Spiritual Discernment Is Protection More Powerful Than Any Firearm!

I’ve said it here many times before and I’m quite sure now is not the last – human nature fascinates me and I observe it in it’s most raw unguarded unadulterated form everyday when I’m working with the public.

Many of my close friends believe I have some kind of magic ability or power of discernment when it comes to “reading” a persons true character on what may appear to be very little information to go on.

While my Mother always told me that as a child I definitely had the power of discernment – and who am I to argue with her – I also believe that people give away far too much of themselves as far as their intentions and character through the little things that they do.

Those little things appear to me to be big indicators or hints of who you are if you can just pick up on them.

While no two people are the same, we all do fall into some very basic categories in different proportions as far as our character and temperament is concerned.

And like that lock, who in the eyes of the burglar sits there just waiting to be picked, we as human beings can be “picked” just as easier if not more so as that lock that we place on a valuable item to keep it from being stolen.

I believe that those of us who have been blessed to possess a little more of this ability to discern will have survive this jungle of a world around us much easier than those who choose to see the world only from their natural eyes and not from their third eye of the holy spirit.

It’s true, I have friends and colleagues who just don’t get it – they haven’t a clue as to what it is that I speak of on that particular plane of existence yet they war against me time and time again. They work so hard to prove that it doesn’t exist while watching the power of it work through me in my observations day in and day out.

Many doubters attempt to connect this ability to the Bible or some other Holy Scripture to figure out the living breathing dynamics of how it works but it’s really something very intuitive. The Bible speaks on the power of discernment but to think that you can truly understand it without living it is like trying to learn how how ride a bike merely by reading the users manual.


…….almost impossible to accomplish until you get your backside on the bike “hands on” to learn how to balance yourself and synchronize your movements to actually learn how to truly ride.

This is the way it is with discernment, some of us are more “there” naturally than others but if we apply our deeply embedded sense of awareness to really feeling who and what is around us, we can heighten our perceptions so much higher than in previous levels.

I’ve found that by completely getting away from it all on a regular basis, I keep the vision of the third eye completely open and can “see” a persons intentions so much faster and even before they open their mouth to state their case I already know what it will be.

When you see how accurate this ability is in your daily walk, it can almost be shocking at first but over time you just don’t realize how much trouble and aggravation it will save you in your dealing with others overall.

So many people feel as though they have to carry a weapon such as a gun or a knife for their protection out in the world when in fact if they only heightened their natural sense of awareness, that is all of the protection they need to keep themselves from any harm.


Look at it this way, look at the animals out in the wild and in the jungle, they might only have their claws or teeth if they have even that much. But how is it that they can survive the constant threat of attack depending where they fall along the food chain from the natural predators that seem them as their next meal?

They’ve been gifted with an awareness that maybe you and I cannot see but is definitely there or else they would not have survived in an environment that’s rougher than any inner city neighborhood ever could be.

And for us as humans, like that animal living out in the wild without much more than its ability to discern its surroundings accurately in order to live to see another day, it’s not a bad thing to come across an ally, but when you are about to meet up face to face with your natural enemy, THAT’S when you find out if your discernment skills are up to par because it will give you the “head’s up” and a few extra seconds to get OUT of there!


How many of us have walked right into some very bad relationships because our discernment abilities were blurred and reduced by what we saw on the outside that looked so appealing?

How many of us kept that false so called friend around us and in our inner circle merely because you’ve known them for several decades and never saw how they morphed into a well kept enemy hellbent on destroying your life out of a jealousy that you never saw coming.

How many times have you NOT followed “your gut feeling” (The Holy Spirit) to find yourself in a very regrettable sorry state of affairs later telling yourself “If I had only listened to my first mind.”

Don’t let the present amount of advanced technology cause you to lose your very essential natural abilities because of non use. We need to heighten and work these God given abilities even harder than ever before because while we lull ourselves to sleep with our tablets, computers and smartphones clutched tight in our entertained distracted grip. The unseen negative forces of this world are capitalizing on your “dumbed down intoxicated” state to move in on your life to leave it in shambles while most won’t have a clue as to WHAT hit them!

Third Eye

The quality of your life is being robbed because your ability to discern what is around you has been snatched leaving you like that toothless and claw-less animal who is now defenseless and frightened at what might happen as nightfall approaches.

The difference with that defenseless wild animal is that it KNOWS that it’s in a world of trouble without its natural protection while we as humans walk so close to the line of death while not even having a clue!

Wake up before it’s too late and restore your spiritual vision so when YOUR night fall of bad times, challenges and fraudulent entities come your way, you will be prepared and come out victorious from the attacks each and every time!

I couldn’t have made it so far if i didn’t come to my senses to sharpen my discernment and I thank God for it everyday day of my life.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Intuitive Brother,



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