Steve Harvey To His Fans On The Paula Deen Image Makeover Appearance: “I Don’t Give A Damn!”

When Steve Harvey made his scathing comment about “not giving a damn” about what those in the blogosphere might say about him it made me see a little more into his true character than I ever saw before.

Maybe there was truth to what his ex-wife ranted about on YouTube indicating that he was an opportunistic soul who would jump ship at the slightest hint of personal advancement not caring for the drained pocketbooks and bruised hearts left behind that supported him when no one else would.

He didn’t give a damn about a person who was in his inner circle then so what  makes you think he would give a damn about the masses to whom he has no personal relationship except for the well scripted one sided exchange projecting to an audience that believes the hype.

Before I get into my rant on the Steve Harvey blogger snub, let me remind everyone that his statement was indicative of most celebrities who are more interested in their particular “brand” doing well as opposed to reaching out sincerely to the oftentimes gullible fans who give a damn more for their star of choice than the other way around!

So the real Steve Harvey DID stand up and if you believe that he was having a bad day to say such an atrocity then move yourself up one rung higher on the mythical ladder of delusional enablers before you roll the dice on another fabricated up and coming star.

Steve Harvey - I Don't Give A Damn!

You see, in the blogosphere you’ll get the raw deal spoken without fear or apprehension and although Mr. Harvey seems to not give a damn about us, but OHHHH believe me, one day that thankless bastard will!

Understand that Mr. Harvey feels as though he can can finally show his ass to the world in this respect but fails to grasp that each and every blogger out here in cyberspace big and small has a collective following that could sink a mighty ship as well as raise one that was otherwise thought to be capsized forever.

Mr. Harvey, you’ve finally reached that pinnacle to which you will one sad day recognize this current season as your career high point once you’ve fallen enough to warrant being featured on an episode of “E! True Hollywood Story!”

A suitable title for that segment might be “Steve Harvey: The Arrogance Before The Fall!” …….you heard it here first!

But like the disloyal freshly graduated to the Big House from the field Negro that he is, he couldn’t jump fast enough to aid his lily white racist friend (?) Paula Deen in her urgent kamikaze attempt at an image makeover at the expense of using young Black boys as the canvas to paint her fraudulent imagery at The Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp.

Just a quick question to Steve and Paula: Will the Black people have to use separate restrooms just the same way the employees did who worked for Paula when she was in full racist cracka throttle as the endless money and endorsements rolled in?

Paula Deen Confederate Flag

You see, those of us in the so called blogosphere do not have to operate under the same rules seen and unseen as Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper or just about any other television/radio personality must honor if they want to keep a fat paycheck hitting their direct deposit every two weeks.

But to beat up on Steve and Paula is fare in my eyes but it wouldn’t be complete without speaking of the hypocrisy of an industry that is more hellbent on generating huge bankrolls than operating under the high moral standards that they hope to God that you believe that they honor.

The industry is just as guilty of showcasing stuff like this because whether we like it or not, Paula Deen is a money making powerhouse who after a few more of these obvious image makeovers will once again be on top as though the “Nigger-Word” was never spouted from her nonexistent “lip-slits” and wouldn’t even dare think of returning the favor to Steve Harvey if…….no…….WHEN he needs a popular show to cry on and a racist white woman who has a shoulder he can lie his head on.

Mr. Harvey, you must read and absorb Hollywood Rule Number One:

Faded Black celebrities don’t get the second chances that their White counterparts do in Hollywood!

This is something that you need to know and by the mere fact that you once again said that you don’t give a damn about us bloggers tells us that you feel that you are above all Hollywood laws.

Once again Steve, it’s called the arrogance before the fall!

Steve Harvey Paula Deen

Understand Steve, that a woman like Paula Deen only skins and grins with you when she needs or wants something.

Nothing more/ Nothing less.

Once she has attained what she so skillfully usurped from your grasp,she will grant YOU the nigger treatment as soon as possible because that is a way of life for her. It’s in her D.N.A. and she cannot help it even though she knows it so to hell with you if you get insulted after all you’ve done for her by having her on your show because at the end of the day you three/fifths of a man and it’s your duty to be the stepping stool for her aspirations.

You know who you remind me of Steve after you made your “I don’t give a damn comment?”

You remind me of that well built well hung (Well Hung? What a choice of words to describe the abundantly endowed Black male genitalia after all we’ve been through in Amerikkka being lynched!) Field Slave who was afforded entry in the house of the slave-master to do the hard manual labor that the now softened and refined house Negros were incapable of doing.

Why does Steve Harvey remind me of that chosen field negro?

Paula Deen

Well, that hand picked field negro was chosen by the slave-master’s wife NOT because she observed him to be a very durable and extremely hard worker as she gazed out upon his sinewy form day after lust filled day. But she chose him because of the overheard conversations amongst her husbands fellow slave owners who paid him well for the use of his slave property to go on and breed many other captive slave women on THEIR plantations in order to make more strong Bucks for them!

So she convinces her unknowing and unaware husband who hasn’t a clue as to what her final goal is to having that big dick buck hanging around inside of their home while her husband travels abroad to get new slaves to continue the work on the plantation.

So the seduction game is own, Mrs. Lily White Racist Princess mistakenly finds herself in a partial state of being disrobed displaying her full ivory breasts in full view while walking in on the area where the apple of her eye is toiling away fully showcasing all of his brute strength and physical glory.

Paula Deen Steve Harvey

Once she makes it clear what she wants, the ol’ buck is happy to help her out all the way in a manner that her arrogant husband can’t because of his miniscule equipment and ever weakening stamina.

But after the word gets out that the stud of a slave is digging out the guts of Mrs. Lily White Racist Princess on a regular basis even long after the “work” was completed in the house, HE gets pissed and says that he doesn’t give a damn about what THEY say because deep down he feels as though he is on the hierarchical level that the slave-master is simply because he is being used and mistakes that for sincere affection.

But he sure finds out that all of the stolen moans whispered of how she loves his turgid organ impaled deep inside of her womb into his ears from his Mrs. Lily White Racist Princess lover means NOTHING when that fateful day came when they were both discovered in the act of their raw uninhibited lust play by her husband the slave-master!

So what did Mrs. Lily White Racist Princess scream out once she knew that the fun was all over?

She cried RAPE! And that arrogant buck of a slave who began to feel as though HE was running the plantation was put to death immediately in front of everyone while Mrs. Lily White Racist Princess feigned to be so hurt because of what that monster of an undesirable man did to her!

But the entire plantation of slaves knew the real deal and they knew what fate that arrogant buck would face one day but he wouldn’t listen to the wise advice of the Elders to stay away from that viper who would soon toss him aside like an old well worn tool!

So what does this mean to you Steve Harvey?

Keep on being used by the industry to believing that YOU are the one in control because you’re NOT!

You are merely a facsimile of what is needed to pull in the dollars for those who truly call the shots, because at the end of the day when YOU step out of line you’ll realize that there are countless bucks like you who would love to enter into the Big House in order to sample the forbidden goodies of fame until you are caught feeling as though YOU ARE THE MAN!

So you better bow and play your position tap dancing for the Mrs. Lily White Racist Princess Paula Deen, but never feel as though you own the plantation because you will find out with the quickness that you are not too far above the field Negros in the blogosphere that you publicly proclaimed to not give a damn about.

Think about it ‘coon.

Think about how those who worked under Paula Deen feel betrayed by you who look like them yet you will skin and grin with her to not be sensitive to those who may not be able to grant you the good money or give you the fame that your larger than life ego craves constantly.

How would the relationship go between you and Paula Deen if you were an employee of hers back in the day, do you think that she would treat you with true respect the way that she does now in such an obviously rehearsed manner?

And as far as the relationship with your producers go, how would they react to your suggestion that you would like to have the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as a guest on your show for his desire to work with The Steve Harvey Mentoring Program in order to clean up his image with Mainstream America?

While the hypocritical citizens of Amerikkka made no uproar about Paula Deen being on your show, just watch the keyboard terrorists rant on about Brother Farrakhan being on as well as the death threats that are sure to follow as well as that being the LAST EPISODE of The Steve Harvey Show!

You have the balls to tell us that you don’t give a damn but show us that you could make a bold move like that to tell Hollywood that you don’t give a damn about what they think and you will be blackballed from even BREATHING in Hollywood forevermore!

Haven’t you ever heard of a Brother named Arsenio Hall? He was a good guy and NEVER displayed the arrogance that you have and he STILL got the ax!

So we understand Steve Harvey that while you flex on us in the field, you will NEVER press the issue with the hand that feeds you because you know deep down inside that you are Hollywood’s In-house BUCK!

Nothing more/Nothing less!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Fearless Brother,



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