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Spiritual Wickedness & Undercover Freaks In The Pulpit!…….

I have to give much respect to sister Carissa Love for sharing her unique experiences in the adult entertainment and how it has a discreet affair with the bright lights of televangelism and with some of the more prominent players in that glossed over industry.

I takes real guts and a true belief in what one is sharing to say what she said, but I’ve personally found out through my own experiences that the truth is usually more bizarre than fiction as most haven’t a clue as to how wickedly deceptive this world can be.

Whether you believe these heartfelt and wise words of Carissa Love or not – which I am publicly stating that I do – you must at least learn to seek out the hidden realities that lurk behind the manufactured facades that are shrewdly put in place to keep you distracted from what thrives in abundance under that rock of larger than life imagery.

Please leave your feedback, perspectives and opinions in the comment area below and lets delve deeper into this conversation!

I’m really anxious to hear what you have to say!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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  • leilani dupree says:

    good video man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elle hilliard says:

    This conversation is a fairly decent dialogue into the exposition of what goes on in churches, but ONE major factor is lacking…the idea of religion is SLAVERY. To assume that masonic principles are somehow demonic and not serving the personified polarity people call Jesus is rudimentary. The level of understanding here is elementary level, the science and psychology behind behavior is not even taken into consideration here. This is a superficial interaction at best…Dig DEEPER, please.

  • sheryl clark says:

    Great show I enjoy the one on one conversations .

  • Bum Head says:

    The Jet Campaign is over. He will not be asking for any money to purchase a 65 million dollar jet.

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