“Spiritual Warfare 101”

There is absolutely NO situation in this world where you must be controlled by another in how you act! Many negative based people depend on you reacting to their attacks on you and their actions toward you!

When you “react” to what they have thrown out at you, they have in essence “controlled” you. When you take a moment to “think” about the situation and how you will sincerely deal with it in a way that represents your moral standard, you have thus taken control away from your antagonizer. The choice is yours on how you deal with the situation.

Spiritual attacks these days are so sophisticated and deceptively subtle that most go undetected by the masses of people who are just not “on point” in their private lives. It really takes a person to really live “in the zone” and “in the spirit” to be able to protect themselves twenty four hours a day, seven days a week…..and being that we are only human and not perfect, there are times when we will allow certain things to get past our defenses.

Never feel bad when it does, just make sure that you have learned from it and you will never let it happen again. Everyone makes mistakes, if you continue to make those same mistakes then that shows you haven’t learned from it and it might be a problem area in your life.

Do not let anyone capitalize on the vulnerabilities that you may have. Spiritual vampires are notorious for “pushing your buttons” in order to keep you in check for their benefit.

Think for yourself and make sure that everything that you partake in is something that you TRULY want to indulge in! If something doesn’t “feel” right, then it isn’t. Our loving Creator has given us this intangible and VERY powerful unseen ability to navigate safely around the enemy but most of us haven’t a clue in how to cultivate it to allow it to flourish and help it to grow.

Imagine driving through a very bad rainstorm with broken windshield wipers that don’t work. Eventually there will be a definite disaster because your “sight” is diminished. It’s the same when you have to deal with entities who sense and despise your centeredness, peace, sense of purpose and inner joy. They feel inadequate seeing you in that blissful state so they will throw some negativity your way to bring you down to their level.

Understand why they do this and NEVER give them what they want! NEVER lose that peace of mind that God has blessed you with! They do not want to go through the exploration of self nor do they want to sacrifice and meditate to hear His gentle guiding voice in their lives so they want you to join them in a state of mental/spiritual and sometimes physical torment by the attacks they mount on you!

The more “haters” that you have is the more effective you have been in the mission of “doing you!” You must love yourself FIRST in order to love another. If you do not love yourself first it is an insult to the God you serve! How would you look paying someone else’s light bill while you sit at home in the dark?

Why do so many of us mistake deprivation for sacrifice?

Never let another make you feel guilty for the special gifts and unique talents that God has blessed you with to share with the world and that will exalt you in Gods name! If those who work so hard to tear down something as righteous as that would put half as much energy into their own sorry state of affairs, they wouldn’t have time to waste hating you!

Pity the fools!

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