Stop Frontin’ And Understand, That “Bling” Is Merely Junk Food For The Soul!

There have been times in my life when I really thought that having a particular material possession would truly make the difference in my life and give me true happiness and contentment. While achieving those goals gave me a fleeting feeling of satisfaction, often times it brought me a sense of feeling down. This would happen every time I reached a new level in my desire for either status or having things. It seemed to become a never ending cycle of get “more to erase” the prior feelings of emptiness that came from the downside of a prior purchase or acknowledgement.

After each bout with the downside I realized that most people around me are driven by the desire to avoid the downside by pushing for more! More may mean different things for different people. The games that are spawned from this miserable feeling can make grown women and men behave in such petty ways. They begin to become more and more close minded to what the true purpose and meaning of life really is. Their whole drive now becomes to out perform or out do the next person who is in their circle doing the same thing.

Friendships are destroyed and maintained only as a facade to enable each other to play these material games. Their spiritual eyes become blurred and eventually blinded because the lusts of the flesh have taken over their divine energies sucking from it like a bad cancer. While we act as though we are good people with good intentions, many of our deeds are done to gain more attention to ourselves or our possessions. How sad!

We have lost our true selves in the muck of carnal cravings! We walk about the world in this state knowing that something deep down is not quite right but we push on ignoring it sinking deeper and deeper into this dark abyss…..a sort of “pre-hell” that makes us miserable with all of our fair seeming worldly successes. Clogging our ability to absorb true peace of mind and joy. When you find someone around you baiting you into these lowly games, don’t bite. Smile and tell them that you are happy for them and that they deserve even more. They will not stay around you too long because the feeling that they wanted to pick up from you was jealousy. You see, if you appeared to be envious of them, then they would have felt a twisted rush and justification of their own sick mind and way of thinking because they know that you were playing their same crazed game. But where does it end? How could we truly be so pompous when it is ONLY God who is the supplier of it all?

Happiness comes from the inside out. It comes no other way than from being in touch with God’s will. The only way to rid oneself of this poisoned way of operating is to detoxify your mind from this manner of thinking. Feed yourself the righteous thoughts and resist the petty way that is so prevalent in the world. Stop your children from adopting this sickness from young by keeping them off of the television unnecessarily. It teaches them that HAVING more “bling” and dollars is desirable and paramount to being considered a better person when in fact “bling” only can’t do a damn thing for you when life’s challenges are thrown at you.

God forbid, but what if your Momma died right now, would those new rims on your vehicle take away the pain and feeling of loss? God forbid, but what if your doctor told you that you have two weeks to live? Would you be so fast to run down to the club this Saturday night and act a fool getting drunk and high out of your mind? God forbid, but what if your baby disappeared and the only way to get her/him back was to stop the dumb games you play with God day after day, week after week? Could you?

Why is it that we call God’s name when we almost get into a car accident, but we can’t call on his name when we are blessed with something precious as our health and peace of mind? I have found that those special unique individuals who have great financial wealth beyond the wildest dreams of most don’t have that ignorant attitude toward the world that many of “our” people do.

They utilized their’s to realize their dreams in a low key, laid back kind of way…..blending in with the surroundings without always trying to make a statement of what they have. Now THAT’S the way to be! Those individuals get more out of the wealth that they possess because they are satisfying themselves from the inside out….and they couldn’t care less if you thought less of them because they didn’t have the latest “gear!”…..and would probably be happy and content even without it!

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