Spring Forth Into The Glorious Realities That The Past & Present Pains Have Refused To Allow You To See!

Working everyday with the public as I do, I get the opportunity to encounter a vast amount of people possessing such a diverse range of personalities and idiosyncrasies.

You feel at times that with all of these different entities approaching you at a rapid fire pace that you are like that baseball
player who is in spring training in the batters cage with regularly timed baseballs being ejected at you in blurring speeds with no break for a short rest to actually digest all of these strange spirits coming at you.

You will see some of the same people everyday on a regular basis and you will see others occasionally as well as those who you will never see again.

As far as those that you see constantly, from a distance you will be in a safe position to witness their mood swings as well as those who never give any indication of any other side of their personality other than that same game face that they put on when out in public.

I get to see how we all deal with our issues and challenges in so many ways wisely and foolishly. I see people at their best and at their
worst. Through the daily dose of people watching that I am privy to, I get taught in hours and oftentimes mere moments what would take others years to absorb about the human psyche, and I have to tell you that it gets more and more interesting with everyday that our God blesses me with.

One point that I want to share while touching on this topic is that in general I see on a regular basis how people overall are stressing over issues that they just have no control over. Some issues they may have a measure of input on but I feel that many of us are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to finding that balance in their lives that they claim to need so much.

There is always an alternate route to achieve the happiness and balance in your life that you need. Now we all know that this cannot
be accomplished without God in your life by living a God centered existence, there is no getting away from that fact, but since we all
agree on this crucial fact then why is it that we fail to capture that true peace within ourselves?

I’ve found that in many of these cases through observation that there is a major blockage that prevents us from feeling the love, peace and tranquility that our Creator has for us in overwhelming proportions over and above what we may be able to comprehend or absorb in one sitting.

You see, that peace of mind, body and soul is always there for us like the rays of the beautiful sun when the rain is falling under the dark storm clouds. We must make a point to understand that just because there may be a cloud hanging over our lives and that it may appear that the sun has forgotten to touch us with its warm rays that it is still there for us and we cannot get caught up in the temporary condition of the storm.

While God’s unconditional love is always present for us, why is it that we create the blockage that prevents us from receiving it by
stressing over those few pennies of a raise that a job refuses to give? Is that more important than remaining centered in your spirit to
receive that gift of inner peace that is yours without a requirement?

While we “claim” to have a higher believe system, when all is said an done we show very little of it by the faithless ways we display our lack in our daily lives.

Seems like every little thing gets under our skin. We become easily unraveled at the slightest indication of things not going our way. Even when we accomplish our projected goals we fail to truly absorb that blessing of achievement. It is though we are in a constant state of torment when we should be enjoying this precious and limited gift called life.

Whatever happened to the concept of living in the moment?

It seems to me that most of us are regretting events and happenings that have transpired in our past as well as dreading or trying to avoid the levels of existence that we must ascend to in the future. What a terrible way to spend your present!

You have to understand that we can learn from our past in order to know what to do and what NOT to do in the present as we move toward our futures. We are writing the pages and chapters of our life right now as we speak! Isn’t that wonderful? So instead of feeling victimized in your present even if it is a sad looking state of affairs, rejoice that you can change that sad trajectory or path that you felt before that you are moving into and land into whatever reality that you wish to as long as God approves and you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to get there.

Therefore, when you are empowered with this mindset, you may appear to others as being crazy because you are moving on a faith that their narrow little minds just won’t allow them to have too!

The WORLD is my playground and the resources of the entire planet Earth are mine to fuel me for an entire lifetime in whatever endeavors that I choose to master! Why think small? Why think limited? Who boxed YOU off into the life that you are living? Have you written a silent agreement with failure to ensure that you won’t go beyond a particular level of success so that you can be guaranteed to languish in mediocrity in your life as it is now?

When you spend time reacting to the “soon to be banished” negative stimuli presently in your midst, you are in actuality borrowing from the much needed inner resources that you will need in the “lift off” energy to get you OUT OF this gloomy atmosphere in the first place. Don’t make it harder on yourself and move smart to reserve you limited inner strengths for something that will be beneficial to you down the line and so much more worthwhile! And when you are basking in that joyous glow of that new reality you will be so happy that you never gave that old situation anymore energy than it deserved because when you are in it, you must say to yourself that this one day WILL be the past!

And once you adopt this mindset, you may appear to others who see no way out as a nutcase but in actuality realize that one day they shall soon witness the reason why you endured through your personal pains, trials and tribulations when your new reality fits you like a brand new customized tailor made outfit!

Smiling like you knew it would go down like it did all along because you DID!


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