Sophia Stewart: The Mother Of The Matrix & Terminator Speaks on The LanceScurv Show

For those of you who do not know who Sophia Stewart is SHAME ON YOU!

Sophia Stewart is one of the most amazing women that you will ever meet if not THEE most amazing person that you’ll ever come across depending on your level of spirituality and ability to absorb the expressions from her that come from a higher plane of spiritual awareness.

Personally, if you are one who feels that the Matrix and Terminator movies are simply all about Science Fiction then move your cursor up to the white “X” at the upper right hand corner of your screen and click on it because the dialogue between Sophia Stewart and I is not for you.

But if you got the feeling that the Matrix/Terminator offerings were about a whole lot more then you are in the right place and I suggest that you unplug yourself from this illusion of a world around you to listen to the REAL LIVE ORACLE!

While Sophia Stewart has a lot to say, you quickly realize that no matter how much she shares you simply can’t get enough!

Her words flow effortlessly in plain English yet her concepts permeate the deepest recesses of your mind to nourish it in ways that the lower vibration entities that we must endure and tolerate in our daily routine can’t.

Do know that our dialogue here today on The LanceScurv Show with the “Mother Of The Matrix” is simply the third of a seemingly endless array of verbal exchanges that will cover every aspect of her experiences in great detail to allow you to truly embrace this mighty woman of the spirit for who and what she is…….a spiritual beacon of light who is assuredly ahead of her time.

In this impromptu conversation Sophia Stewart goes in on the false but very attractive veneer of the shark infested waters of Hollywood as well as exposing the vile practices and theft of creative material for huge profits that most are not aware of.

We also will learn that she is not merely a nondescript entity who has no claim that her work was stolen by the Wachowski brothers but someone who had it proven in court that her writings were plagiarized.

Yet you won’t find much in the mainstream media about her victory which makes our dialogue here more important so that the masses can hear the truth.

Sophia Stewart also shares her mind blowing prophecies for the near future in our world so be prepared to have your mind absolutely blown!

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