Spontaneous Flash Mass Public Ass Whippings Are The Only Surefire Remedy For The Philadelphia Style Flash Mob Attacks!

It’s seven thirty in the evening in a slightly downtrodden Black urban section of Philadelphia, everything is calm and routine as the few visible teenagers seem to all simultaneously seem to be transfixed by the smart-phones that their always working parents make sure to maintain for them.

Anyone who has followed the news recently would be very suspect of any young teen who has their attention abruptly snatched by their cellphone.


Well to witness a group of youngsters who’ve formally had no direction collectively focus on their phones might mean only one thing…….

Flash mobs.

Flash Mobs? Yes. If you haven’t been privy to learning about this new hybrid abuse of technology morphed with the rebellious spirit of “testosteronized” teens with too much idle time and restless energy on their hands.

In these Flash Mob Attacks, the participating teenagers will swiftly descend down on an agreed upon area in order to render pain, havoc and mass confusion by randomly beating innocent individuals who are only going about their lives in a peaceful manner for absolutely NO REASON except for the thrill of doing something so bad on such a large scale!

Well, these teens that we have been observing are actually coordinating their next Flash Mob Attack and in actuality have decided to terrorize a swanky upscale restaurant in the downtown area of Philly in about an hour.

But wait! As these future felons converge down on the designated area of attack through the potent combination of text messaging and Twitter, they also notice an unexplainable rise in the familiar faces of the parents that they know from back in the neighborhood. What gives?

It’s two minutes to attack time but their seems to be some doubt on many of the faces of the adrenalized teens. Some seem to not want to go through with the attack because while many have done them before with great “success”, this time feels a little different because there have been too many familiar adult faces around the vicinity and something doesn’t smell right!

Thirty seconds to attack time and there is a mad dash for the restaurant from about thirty teenaged Black males whose pants are sagging and dreadlocked manes are swinging freely in the air behind them like a comic book super-heroe’s cape in the wind.

But never forget that these misdirected youth with lowlife tendencies will never be mistaken for a super-hero as long as they harbor a resentment toward a society that they feel has seemed to have forgotten them with an intensity that could have only developed over many decades of injustice, racism and being shut out of the American dream.

So what is THEIR excuse?

What reason do they have to be so resentful and violent when they can go home to a huge flat screen television and a high speed computer that can teach them anything that one desires to learn about? Some kids in the world would be so appreciative to gain the possession of a tattered book, let alone a computer!

What anger could these teens harbor in their well spoiled and severely overfed souls when the price of only one pair of their athletic footwear could feed a starving child in Africa for almost an entire YEAR!

They don’t have to walk ten miles one way to school everyday like some of these kids do in the poorer countries of the world and they do so happily with a genuine hunger to learn everything that they could.

These wayward teenagers are so lazy that they will complain if they are asked to walk ten STEPS in order to merely check the mailbox outside in a home that they never had to pay a dime to live in as well as a full refrigerator full of food that they never had to get up hours early every morning before school to help cultivate for that night’s meal!

So what are THEY upset about when in comparison to what prehistoric living conditions that we had to deal with that made is such wonderful people they never had to cope with?

They are merely spoiled damn rotten! They are the product and result of what happens when you exclude those good old fashioned character building ass whippings from a youngsters life!

How did the Bible say it? Spare the rod and spoil the child? Well that pretty much divinely puts it all into the proper perspective in the first place after all!

…….and if you don’t think the word of God is not on point then look at what the phenomenon that we are speaking on and ponder its possible origins…….

It’s ten seconds to the latest Flash Mob Attack “Philly-Style” and the raw displaced energy of the wild pack of teenagers are in full uncontrollable force and the unsuspecting “rich out of their behinds” luxury car driving “uppity” people in the restaurant are in for a big surprise or so they think……..

…….at that very moment out from that very same restaurant emerges five of the parents of the Flash Mob Attackers with baseball bats, belts and brass knuckles!

To the shock of these under aged attackers, about a dozen SUV’s from back in their neighborhood come pulling up to the curb in swift fashion at that same location to surround the “almost assailants” only to have even more of those same parents and adults pour out of those vehicles to hunt down the hunters while those very teens lose their drive to do wrong to the diners and go straight into survival mode in an attempt to scatter away from the very public ass whipping that is a sure bet to come!

All you can hear at this point is…….:

“Daddy nooooooo!”

“What are you doing down here?”

“Don’t hit me with that bat!”

“How did you know that we would be down here?”

All of this is transpiring to the amusement of the diners who are enjoying their meal in peace as they watch those technically proficient parents administer the shock of a lifetime to their out of control kids who assumed that they were the only ones who were good in the use of Twitter and text messaging.

They only have their selves to blame because if you are going to truly be gangster, you have to be on point twenty four-seven as one of these wayward teens slept a bit too deep as his proactive and very clever parent “caught wind” of today’s plan of attack and intercepted all of the communications with the others unbeknownst to them as they kept their son inside on punishment and away from any form of electronic means of contact as they took action with the entire neighborhood of other “sick and tired of dealing with their disrespectful/rebellious teens” parents and planned THEIR OWN righteous Flash Mob counterattack!

While those formerly “Billy Bad Assed” teens cried out for those very same police who were now present that they were earlier trying to avoid, it was poetic justice to see them get what they should have gotten on a regular basis from years earlier while they were broken down and embarrassed while begging the police to save them from their own furious parents!

Sagging pants were accompanied by the sagging plaid underwear that revealed the formerly defiant bare ass cheeks that were whipped publicly to the delight of the onlookers who cheered feverishly and applauded the parents who weren’t afraid to put their foot down and correct their kids under the scope of the cameras of the evening news stations whose mobile van units have arrived to capture every movement of this righteous revolt with the cameras that they have been armed with for those spontaneous moments such as this!

While at the moment a scenario has been a fantasy at best, it is still very much a reality that is necessary if we are going to change the trajectory of where our society is heading fast as far as the deterioration of the social standards of our younger generation.

But when you really think about it, of this really could have been avoided if we as parents stayed on our posts diligently and not allowed our children to be raised by the television thinking that it is a harmless medium for them to indulge in while we aren’t there!

The kids today literally seem to come out of the womb thinking that they are adults and no nothing of what a childhood is and don’t seem to even desire the joys of childhood that will be a foundation for the balanced adults that they could potentially become!

You will see our young daughters moving their bodies in ways that they shouldn’t even know how too dancing to these sexually suggestive songs and watching these inappropriate videos that trigger off the oversexualization of our children when in actuality they should be playing innocently with each other and cracking those schoolbooks with a joy that has not been seen in our youth for decades!

I don’t know about anyone else here but I can remember the time when it was a joy to go to school prepared as we couldn’t wait to show how well we made our projects and book reports as well as being a cheerful annoyance to our teachers by literally begging her to be the one to answer all of the tougher questions during our classroom participation!

Us having a perfect report card was our way of “flexing” and showing off to one another, NOT by marking our bodies up with tattoos that did nothing for us when we hit the job market! But why is it that our teens can mark up the very bodies that they are not even responsible or disciplined enough to even take care of?

Instead of being angry to want to tear our neighborhoods up, we were glad to help paint a neighbors fence free of charge or help an older neighbor to bring their groceries into their kitchen without ever once thinking about taking something that wasn’t ours when their backs were turned.

We had morals.

We had character.

We really had no choice BUT to have these qualities!

…….and even if we got a a little rebellious in our teen years with a weird hairstyle or slightly snotty attitude with a teacher at school, it all was brought back into focus when we were quickly reminded by a harsh dose of an ass whipping as to who was in charge and how we were supposed to act for our age! We were reminded that we were merely children and we had to do what we were told! Maybe we didn’t like it at the time but I am quite sure that we all know that we are better off as adults because of it as we stayed away from many a hidden pitfall that could have had disastrous results in our lives! Hallelujah! These kids today just don’t know how they are messing their lives up!

We also can NOT be afraid of the laws of a State government who cares not about keeping the family unit intact but breaking it down for their profitable purposes of keeping the Black, Latino and poor White families broken down and headless in order to keep them as a prison farming system to ensure that there is a steady stream of future inmates being produced to keep the economy flowing for those in the law enforcement sector as well as the criminal “so-called” justice system and all of the private companies that turn a profit off of the incarceration of our young men time after time again!

Sure, we need the State to enforce the laws that protect us, but we do NOT need laws that actually handcuff is from doing what it is that we need to do in order to raise law abiding citizens who are gainfully employed and productive to the society for which they live in.

While there is no one answer we all need to understand that our children are a multifaceted restoration project that will not benefit from the time wasting political posturing and finger pointing that will only allow the negative conditions that are already in place to fester up to an even more unmanageble level of chaos!

So let us as adults move forward and pledge to man our posts aggressively in order to bring hope to our children in a way where they will be inspired to take all of that youthful energy and use it in a positive long lasting edifying manner that will not only benefit them personally but will make this world that we live in a better place and to restore order to a world that seems to more and more fall far off of the mark of what our Creator had in mind for us.

The choice is ours!

Either we aggressively watch over and guide our children into the right path or if we refuse to execute our righteous positioning we will find ourselves aggressively watching over our own shoulders in public every time we see a group of young men and women peering down into their smart-phones and texting profusely.

Is that anyway to live?

The choice is up to you!

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