State Sponsored Abuse, Rape & Murder Of An Elderly Woman In Fort Worth Texas! – The LanceScurv Show

Marie Davis shares the heart wrenching story of her Mother’s obstacle laden life and what I’ve deemed a State Sponsored murder to end the pain and suffering of a woman who discovered how wickedly evil this system really is.

While this tale is about her Mother’s entire life, I couldn’t help but really feel it when she described the abuse, rape and eventual murder that she was made to endure and how deceitful these elected officials are along with law enforcement officers, hospital officials and all who are involved in an apparent secret society of influential satanists who will stop at nothing to go after anyone who has the potential to expose their wicked stronghold.

After hearing the words of Marie Davis you simply will not be able to view this world the same way ever again.

Just watch your back, you never know when your time is coming to deal with these satanic orders!

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