Stop Giving The Devil A Free Pass Into Your Life: Test The Spirit!

Be honest with me. Look back on your life and think about all of the instances when drama was a staple in your world and you will readily admit that it was because of an evil entity in your midst, wasn’t it?

The Theme From Taxi Driver

Now, I am quite sure that it wasn’t a spook that did it to you but it was an external source of something that definitely wasn’t good.

This is not to relieve you of the bad judgments and poor choices that you made to allow that unwanted drama into your life but aside from that I would say that 99.999% of the time the drama was delivered to you faster than an overnight FedEx package to your front door by another PERSON!


Another person that YOU allowed or even ENCOURAGED to come into your life by your OWN desire! They came in the name of God, they came in the name of friendship, you trusted them enough (Or DID you? Maybe you were in heat and twisted things in your mind to get that sex that you craved so much!) to allow them discreetly into your intimate world as a lover.

There is a LOT of that going on and we turn our head to it. I’ve been invited to many a church sister’s house in the name of “lifting” some item that they were not able to handle only to find out four hours later as we reclined in her bed, sweaty, drained, spent and disrobed that the only item that was really in the plan to be lifted was her SKIRT! But THAT’S another blog now isn’t it? Lol!

But the subsequent drama that ensued no matter what the initial connection was because we let our guard down or foolishly thought that we could whip the odds in being careful who we keep around us!

But in having this discussion with a few friends in the recent past many of them asked what REALLY could they do to protect themselves from anyone covertly entering their life to cause harm……

That was a simple one indeed!

I told them to TEST THE SPIRIT!

…….and as soon as I said that they told me that they DID test the
spirit in those particular situations where they were deceived.

Well, I told them that they didn’t test it enough! Lol!

Granted, there are some very cunning and shrewd individuals out here in the world who can be vicious predators while appearing to be so meek, God fearing and humble! It ain’t easy at all with so many things going on in our fast paced world! Work issues, family care, kids need money, in-laws (Yikes!), nosy neighbors, never ending bills in the mail, health concerns, car problems……..

Need I say more?

Now the last thing that many of us have time for is to focus on ONE (Lets HOPE it’s only one!) individual who comes to us in the name of helping us either as a friend, church member or whatever cloak they use to hide their true intentions.

No it’s NOT easy, but number one we have got to stop taking people into our personal space on face value! I don’t care WHO they claim to be close with or how long they have been a member at your sisters church. Allow time before you “let them in” and always consult with the Holy Spirit as to how they should be dealt with.

Anyone who has lived life will not be upset at the precautions that you are taking as a means of filtering out the drama. If they are true to their stated intentions they will completely understand your

Let me tell you from personal experience, you have some VERY strange entities out here who possess some VERY strange desires to say the least. They are mentally twisted and spiritually corrupt, all wrapped up in the packaging and facade of normalcy.

I’ve once knew a woman who befriended my ex-wife as a friend for the sole purpose of breaking up the family structure as it was in my life at the time. Everyone could see plain as day the movements that she had that weren’t too kosher at all. She came into the picture when my ex-wife and I were having major issues that were NOT positive at all!

This is how this particular brand of spiritual leech thrives. They absolutely LOVE negativity, stress and strife. By them coming to you as an Angel of Light in your time of confusion and disorientation, they not only set themselves up to be the “good guy”, but they can temporarily forget their tormented pitiful life of “undealt” with failures by languishing in the “fires” of your painful crisis!

This new comrade truly does not want to see you “out of your” painful situation by suggesting a healing Godlike solution as their “holy facade” may suggest, NO! When they are in position to throw the “death blow” they do not hesitate in doing so by suggesting negative solutions to your challenge.

Do know that God always has a way of letting His flock know what the devil has planned for you as you innocently go about your life. You just have to understand that your signs will come most often in some very unorthodox ways.

Well to wrap it up this woman had an abusive live-in boyfriend who was locked up for beating her up very badly and just happened to be housed in that VERY same unit that I worked as a corrections officer! I was in charge of his well being and over time he opened up to me about the situation and revealed how his ex-girlfriend was so jealous of my relationship and was going to show my ex-wife how to “play me” out of huge sums of money in the courts after our eventual breakup and divorce.


Many have asked me how could I have even trusted HIM! After all, he was a woman beater and an inmate! Well I will tell you, this man and I NEVER had a conversation before in this life up until that time period. There was NO WAY that he could have known damn near EVERY DETAIL of my life like he did unless HIS ex-woman told him those details via my ex-wife!

And it wasn’t just general information that anyone could have picked up on, it was extremely detailed personal private stuff from childhood
on up that ONLY could have come from extensive conversations and long term “digging!”

But let me be the first to say, i made MAJOR mistakes in my judgments and reactions to the pain that I was going through to give this devil the legal right in their mind to move forward and have something to beat the situation down to get the stronghold that they did! Keep your business to yourself and now matter HOW painful the realities that you must endure, NEVER run your mouth with anyone to whom you are not sure that you can trust your LIFE with! Case closed!

And if that spirit was tested early on, my ex-wife wouldn’t have had to go through the pain and embarrassment of finding out that although we may have had our issues, that “friend” of hers who disliked me so much was NOT the person that she pushed herself off to be!

Any spiritually aware person with an ounce of sense should know that when in the presence of a domineering, overbearing know it all who feels they know everything that after it is all said and done, these traits are NOT the Fruits of a Godly spirit at all…..

Wasted time and lifelong lessons! The price of wisdom means sometimes that you have to lose your left leg in the process! Now you will look both ways before you cross.

Oh well……


Want to hear another one?

Okay, check THIS out……

I once had a next door neighbor, a woman who had about 15 years on me in age. She moved into the neighborhood at a good time and pretty much got along well with everyone from what I could see. She was accepted on “the block” wholeheartedly and it appeared to be a neighbor that dropped in straight from Heaven!

Our neighborly relationship was the envy of all! We did things together, my kids felt as though they had two places to call home, we went food shopping together as well as doing our yard work with one another. There were too many joyous  incidences of our new found connectedness to list as our lives became more and more blissfully intertwined as one could NOT tell where her life began and my life ended.

We were THAT close!

What? Maybe you don’t understand HOW close!

We had keys to each others homes! We knew the security codes to each others alarm systems! If I had nothing to do on a particular day, I would take her to work (she worked in the evenings) and go back that night around midnight to pick her back up! I did this at LEAST twice a week and do know that it wasn’t a short drive at all!

For any of my online family reading this who know the Borough of Queens in New York City, I would drive her from around Liberty Ave. and the Van Wyck Expressway to the Belt Parkway all the way down to the area at the base of the Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn!

Tell me I didn’t show this woman some love! Lol!

…….but like so many things in this life, all good things seem like
they must come to an end.

Over time I began to notice funny little ways about our friend, things that weren’t so obviously cut and dried to be overtly negative, but little things that barely made it to the “red flag radar” that I chose to ignore from the mindset of “she COULDN’T have meant it that way!”

It got to the point where I couldn’t deny those obvious actions and was forced to see that there was definitely some venom behind them. Actions? Like what? Well, she never at THIS point directed anything toward me but she took aim at those who were around me.

Namely my tenants.

My home was a huge legal 2 family home that was converted legally from having 1 family status but was later on by me physically changed over to having a separate apartment on each floor.

That being said, in a four story (3 plus a finished basement, all totally remodeled by yours truly!) I had three sets of tenants to whom I chose carefully and had a wonderful relationship with as well as them getting along well with each other…..

This is where the Sugar Honey Iced Tea begins……

…….wouldn’t you think it were a “bit” strange to see your beloved neighbor park her car so close to your tenants car (any ONE of them, she didn’t discriminate!) that the bumpers actually touched making it impossible to move your car when you wanted to leave because you where literally boxed in if you didn’t have ample space to inch your way out of the spot.

But what was her motivation for even DOING such a thing? This transpired with one of my tenants literally EVERY DAY! They knew her and I were supposed to be close friends/damn near family so instead of getting ignorant with her they came to me almost in an apologetic manner to gently inform me of what was going on!

Not only that, but to add insult to injury, long before the vehicular disrespects, she stopped greeting them on return if they kindly spoke  to her to say high! Now what would you think was her motivation for
acting like THIS? Were these fruits of the spirit?

When I approached her about it, I waited until she did it again and stepped to her as she was caught red handed so she could explain why she was acting so childish. Her reply? She walked right past me while mumbling something unfavorable and definitely acted in a manner that was never displayed to me personally before! She knew me better than that but I guess she harbored some type of negative feelings toward me that I wasn’t aware of.

I began my own gut check like many of us do to insure that we didn’t do anything inadvertently to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Nothing came up in my memory at ALL.

For the sake of brevity I won’t go into all of the instances in which she displayed her true colors but let me briefly share a few in rapid fire fashion:

She asked me if I could let her use my backyard to accommodate the guests at her house party, I told her out of respect that I must ask my paying tenants if it was cool with them (Something that pissed her off! LOL!) and after they had no problem with even after her immature behavior (She didn’t use my backyard after all, but put all of her junk there supposedly for the weekend so she could have maximum space in HER yard), she STILL had to give me the shaft by leaving that SAME junk in my yard and made NO attempt to clean it out even AFTER I waited for a month to hear from her!

So I said to myself “a tossing we will go!” LOL!

She woke up with her junk returned into her yard in swift fashion. No questions asked.

Every night in the wee hours she would put these huge party speakers under my bedroom window and blast the music so loud as to wreck my sleep because she knew I had to get up early in the morning to go to work. Not to mention that she turned her basement and backyard into an illegal gambling/social club/restaurant where ANYONE could show up at ANY time of the day or night to do WHATEVER they wanted as loud as they could be! I would often wake up (When I DID fall asleep!) to the sound of cursing and damning as well as drunk men urinating on the side of the house (The houses were very close together). The cops did nothing and NO ONE else wanted to get involved or even lend a sympathetic ear to what I was going through!

The last straw was after not speaking to me for months she attempted to snatch my one year old daughter (Her age at the time) out of my arms in a forceful manner, I was in shock at the nerve of her!

And mind you, there is SO much more that I could tell you!

I (Hallelujah!) eventually moved to Orlando shortly thereafter and left that toxicity behind but what I would like to know is WHAT made this woman flip this way? Many times the devil himself can be the most charming individual only for the sole purpose of infiltrating your life in order to raise pure HELL!

We get so caught up in the distractions that life has thrown at us and we have a tendency to grab the first safety rope that is thrown our way as we swim in our personal “sea of issues.” Not every hand extended is a helping hand my friend, many hands that we see coming our way are not there to help but to smack us down when the opportune time presents itself. Some will literally wait YEARS for there chance to screw you over. Move slowly and take precautions…..on the other hand don’t get caught up in a all consuming paranoia that puts a barrier between you and the blessings that are designated just for you. Everyone is not an enemy, but stay on point, stay connected to the spirit of God that resides inside of you and do know that God will let you know when something just isn’t right!

And HE is the ONLY spiritual compass that one will EVER need in the hostile environment that has become the world!

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