Staying The Course: What Black People Need To Know! – Queen Kimberly Santana

Queen Kimberly Santana shares her perspectives on what Black people need to do to “Stay The Course” and not falter in our quest for liberation in this oppressive country called America.

Kimberly also discusses the things that we do to sabotage ourselves as a collective and how we can stop being our own worse enemy!

There is much wisdom dropped in this high energy uncensored conversation that will leave you wanting so much more!

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About The Author

Media Personality / President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues of raw human nature the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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  • Prince G-MO says:

    “They know the negros to go after” – Pharaoh “Brotha” Scurve
    So true

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    We can’t logically say that Black people are “asleep” and then feign
    surprise when we see other Black people acting fearful of or putting on a
    show for white people. But what we can do and should do is to stay the
    course and keep the focus on waking Black people up. Waking them up with
    history, truth, faith, personal support and technical information on how to
    better manage their lives. Each one, teach one.


  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Unless someone is trying to disrespect me or get over on me, I personally
    try to leave other Black people alone about how they choose to view or
    engage with white people. When we see other Black people, we never truly
    know what we might be walking in on. I wouldn’t want you to think that the
    yelling and screaming I’m doing is a personal flaw rather than a reaction
    to a racial insult. Nor would I want me behaving well to be viewed as me
    kissing up when I’m really just being my best Black self and acting how
    truly civilized people are supposed to act.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I work in construction too, Queen Kimberly. Down here in South Florida. I
    see the same things you see. Like I’ve told people on Twitter, I don’t need
    to march or protest, I’m in hand-to-hand combat with so-called “white
    supremacy” almost on a daily basis at times. I used to get obscenely upset
    and have massive tantrums. On occasion, just for fun, I still do. But
    lately, I just look down upon the people who play these white-boy games.
    These people are not the perfect-life, all-the-right-choices,
    all-the-right-credentials people they are made out to be in media
    propaganda. They are childish, emotional, criminal, dissatisfied and don’t
    wanna work. Who in their right mind looks up to this as a relevant standard
    of manhood? Who feels inferior to dudes who cuss and fuss and can’t calm
    down enough to do something as simple as concentrate on their work? Not me.
    Not now. Not ever.


  • Vontonio Johns says:

    What I hate about people’s reactions to the massacre in Charleston is
    this…instead of Black people playing Rick Ross and saying: “GOD FORGIVEs.
    I DON’T…. and This is what I’M gonna do about it…” people have instead
    chosen to attack people for forgiving this Roof character who killed 9
    members of Emmanuel AME Church. All the comments and titles I’ve seen and
    head on here about it… that was just wrong of our people to come at those
    church members like that. If it were a mosque and people made statements
    about forgiving a racist baboon killing THEIR relatives, most Black people
    would have tip-toed around comments suggesting that Muslims are weak. You
    people who criticized the friends and relatives of the Charleston 9 for
    choosing to forgive the assailant should have demonstrated support for them
    no matter what. I am EMBARRASSED that in this one particular case, instead
    of Black people sticking up for our people they way the stuck up for
    Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and Freddie Gray, they decided to make it an
    issue of forgiveness, rather than what it was, which is yet another attempt
    by white racists to inspire the killing off of more Black people. “THEY
    FORGIVE. WE DON’T. We’re gonna seek justice for them. We’re gonna take up
    their cross.” That’s all the rest of our people had to say.


  • ginoforever2011 says:

    I believe it is a complete Illuminati hit on Bill Cosby and every one of
    those women were in the ADULT industry when you talk Hollywood. They are
    not clean… They are trying to destroy all black power, taking down a
    flag doesn’t give black people jobs.
    Say the same thing about Steven Spielberg and Robert Donnor who molested
    child actors some have committed suicide in Hollywood. They know it and
    why aren’t they in jail. Bill Cosby is a scapegoat… He made someone

  • nshimbrice says:

    very good exchange .. African people need to kick this thirst for caucasian
    acceptance out of their minds .. give me my respect or give me death

  • mynameisDEL says:

    “They don’t want your family to eat”-Queen Kimberly.”You have things that
    they feel you don’t deserve”-King Scurv

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