punk of a man who accepts walking in the shadow of one (And remember, the oppressor manifests in ALL races!) who will never love them as a Brother!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Radical Brother,



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December 18, 2012 9:46 AM

Enter text right here!

December 18, 2012 9:45 AM

Thank you so much for sharing your comments Lady Ree! I agree with you 100% on the use of the word "radical", I just use it in that manner in a sarcastic way to those who would label me that in the first place.

Lady Ree
Lady Ree
December 18, 2012 5:57 AM

I meant I remember when Florida and James use to call Michael militent and radical!

Lady Ree
Lady Ree
December 18, 2012 4:14 AM

You made some very good points Lance and I agree with most that were made,however I don’t believe in the word(radical)when it has to do with truth,example I remember while watching good times how James and Florida use to call him militant,and some use radical,that is words made by others who were against hearing truth come out of our mouths,great piece my brother.

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