Sometimes Racial Profiling Just Seems To Go Right Out Of The Window!

Sitting at home while relaxing on my day off from my day job I was startled by an alert that sounded on my I-Phone from a local news station that stated how a local mayoral candidates son had recently been arrested for the possession of crack cocaine.

“Bad timing for his father in the middle of a major campaign” I thought to myself!

This has got to be a politicians nightmare!

While everyone will state that this has absolutely NO bearing on the father as a parent, trust me, those very same individuals will definitely allow this incident to be and influence on how they vote. And while his political opponents will use this tragedy to appear as mature and understanding by probably stating that they are above any derogatory statements about the family under duress, you can’t tell me that in the vicious world of “politricks” that they aren’t somewhere absolutely overjoyed giving each other “high fives” at the negative press their opponent is receiving!

So in needing a break from my artistic expressions and editorial writings I decided to take a short drive which landed me at the very intersection where Mr. Zachary Segal was arrested. It was quiet but noticed the curious onlookers who seem to know that I was not from that particular neighborhood even though my face is well known all over the 407 when in my work uniform.

Someone motioned for me to drive a little closer to them and I knew instinctively what this meant. I wasn’t about to join the son of Mayoral candidate Bill Segal by being accused of cruising around looking for drugs so I parked my car and got out to speak with a few of the residents of that neighborhood……..

What I got was some interesting dialogue that usually never reaches the news outlets that use whatever they receive to mold the thinking of the people in the form of propaganda. No one wanted to be identified and here are a few of the comments that I received:

“All day and night the police harass us around hear because they think everyone is involved in the drug game but there are many of us who are law abiding citizens but never get a break because of the color of our skin or the area code that we live in!”

“I used to hustle drugs, but I got out of it when I figured out how much of a game it is to keep those motherfuckers downtown rich as well as these punk ass cops who get paid real good to stay on our asses day and night even though most of the dudes out here that I know who are hustling are doing it to eat and keep a roof over their heads.”

“What else am I going to do as a high school dropout and a juvenile record that goes back to when I was 13 years old? Shit! That cracker who got arrested over here will probably be some high priced lawyer 5 years from now making big money because of who his father is! Me, I ain’t got nobody to help me out so I GOT to do what I got to do! Do I want to? No! But a motherfucker gets hungry just like everybody else!”

“It’s really bad down here with the drugs and the young men who sell those drugs. Just as fast as someone is arrested for selling drugs there is another person who set up shop to sell it themselves. And the police come around after a while and just herd them away like cattle! That white boy might have gotten away if the police didn’t run his license plate to find out that his credentials were expired. I mean, they saw him stop in the street to get the drugs, didn’t that look suspicious enough to them? Makes you wonder how long he has been coming around here to get his crack because I am quite sure that this was not his very first time doing it! Did HE fit the profile?”

“I’m tired of this jive ass government with their shit! Serves Bill Segal right! These politicians are more concerned with pampering these damn tourists that come here and think their shit doesn’t stink than helping those of us who are only looking to secure a reasonable quality of live for our families and kids! See how fast they got up that million dollars to fix that water fountain in the middle of Lake Eola? Hell! We have homeless people out here living in the streets but they are worried more about a damn water fountain for those rich Republican assed fucks who live in those luxury condos right on the lake! It’s all about priorities and WE in the ‘hood will always be dead last in THEIR book until they need some weed, some crack or some hot sex from a Sister walking the streets out here! And that’s REAL!”

There you have it!

They untold story from those in the ‘hood who will never be showcased on the evening news unless it is used to color that neighborhood as an undesirable drug infested crime ridden rat trap!

What is your opinion on this ironic tale from the ‘hood?


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