Sometimes That Icing Of A Man Will Ruin The Cake That Is Your Life!

Earlier today while driving my bus, I saw a young lady to whom I haven’t seen in a long time. We never spoke but I knew her from her endless nights dragging her books back and forth to the local community college while dropping and picking up her kids from the day care.

Even from the remote spectator position, I knew her movements over the years and had no choice but to know them because I was the bus driver who took her around as she fulfilled her schedule.

She worked hard to get her degree and I can remember the day on the bus telling her friend on her cellphone that she was so happy that she finally achieved her goal. Her schedule then changed because now she didn’t have to go to school anymore. But I would see her occasionally on the bus and her spirit seemed to be so much lighter as she wasn’t under the gun of such a tough and demanding schedule.

But once again after a year or so I saw her get on the bus more so than ever and I knew once again that she was grinding to achieve yet another goal, and on her cellphone I heard what it was when she said how glad she will be when she finally closes on her house and all of the overtime that she has worked will be a thing of the past!

Even though she never spoke to me or knew that I knew so much about her life, I felt so good for her and in a way felt as though I was a part of her path to success. But it literally broke my heart when I saw a neighborhood “clown” take over her life who I would always see up and down around and about ease into her life to usurp her resources and move in with her to bring her so much pain, frustration and heartache.

He brought nothing to the table to enhance her life and moved about the earth as though he was the author of all that she had achieved on her own!

If you didn’t have the unique perspective into her life that I had to see her righteous struggle over the years in getting her college degree and eventually her home for her children to have a better life, you really would have thought that HE was the one who sacrificed all those years to enjoy the accomplishments that HE had moved in on without contributing a thing!

The eventual dark shades, the obvious black eyes and the tears that flowed so abundantly all witnessed by me told a story that is all too common in our midst across cultural lines, race, sex, religious covenants and lifestyle preferences.

Getting your life hijacked by a bum.

man relaxing while woman doing chores at home

Let me tell you something, when you work hard for something, sacrifice even harder for that something, you don’t owe ANYONE ANYTHING when you get it because unless they helped you in some way TO get it!

Otherwise, you don’t owe them CRAP!


There are TOO MANY people out here just like my aforementioned hard working passenger who was in the process of making a success story of her own until she let that bad seed in her life to take over and ruin it….

But why is it that so many people out here on God’s green earth get caught up in the trap of manipulation and mind control from others that make them think that something is owed to them for doing absolutely nothing to help them reach their goals?

For a minute while pondering this dilemma I thought to myself that those individuals who want to stake a claim to the fruits of ones labor were mentally imbalanced but when I really dug deep into this issue the realization hit me that it is the ambitious one who is the sick one for actually allowing another person to take over their lives like that and all of the rewards of their hard work!


How many of you young ladies out here have struggled for years on end to raise children all on your own, save up money for a nice home all without the help of a man in the household, worked overtime and second and third jobs, done without so that your kids can have – only to have some sweet dickin’ sweet lickin’ good for nothing except what he might do in the bedroom for you roll on up into your life to get a pair of YOUR house keys, a pair of YOUR car keys, codes to YOUR alarm system as well as being added on to your bank account without as much as dropping you one thin DIME to contribute to keeping things going all because you are afraid deep down inside that some other woman might get the goods that blows your mind so much!

Get a LIFE already!

Stop giving away your love so easily just to say that you have a man and make him EARN the love that you have as well as all of the amenities that come with it!

…….you are selling yourself too cheap and if you let it go on like this then the brother who is riding your backside real good is not going to stop unless you STAND UP like the women that you are supposed to be and MAKE HIM STOP! WAIT! Correction. Make him get OUT!

I know for one that I wouldn’t want to see my daughters grow up to be used and abused by some gigolo-minded man just to have a man around.

No way!

If a man has no dream in progress and no footprints in the sands of time behind him as proof of his march toward manifesting that dream then you are better off without him.

Life is just too short for the grief that someone will bring into your life just because they want to use you for your resources.

Even if these entities come into your life and do something proportionately small in comparison to the bigger picture of what you are doing it doesn’t mean that they can lay claim to ALL that you are doing!

Some will never let you forget the LITTLE that they have done for you and use it shrewdly to take everything that you have worked so hard for to see manifest1 Don’t be a fool!

Reject anyone who attempts to infiltrate your life that doesn’t have a dream of their own!

If they are dead weight to themselves they will surely be dead weight to you!

Travel this world light and move about effortlessly without the baggage of someone else’s toxicities.

No one ever told you that it was mandatory to babysit a grown man when even your young kids have more sense than he does.

I for one am so tired of seeing good people male and female alike having their lives destroyed because of their weakness for companionship turned out against them in a manipulative manner.

Good hard “dick” is everywhere ladies but to find a good man attached to one is more of a challenge in this day and age. Impossible? NO! But you have to take your time to weed through the frauds and the predators to find your King and when you do you BOTH will give each other the world because you BOTH have dreams to manifest together to make into a beautiful reality!

…….and it gets no better than THAT!

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