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Steve Harvey once again shows why he is a sell out and a tool to manipulate the minds of not only the people, but an entire culture that should be empowering itself for positive change as opposed to the corporate submission that Mr. Harvey has become the Pied Piper for.

When he proclaimed on national television that he didn’t give a damn about slavery, many didn’t grasp that there was so much more to that statement than met the eye.

For most, it was a harmless joke that wasn’t meant to be taken as anything sinister so those in attendance at his studio audience clapped and laughed along like the happy sheeple that they are.

Others like myself picked up on the undertones and the subliminal message that was thrown out there and I immediately knew that I had to stand up to point out what I observed to be another negative blow to the liberation of Black people the world over!

….and for those who fell that what Steve Harvey said was nothing more than a light-hearted joke and nothing to be upset over, let me ask you this: How long would he have lasted on television if he said “I Don’t Give A Damn About A Jewish Holocaust!”

Listen in and please share your perspectives on this issue whether you agree with me or not so that we can continue our intelligent dialogue in the comment area below.

Thanks for listening and I do look forward to hearing from you!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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