Sometimes The Answers To Our Dreams Are IN Our Dreams!

I want to give a great big loving shout out to Eric Sayward, Donny Tsunami and last but not least: LADY DOVE! It’s a dream come true to have friends such as this in my life.Validation comes in many forms in one’s life and I received a ton of it last night during our Monday Night Open Discussion Forum.I’d planned to start out with the latest George Zimmerman episode of drama when he supposedly threatened his soon to be ex-wife but while we spoke on it for a hot moment, my dear aforementioned friends who I just shouted out came aboard and the show took on a life of its own.

Their energy was definitely welcomed as they came with an abundance of it. But after a few jokes here and there the conversation got deep. We started talking about the many different aspects of spirituality from the Afrikan perspective and this is where Lady Dove displayed her strength in this area.

I was suspended in her words in a good way but also like a deer caught paralyzed by a trucks headlights. Truth resonated not only from the words that she shared but also in the way it flowed in the sound of her voice.

Deer In A Trucks Headlights

I was captivated and what I heard was exactly what I needed to hear at that exact moment. I knew that what so generously flowed from her lips was made to order for me and it once again validate the power of the Creator in my life as it had transpired in such a manner many many times before.

I felt so comfortable with her that I had to share with her the dream that I had earlier that morning as I was about to awaken…….

I was high atop a mountain with a fabulous view of the trees around it many miles down. Except I was also on top of a van that was driving the road on top of this mountain and it was driving very slow. I had the feeling that the person driving the van knew that I was on top of it and took the time to drive it slow so I wouldn’t fall off of the smooth surface of the top.

Somehow I knew this van was the Chevy Van that I had decades ago even though I wasn’t trying to figure out how it or I got there.

Chevy Van

But as we drove between 5 to 10 miles per hour on this high mountain road, I begin to have this overwhelming feeling of well being that flooded my senses in a way that I have never experienced. The closest sensation that I could even compare it with was the feeling of orgasm but this was not of a sexual nature and in no way could compare.

I felt all worldly stress leave me and this in fact shocked me because I know for a fact that I carry very little tension within me in the present day. But all things of this world emotion-wise was being emptied out of me and I felt so clean and pure in my spirit!

Even those words couldn’t explain what I felt…….

Now, as the van continued to slowly move forward, I noticed that the trees on the mountain top next to us began to clear and the feeling of being on top of it all quickly became amplified! Now here’s the kicker……. I began to instinctively spread my arms out like a bird and I felt myself lifting off of the van and into the air!

I was slowly FLYING!


…….and with every moment that passed by it felt so good but when I looked down the van had gotten so much smaller but as I looked up the sky it was so beautiful with the few delicious clouds that were there and I felt the strongest need to be there!

But I caught myself amidst the bliss. I wasn’t completely submerged in this soul-gasm of an experience. I still had within me at this point an earthly consciousness and it kicked in automatically with a strong dose of party killing fear!

“OH MY GOD” I thought to myself, “WAS I DYING?

My earthly limited mind acted like that protective Mother who never allowed her child to never play too far away or out of her eyesight. So somehow I knew that I had to wake up from this “dream”, and I scrambled in my bed furiously and kicked until I was completely awakened.

I now knew that this was a trick to get me to die! LOL!

But when I came to my senses I realized that this was not a bad experience about to happen masked as a great one but an assessment of my life as it was! Thanks to Lady Dove and the wonderful perspective that she shared with me on what that dream meant, it became a great validation on what I had been feeling and pondering for weeks on end before the dream ever happened.


She explained that I in my life am going to a whole new level. She said the things of this world that had a hold on me for years previously, would not weigh me down and my appetite for those activities were gone and would never come back. The raising up to fly in the dream represented me leaving the carnal earthly mind behind as well as leaving the negative energies masquerading as friends that had been such a fixture in my life behind also to fend for themselves away from me.!

This is why I had the sense of ’emptying out” all worldly tensions. It’s simply amazing to me that most of the dreams that we experience have a meaning so much more than its abstract content actually reveals at first. We have to get down and understand that our Creator has many ways of communicating with us and many times the answers to our dilemmas go right over our heads without a second thought!

It’s comparable to tossing away a winning lottery ticket!

Lottery Ticket

So my advice to you is to never look away from a message coming to you in an unconventional way because that may be the very time when the answer to your dilemma arrives. Sometimes it’s not always a clear cut message but as in my case Lady Dove spelled it out for me because to her it was as plain as day.

When one understands the magic of divine revelation, moving through life with the help of our Creator who never leaves us without the guidance that we often overlooks ensures that we will not take the wrong road that will lead us into a place that He never meant for us to see.
Absorb this, digest this and understand it wholeheartedly and your life will be amplified with the blessings that we cannot extract all on our own!
Peace & Righteous Love Always,
Your Amplified Brother,

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