Stockholm Syndrome is an epidemic among Black people as I’m quite sure that you’ve heard the saying that “Black people always seem to think that the white man’s ice is colder!” But in actuality the sickness runs deeper than that as if that wasn’t bad enough! “we” adore the White World and want to be a part of it so bad that we will devalue ourselves in order to find ourselves in a better position to be acceptable to our oppressors who don’t give a damn about us at all.

They will only show you favor to the degree in which they can utilize your skill, talent or physical offerings to their delight until they are through with you. But yet and still after centuries of a rap sheet in our dealings with them that should be of no surprise when their true nature surfaces, we are STILL waiting for that day when we can feel accepted by this beast who is hellbent on inflicting his desire for DEATH, DOMINATION & DESTRUCTION to ALL who cross his path!

Every other race of people have understood this about THE GREAT BABYLON CALLED AMERIKKKA but we as Black people are so in love with our captors that we will fight FOR him in his wars with people who look like us and refuse to unify in his presence as we fear that our coming together may make him feel threatened and “WE CAN’T HAVE THAT!

My question to all who view this video and written word is what is it that has us so in love with America and the system that serves us NOT! Feel free to share your perspectives on this topic in the comment area below and let us continue this all important dialogue for all to grow in wisdom from! You are appreciated and thank you for the time spent her with us! ENJOY!

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