Brother “Cruz Control” reveals his experiences on what it’s like to live as a Spanish speaking Black man in Amerikkka. Born in the Virgin Islands, raised in Puerto Rico and now living in Orlando Florida, Brother Cruz has a very unique positioning and is equipped to speak on specific issues that many either refuse to see or haven’t yet come to an understanding to grasp the impact of it in the overall scheme of things.

The system of White Supremacy is not something simply relegated to the United States as many would have one think with the multitude of local headlines the focus on the name calling and smaller incidents that are designed to keep the masses from grasping the bigger picture of this system. It is imperative that we have these discussions among each other on a daily basis to break the deadly grip of White Supremacy from around our necks on a worldwide level.

Whether we know it or not, the brainwashing has permeated every country, every society as well as every ideology the world over and there are absolutely no signs of this ever strengthening storm of ignorance and hate from gaining even more traction to make it easier for those who feel that they are benefiting from this wicked system to literally kill us all off in order to not have to face the crimes against humanity and the Creator Him/Her self that have been the protocol to maintain White Domination over the world!

Listen in intently and know that we welcome you to leave your thoughts and comments as well as setting up another discussion like this to feature your perspectives in an uncensored manner to keep the dialogue going. Peace!


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