Speculating Your Life Away

Life is not made to order. It will not ever pan out according to your specifications. There will be unfavorable situations as well as variables that will lean in your favor. There will be unexpected challenges as well as periods that seem to be so perfectly pristine.

These factors will be totally unexpected and you will not be able to plan for them.

Boy George & Culture Club – Time

I guess this is why someone coined the statement “The Game Of Life!”
When you really think about it deeply, life really does come off like a game sometime. Especially when it comes to those instances of unexpected highs, the traumatic lows and how we react and adapt to them.

You have those rules that some players never seem to want to abide by.

You have that player who can’t handle a bad run where he/she is on the verge of losing and can’t endure the pressure so they would rather quit.

You have that one who plays by the rules and always finds a way to win regardless as to the hand that they are dealt.

Do you fit any of these basic personality molds?

If not then we all know someone like them!

No matter what point that we find ourselves on in a mental, physical and spiritual level, there will be times when we are going to have to make very difficult decisions within an extremely narrow measure of time.

This is a sign of maturity when we execute what is required of us at these crucial times in life.

So many of us in this “game of life” fail to grasp the concept of how fast time flies and have no sense of urgency to ascend their lives to the next level unless they are damn near guaranteed of a definite success.

People like this can truly get under anyone’s skin! They are wasting precious time “speculating their lives away.”

They are the kind of person that I spoke about in a brief Facebook entry that I posted on 7-14-2010 and it read like this:

“Spending a great amount of time with someone who is CLUELESS as to what they want out of life is like waiting to order a meal in your favorite restaurant because your companion is CLUELESS as to what they should order. I’m hungry for LIFE & if you can’t figure what you want off of the menu let me order so at least I can eat!”

It’s true, these types waste the time of everyone around them speculating, weighing and picking apart every theoretical scenario while at the same time refusing to commit to partaking in the tiniest aspects of their life!

They will look for excuses to “stall” a decision for YEARS if they can get away with it and fully expect the “ever so weary” individuals in their support system to fully back them up in their sham and charade!

All the while YOUR goals aren’t being reached because you are “waiting” for this clueless dead weight entity to make up their mind about what projected path their life will take!

I have found in my personal observations that the person that is stalling a situation is benefitting from it in some way and really prefers to remain indecisive because their hustle of the situation will continue as it is usually an easy road for them to “milk!”

It’s like the young lady who had 5 different kids from 5 different low level drug dealers (true story!) yet NEVER ever held down a job in her life! When times got hard (As they needed to be for her!) she attempted to take on a job at McDonalds and quit after 3 days because she was mad that the manager didn’t change the schedule to fit her need to stay home and watch her favorite television shows!


How about the young man who refused to work and came up with every possible excuse to stay home and watch ESPN! This young man lied to his mother after he graduated from high school with HONORS telling her that he registered to go to a local community college but after six months of stalling it was discovered that he never SAW the inside of that college and NO paperwork was ever submitted! After numerous job applications were filled out at jobs that were practically GIVEN to him through inside connections, he would find some way of wiggling out of those too! Finally, he was told that he would have to leave on his next birthday with no questions asked! This guy wasted TWO FULL YEARS of his life eating, watching television and contributing nothing to his folks household! People like this will “milk” a situation until it’s dry and move on to the next victim once the hustle is over.

The point I am trying to make with this example was that all the while, this young man ACTED as though he was very eager to grab life by the horns and find himself and what he wanted to do with his life but deep down had absolutely NO intention of doing a damn thing!

His indecisiveness was a ploy to continue to get free room and board, home style cooking, cable television and all of the premium channels at his fingertips and a couch to kick back on and raise his feet up on while everyone else got up to go to work!

So when you see someone who is always chronically speculating their life away, do know that not to far there is someone who is footing the bill in enabling them with the luxury to do just that!

When you are serious about “playing the game” of life, ANY decision is better than NO DECISION at all! And when you fear that you are not making the best decision on any new endeavors that you hope to undertake do know that it’s normal to feel this way but don’t hesitate to make a decision none the less!

Time is of the essence in our lives and we just don’t know how much time we will have on this earth so make the best of what time you have and life life with a sense of urgency! You will NEVER realize your personal greatness and potential by not being bold enough and daring enough to put yourself in those uncomfortable situations OUTSIDE of your comfort zone which will FORCE you to grow and develop! Once you get used to living with this goal oriented mindset you will NEVER go back to that stay in the house all day “scared to live life” type of

Now for clarification let it be known that I am NOT “throwing off” on those suffering from clinical depression, which is a serious very much REAL condition indeed. But I am speaking of those who feign depression to have a free pass on life.

Sure this life can be challenging and feel like it is downright unfair at times but we must NEVER forget that God put us ALL here to CONQUER and SUBDUE the earth in our chosen designated areas of expertise as one day we ALL must account for what we did in this wonderful life that we have been blessed with…….

It would be a crime if all we could tell our Creator on judgment day are the latest game scores that we just saw on the sports channel!

Stop speculating your life away because if you continue you will most definitely ALWAYS come up empty handed when it’s time to account for your time…….

The slothful man will NEVER make it into Heaven!

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