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Let’s talk about Crime Hills…….

Before the destruction of a neighborhood by the corporate/political alliances that seek to profit from their demise, there must be a character assassination of that community by the media platforms that work along with those entities under the radar.

Here in Orlando Florida, there are many projected changes finally manifesting after much fanfare that are painted as being an improvement that will benefit all of its residents on one level or another.

But what is good for one community is usually devastating for another.

Adjacent to the downtown Orlando area, it is no secret that the neighboring Parramore and Callahan communities – which have been historically African-American – have been the victim of an engineered slander by the media and almost immediately steamrolled by the developers who are salivating at the prospects of an almost guaranteed profit that will fatten their bank accounts greatly.

Now that same poisonous trend continues in Orange County Florida for yet another predominantly Black middle class neighborhood named Pine Hills.

Listen in as LanceScurv boldly speaks on the engineered media propaganda, abundance of deviant dollars and corporate greed that will rear its ugly head as the turf wars amplify here in sunny Florida in the years to come.

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