Spiritual Boot Camp Or Churchified Nightclub Replacement? Why Too Many Of Us Prefer The Man Made Christianity Over Christ’s True Church!

It’s Friday night.

You’ve worked hard all week and although you still feel the fatigue of having to wake up early this morning you are determined to not give into sleep because now you are on your time.

It’s time to break the maligned worked routine and go out tonight to let your “hair down” so to speak……..

You don’t know where the energy came from but the thought of going to your favorite spot hypes you beyond measure. After grabbing a quick meal that you brought home from the local Chinese take out joint as to not waste the precious time cooking, you luxuriate in a shower that has done more for your psyche than an episode of the Dr. Phil show and by the time that water therapy session is over you feel as though you can spend all night tonight in your favorite spot……

Tonight you must look stunning. You don your best gear and lay it out on the bed contemplating what will match and what will be discarded until next time. Many of the chosen items haven’t ever been seen before in this spot tonight so what better time than to break out with a new attitude?

So what if it takes three hours in the mirror to get it right? You never know who you might meet at this spot. There will definitely be
plenty of high profile individuals there who just might take a liking you and change your world if have an interest in you. Heck, there will be other women there who will be jockeying for the same spotlight as everyone else so a sisters got to do what she has got to do stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement with her appearance!

As your preparations wind down for the night it is now time to give yourself a final approval visually in the mirror before making the
trek to your vehicle. You are in “killer mode”, the shiny luscious hair, the rare pieces of jewelry that is an enhancement to your outfit
and not overdone, the dress that fits you like a glove and showcases a shape that will definitely force the local insurance rates up sky-high from the rush of automobile accidents that are caused from the drivers being distracted from the road as they glare too long at your womanly adornments that can tempt the most faithful of husbands!

Your candy apple red stiletto heels are the first thing visible to the world after you swing the door open the door of your vehicle and while you are more than capable of exiting your chariot under your own power, there are no shortage of young men who are passing by that are eager to assist you out of your car more so because of the set of gorgeous silky mocha cream colored velvety legs that were quickly revealed as you slid out of the plush leather seats of your late model luxury vehicle.

As you finally drink in the plush surroundings of your destination, you can tell that it’s better than the rest, a rush of adrenalin takes
you over as you lock your vehicle with the press of a button and approach its entrance doors. The bass from the music thumps so hard that you can feel it from outside in the parking lot amidst the endless sea of luxury cars that resemble one of those huge car

Once at the door, you join the two dozen or so eager people who await a word to enter at the proper time by the two very well groomed gentlemen who are there to regulate the flow of human traffic in the building. You notice the expensive jewelry on those around you as well as how nicely dressed they are. Designer outfits seem to be the order of the day. The very polished handsome men in the crowd can be seen stealing appreciative glances at the women who obviously took lots of time in the mirror preparing themselves for those very same stares that seem to be so valuable to them as they fight back smiling from the rush of narcissistic satisfaction.

The door swings open completely now as the foyer is now in full view, the marble floors, the multiple flat-screen monitors that have been installed in a premeditated manner at every conceivable angle to insure a constant view to the activity, the ceiling to floor mirrors that give the illusion of an even more packed house as if it really needed that enhancement from the thousands who are already in attendance.

Once inside, the music pumps through your entire being as your internal organs are stimulated greatly at the expense of your eardrums that will pay dearly later on with the constant ringing it will hear…….

Before heading to the ladies room for a quick visual check to make sure everything is still intact with your outfit you feel a slight tap
on your shoulder from someone in the crowd that has now engulfed you. The gentle touch snatches you immediately out of your thought processes and abruptly pulls you completely into the moment at hand. As you turn around you are greeted by a familiar handsome face of a man to whom you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing for such a long time. A man who at one time you thought might be “The One” but for some reason didn’t live up to the hype and communications dwindled and eventually ceased between you.

You can tell by the look in his eye as he drank in the very desirable sight of your well prepared form that he wanted to start up the
communications once again for a shot at what he missed out on in the first go ’round. You chuckle to yourself in that split second as you are reminded of the old term of how “absence makes the heart grow fonder…….”

But you also think to yourself how this night is NOT about him as he had his chance to win your attentions and he blew it, you kindly let him know that you must go to the restroom not before reminding him with a smile that your number hasn’t changed although you know you changed it two years ago but he will have to find out the hard way.

As you finally find yourself in the confines of the ladies room, little did you expect that this feeling of insecurity would have swept
over so many women who now jockey for a position in the mirror at the last minute in order to feel right about the way they look as they eventually enter into the sanctuary for prayer…….


What are you talking about Scurv?


Yes! Sanctuary! I didn’t bite my tongue! The whole entire time you were thinking that the above scenario described was about a woman who getting ready to go to a high level adult nightspot when in actuality it was a church that she was going to!

I wrote it this way to showcase the fact that many times going to the church-house is the same thing as going to the clubhouse!

In most cases you just can’t tell the difference!

Christianity and Club-hopping are indistinguishable and exactly the same exact undertaking! Yes, this thing that you Black folks call
Christianity is nothing more than a carnal production of a “cake” topped generously with the adornments of an icing that bears Christ’s precious name atop that filth!

But you approach the “sanctuary” with the mindset of a well rested prostitute preparing herself for a night of turning tricks than of a serious time for spiritual instruction to better equip yourself for the worldly battles here involving spiritual warfare!

I see more booty shaking and hooker struttin’ going down during the tithes and offering segment of the service than I ever did at Atlanta Georgia’s Magic City gentleman club!

The time taken to adorn yourself as a Jezebel to make yourself more desirable on a carnal level could he better used to get down on your knees NOT to use your backside in a tight dress to get the Pastors attention but to use it to rid yourself of your well hidden demons in order to prepare for that transition where the things of the flesh will matter not!

And you people crack me up when you profess that you want to look good for God when worshiping in his house! HIS HOUSE is not that brick and mortar “hellhole” where all of the gossip goes down in the parking lot! HIS HOUSE is not a stripper joint for you to entice your next victim with your holy “talk” and lustful ways! Hell, I’m willing to bet that with many of you that if they installed stripper poles in the church it would just be a matter of time before some sorry sister with a bad case of Daddy Hunger needing constant attention would get in the spirit to show her skills on the pole “in Jesus name!”

Yes, I KNOW that I am off the chain but you know as well as I know that this is the unadulterated truth!

Satan comes to kill and destroy but all we concern ourselves about are the fleeting superficial things of this world and have no sense of urgency as to the severity of what can happen if we are not prepared for our eventual transition! I bet if you knew that someone was down the street with a Tech-9 under their trench coat looking to assassinated you then you might just have more of a sense of urgency to “get out of Dodge” as fast as you can! We take our eternal salvation so lightly as though it’s a joke!

But the devil WANTS you to go to church as it is now because the mission and purpose of the church-house has been severely co-opted and you are not even aware of it! He knows that as long as you continue to worship in that place that you are not a threat to him in any way, shape, fashion or form and will bless you with all of the distractions of worldly baubles and rubies to keep your mind off of the eternal spiritual salvation that you have forsaken in your quest to purchase bigger houses and more expensive cars!

What kind of sell out warriors have we become when we can be bought so easily and become so intoxicated by the physical trappings that blind our third eye so easily and make us afraid to stand up on righteous principle to fight?

While we are to love unconditionally as Christ does and will accept ANYONE in ANY CONDITION to the altar for deliverance, we are to reject the sin and love the sinner but if the sinner refuses to let go of his or her sin then now we have a problem! You see, we have Pastors out here who are more interested in maintaining a high number of members in order to get that tithe and building fund (When will that building finally get built anyway? Its been years already!) money yet are scared to tell it like it is because many of his members still have their hand deeply wedged in the sweet cookie jar of sin!

So our great Pastor is too timid to speak on adultery because three of his sneakin’ Deacons are currently involved with a few of the sauciest church vixens who are covert Jezebels who yield an unruly amount of power in the church because they now know all of the secrets because of their positioning to finding out the sensitive information from their erotically charged trysts with the clergy.

A surefire recipe for disaster and a guaranteed after service church parking lot fight that will blow any day now!

Our wonderful Pastor has his hands tied when it comes to the issue of preaching against homosexuality because if he were to do that he would have a choir director and half of the men would leave because of their out of the closet or down low indulgences. The “pink mafia” driven media would surely call him out for being unloving, intolerant and label him a pulpit bully whose doctrine is outdated and hateful so he has to grin and bear it at every service and pray the prayer of all prayers when he enters the sanctuaries restroom hoping to NOT see four feet in a single bathroom stall!


But many of those Pastors wouldn’t pray before entering that restroom, they just might knock on that already overcrowded bathroom stall while simultaneously pulling down their zipper looking to join in! The Gay Boule’ rules so many of our Clergy and their blinded flock haven’t a clue! How else could the Bishop Eddie Long scandal die down as though it never happened? Because of the spiritually wicked people in HIGH places who take care of their own!

You people just don’t THINK sometime!

Our friendly Pastor can never talk about the issue of corruption in the land because the very politicians to whom he steers and coaxes the flock to vote for are the ones who allow him to enjoy the perks of being an affluent Pastor living “high on the hog” as a reward for keeping the masses of people deaf dumb and blind, rendered as a non threat because the practice of Christianity as we know it here in America does not empower you to do a damn thing of note against the wicked system that oppresses you.

Think about it.

With so much “Christianity” going on in our neighborhoods why is the crime rate as high as it is? Why are there so many homeless people with no structured life to look forward to? Why are our youth acting as though they are possessed by the way they dress and carry on? Where is this power that these fraudulent Christians claim they have?How can you wear that glazed cult-like plastic grin and claim to be “blessed” when your brothers and sisters are catching hell every step of the way in their walk here in America?

Are you a fucking idiot?

Wake up and realize that until we all are set free than we ALL are enslaved! Reject any false doctrine that is not about the true walk of
Jesus Christ Himself and not the worldly production of a substitute nightclub that our churches have become.

Let’s see how many individuals love Christianity when they are told that they must cover themselves appropriately and enter the sanctuary wearing LOOSE FITTING plain gray gym sweats with plain walking shoes with no makeup and no jewelry!

Let see how many profess Christianity when they are reminded of the dietary laws that we must obey! What? No junk food?OMG! No pork chops or chitterlings?

Let’s see how many folks profess a live for Christianity when there Pastor finally puts his foot down and stops placating you in your sin and demands that you take a stand to do what is right or give up that lofty position as an accountant or any other lucrative position that you hold there in the church that pays you well.

You see, if we strip away the worldly elements that have taken dominion in the church as a stronghold and immediately embraced the humble demeanor of an individual who submits to the will of God in a subservient manner then maybe we all will be better off because of it.

Maybe you wouldn’t feel as though you have to take those three hours to get ready for that nightclub of a church and maybe you just might get something out of a real service!

Hopefully, this article will force you to think about what you have been doing effectively as a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ
in comparison to the ritualistic watered down ceremonious waste of time endeavor called modern day Christianity…….

…….because if Christ came back right now and slipped in discreetly to attend a church service He would surely know that He copied down the wrong address because he would swear that he was in a nightclub and NOT in the Holy spotless house of His Father…….


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April 30, 2011 11:11 AM

It is a shame that you cant tell the difference between the two. Sometimes I sit in church and just weep even I with my short comings tell my father look I need you to keep me and when I am at church I am expecting God to do something for me I dont want to leave how I came in sometimes.

I can not stress enough how important it is for us christians not to bring the world mentality and ways in the church.

I remember a man sitting in church one day and he was sincerily praying for he knew he had a spirit of lust and right when the prayer got good an usher in her tight skirt dropped an envelope infront of him and bent over in his face to get it. That man said see Jesus thats what the "F" I am talking about I cant even get right I chuckled but quickly said God I repent thats sad he really wanted to get right she done messed him up.

Men too Bishop Eddie Long I am praying for you but from the day I saw you preach in them muscle shirt I knew trouble was coming i didnt lose focus because you were handsome you just looked so big. Look Im not perfect I have acted up sometimes too but Its one thing to say you know you did wrong and admit it then to try and hide and cover it God sees all.

Church we need to lift up the standard.

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