Stay On Course!

You know that when you are out here trying to live right and do the right thing you have to understand that you will be under a constant attack by the evil forces of this world seen and unseen!

There’s no way around this unsavory fact.

It merely goes with the territory of living a righteous life, and do understand that none of us are perfect but even still even with our flaws we can still be living righteously and so much more “on the mark” than many out here who claim living Godly but are doing all KINDS of twisted things to get their bills paid behind closed doors.

Usain Bolt

So do not come down too hard on yourself because you feel that you might not be doing enough because the mere fact that you are thinking about it shows that you have a conscious.

…….because some of us out don’t!

And the funny part is that for a time you cannot forget that those who don’t have a conscious will not be chastised in their spirit for the things that they do and will appear to be on easy street with their dirty practices. Some of you will even begin to question yourself if it is even worth it to try to live a life pleasing in the eyes of your Creator.

Never think that!

Your enemy will work overtime to make you feel as though you are wasting your time with the various God ordained callings on your lives big and small!

One of the best tricks on your mind is to make you feel that you are not doing enough and no one is being affected by the walk that you have committed to in your path. But when you come to think about it that is all that our God could want for us to attend to in the things that come across our path. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Look, we ALL have a job to do and if we are ordained to be in a particular place at a certain time then our mission is right there where he placed us.

Gabby Douglas Airborne

That’s the problem with many of us, we feel as though our name has to be up in lights to be considered a successful servant of the Most High! Nothing could ever be as further from the truth as that. But being a carnal people has worked against us in our missions because our egos can get in the way from what is whispered to us and what we fall for most of the time.

Many will never admit it, but they know these satanically whispered commands very well by the unseen seducing spirits…….

“You know that you are better than Sister Carter to be the lead singer in the choir, they just don’t like you because you are better so you need to approach the pastor about it!”

“You are a much better looking woman than that new neighbor who bought the house across the street from you, that’s why her husband makes sure to break his neck staring you down like he does, you know that you like him so why don’t you get him over one evening when his wife is at work and wear something revealing while faking an emergency with a heavy object that needs to be moved?”

When we are walking the straight and narrow away from all wickedness on this earth, we are going to encounter the most horrendously rebellious thoughts entered into our mind and the trick is for us to believe that WE are the originator of those thoughts.

Now on the flip side we know that while we didn’t conjure up these scenarios, we still have to take responsibility for making the CHOICE and DECISION for partaking in the dastardly acts that these thoughts jump started in the first place. You can’t get off the hook by saying “The Devil Made Me Do It” because once you move forward to indulge in what the filthy menu offered it is now on your watch and your responsibility to take ownership of the consequences.

We can’t blame anyone other than ourselves!

The War in Iraq The Bridge.

But the other thought that hit my mind today earlier was that so many of us in the struggle get disillusioned after being in our battle modes for so long without a mental break away from the war zone. As I said earlier, we will feel as though we are not doing enough and merely quit or even worse just give up on life altogether!

You have to know that even if YOU don’t know who is influenced by your righteous walk that someone is taking notice and a difference is being made regardless if you know it or not.

This is especially true when you think about it because most people don’t care about how they are living and therefore blend in to the masses of other “sheeple” which makes it so much easier for you and I to stand out over others.

The expectations in our culture are very low to say the least. Most people assume that everyone else is drugging it up, sexing it up or appearing to the world as decent people but having some secret underlying addiction that just hasn’t been discovered yet. Then, when you possess no major character/discipline flaws then the world is after you to manufacture a few lies to pin on you anyway!

You must stay strong and walk in the knowledge that absolutely no falsehood will stick to your legacy as everything comes out revealed to the world in due time!

Bernard Hopkins

This is part of the plan to take you right out of your destiny where your reward will come for being subservient to the will of our Creator. We have to stay the course no matter WHAT it may appear to be or look like!

Never forget that: STAY THE COURSE!

You see, you have to remember that we are human and sometimes when in the heat of the battle we will not see reality for what it really is. We sometimes are unable to see that the battle is almost over but we feel so weary from fighting that we quite right before our sweetest victories.

How sad…….

Perception is everything and we cannot allow our perceptions to be altered and compromised by our inaccurate assessment of what is transpiring around us.

Giving up the battle is not an option but I must say that to stay in that battle you cannot forget to take care of yourself mind body and spirit.

Rocky Balboa

I learned this the hard way recently by grinding so hard that I didn’t realize that I was living on three hours of sleep per night for over four months. I was so focused on the battle of raising the bar of my legacy that I neglected myself physically and left myself open for all of the germs that I come into contact with on my job driving the public transportation bus with a resistance that was so dangerously low that I caught a severe case of the flu. While my mind was in overdrive I didn’t realized how imbalanced I was living and had my positive focus and drive used against me to have me shelved for two weeks not feeling good at all!

For others it could be a mental breakdown or even worse a spiritual exhaustion. Whichever one it might be PLEASE keep giving yourself a gut check to make the adjustments that will keep you in the game longer for your subsequent and guaranteed victory. Yes, it will piss you off to see the fraudulent amongst you appear to be prosperous without the commitment and conviction but their faux success is short lived and doesn’t build the legacy of staying the course as you play the position that God gave you to the best of your abilities.


Stay away from the fanfare. Stay humble. Be prepared to work long and hard and before you know it the battle will be won and it will be the sweetest victory that no one can ever take from you because it was God ordained!

Be that example to someone whom is drawing strength from you and know that no matter how small your righteous walk is important in the overall scheme of things no matter what devil tries to whisper negativity in your mind.

No matter what it looks like, STAY THE COURSE!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Determined On Course Brother,


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