State Of The Union Address 2015: The Independent View Of The American Oppressed!

The 2015 State Of The Union Address by President Barack Obama is dissected and reflected by The Independent View Of The American Oppressed representative Dr. Vibert Muhammad.

The perspectives shared here by Dr. Muhammad represent a great portion of the citizens of the United States whose voice is not represented in the mainstream media and more than likely ignored by most.

The time has come for all to be addressed and a great step to gaining the understanding to do so would be to truly embrace the words spoken here by Dr. Vibert Muhammad.

Please leave your perspectives and views generously in the comment area below and let us begin to bridge the gap that if neglected, can grow further apart making it harder for us to collectively overcome the challenges that affect us all!

Thanks for listening and your presence has been much appreciated!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Fiery Brother,


State Of The Union - 2015 - Complete

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About The Author

President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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  • SpaceFantasy :D says:


  • NG Skelodude says:

    Dude explain to your dad that you do this because what he does to you

  • DRT5000 says:

    I bigged you guys up on this under the “nerdland” hash-tag. Hope you get some of Melissa Harris-Perry’s viewers sometime soon.Now about the State of The Union. I was impressed. On the level I chose to hear it on, it at least sounded good. And unlike many Black Americans, I voted for Obama to be The President. Not my Black Messiah. Not even a Black leader. Just… President.Real change comes from down here where WE are and that’s the way I’d like it to remain. You can kill leaders. You say that all the time. But you can’t kill movements UNLESS you’re willing to kill hoards and swarms of people. Which they are. “They” meaning, of course, they who tell “they” what to do. And there’s even talk of another “they” behind them. You feel me?

  • BlackPeopleMustRise says:

    I hate the fact that I have missed the Union speech last night. I wanted to hear all what the president had to say.It seam’s like to me from what I am getting from this video that he didn’t address the black community…. But moreso of those that is non-black American…

  • Pedro Henrique says:

    GANDI MEU PAI COMPROU UM G27 PRA MIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/. Mais falta pagar o boleto rs mais mesmo assim nao durmo esperando chegar quinta-feira.E bom video vc e foda

  • Anonymous says:

    Dr. Muhammad is right on with his commentary.

  • wety77 says:

    Obama was only put there to carry out their wicked agenda. He makes a good speech about certain changes to come and nothing gets done.

  • merciful174 says:

    Dr. Muhammad is a refreshing new voice. Straight, pointed and a truth messenger. Analysis is brilliant.

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