Spiritual Vampires: Why You Must Avoid Their Bite! – The LanceScurv Show

Today on this audio upload I speak on those energy draining Spiritual Vampires and how to deal with them on the many levels that life and experience has taught me.

Many of us simply do not know why some days will come where they feel drained, tired, defeated and depressed.

We oftentimes just accept it as normalcy or “just one of those days” but everything under the sun is cause and effect and there is most definitely a reason for one not to be at their maximum each and every day if they are living correctly.

That unknown overlooked factor is unseen and undetected to the naked eye and this is an area where we must “put on the whole armor” in order to be able to enjoy the full and happy life that God intended for us.

Vampire Graphic

I will delve into this topic on a regular basis as the spirit hits me or as more insight comes my way and I would love to hear your input as I know for a fact that there are many here who understand this level of existence.

Please leave your viewpoints and perspectives in the comment area below.

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