Sometimes In Order To Really Hear God’s Voice It’s Just Better To Be Alone!

It’s better to be alone than to be in the company of the wrong people. Too many people bring their own energy that can be shrewdly masked and pleasantly packaged with an agenda that is intent on destroying what little peace of mind that you have held onto all of this time.

People are like electrical wires. While you can see the wire, you can’t “see” the current that appears dormant yet travels right through them. Don’t make the mistake of “touching” those wires before testing them! The results can be deadly!

Just the same way you should not get too close to someone too soon, because if the “current” that flows through them is negative based and secretly against you, then you are in for the shock of your life and the results can also be deadly.

Understand that you will “average out” with those in your midst and this is why you are to be leery of anyone who wants to share your presence without first validating their particular “electrical charge” by passing the mandatory tests that come with time and come with proving who you are as a person. But because many of us can sometimes be in a very lonely state of mind or too trusting, it can make us overlook the red flags of a fraudulent entity that might not only be jockeying for our companionship, but our precious emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and financial resources as well!

So be careful and when in doubt, keep to yourself.

But it’s not only those external entities that we must take our time with, we have to watch over our own actions and monitor how we make it so easy for many of the predatory people that we claim to abhor so much to waltz right into our lives and deliver hell right to our doorstep!

We all know of the woman who has been abused by her mate for what appears to be an eternity, the countless beatings and verbal assaults have become a regular part of not only her life but those who consider themselves close to her.

Although their love for her is unconditional, her conundrums with her mate can even put a strain on the most dedicated friendships and cause others to question her sanity for staying in something so torturous.

Then when the time has come when it appeared that she has defeated her weakness for her long term abuser and moved on, here she comes with another relationship soon after that appears to be just as abusive if not even more destructive than the one that she got out of in the first place!

So in this case we must look to not only see what is going on with her abusive mate but what is it about her that makes it where she chooses these types of men to be with her!

The world is full of bad choices but we oftentimes overlook the fact that many people who cry about so many negative entities infesting their lives are the main culprit in opening up the unseen emotional doors to invite these creeps right on in for a ringside seat into the inner confines of their lives!

In everything we do in this life it is a good thing to rest and purge ourselves of the innate stresses that come from the sometimes
unpredictable nature of life’s indefinite schedule. Resting our consciousness from the subliminal and covert attacks of our fellow
disgruntled human beings are no different.

It doesn’t hurt sometimes to gather your senses to once again regain that sense of being centered and better yet being God-centered.

Now do not let anyone attempt to keep yourself away from yourself by laying a guilt trip on you by saying that you have become “self-centered!” If anyone ever tries to pull that crap over your eyes to make you feel guilty to become an enabler for their twisted purposes once again just blame it on God and tell them to respect your wishes for a time to become more God-centered. While they might even want to verbally lash out at the Creator in your presence they will have to sit down, sit back and shut up once you bring God into it. Just do whatever it takes to bring you back to full working order as long as it is pleasing to God.

Have you ever noticed that at times you have felt greatly stressed or fatigued and really couldn’t figure out why it was so bad? Well everything happens for a reason and if you frequently feel this way then your energy is being drained from an unaccounted draining entity in your life!

You are to immediately begin troubleshooting every person (circuit) and every activity (circuit breaker box) in your life to find out where this energy drain is originating from.

Like the unseen talons relentlessly gripping your flesh as newly captured prey, these draining spirits can force you to miss out on a divine destiny or the fulfillment of your God given talents by wasting your limited time in the confusion that is abundantly contained in their mind and shrewdly transferred to your gullible psyche where you will internalize and house it as your own, sometimes never ever discovering that your burdens originated from somewhere else.

Isn’t that sad?

How many great books were never written or works of art never manifested because of the hidden workings of a negative force masquerading as a friend, lover or even a spouse? This is crucial and we need to do some serious meditation in this particular time period because of the cosmic/divine shift that is upon us now as the most destructive demons are freely running amok across the diaspora in such a way that appears well packaged to appeal to the physical senses of the masses and seem to be so good.

The trick here is to detox your consciousness from this manufactured mass produced seductive filth and disconnect yourself off of this man made “satanically approved” sham of a world and into that one place where our Creator wants us to constantly keep our total focus…….And if you don’t know where that is then I will tell you that it is called walking “in the spirit.”

Now how do we best jump start our ability to walk in the spirit when we are taking “baby steps” on the spiritual plane?

The best way to get yourself into that “groove” is to go off into your own private space away from every single type of distraction that could ever come your way.

Sometimes in order to really hear God’s voice it’s just better to be alone…….



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Darlene Davis Levant Burns
December 28, 2011 5:59 AM

You said it well!

I will just add to this by saying wrong people will produce negative powers with strong holds that are hard to break.

We all have a soul.

The soul of a man or woman is who we really are and what you take in from those you allow to be apart of you becomes you. negative or positive. The word of God even tells us ‘how can two walk together unless they agree. That lets me know If you’re not on the same page you’re in trouble.You will be pulled and sucked in the enemies track.We must look closely at ourselves first.

In other words we have to consider how we see ourselves before we look closely at the other person in our life. Effective communication has every thing to do with self-image . When you see yourself valuable enough to deserve love and attention from the another person then you form a boundary that you will not compromise.

If this foundation of self-worth is not in order, then you become so grateful for any kind of love that you ignore the price. When this happens it is easy to make your self a victim because you ignore warnings. You overlook concerns and always deny reality. We set ourselves up for getting what we deserve in relationships most time we know when something not right.

How many can relate to this.Its time to take the blinders off.and keep it real with our selves.I believe any situation can be turned around. It’s really all up to you.

How can we hear from God when we occupy ourselves in surroundings in negativity . We must pull away from the distractions of the enemy to hear from GOD. Some time we all have to walk alone for a time then God has Our attention.

Finally an opportunity…….

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