Stop Using God’s Name As A Holy Covering For Your Dirt!

Too many people from what I’m seeing put God in their mess to justify it and they need to stop it!


God has given us the gift of free will but what we do with it is all on us. But for some strange reason we are so determined to twist and bend God’s laws around our transgressions of divine law in a delusion manner as though it will make it fair seeming in His eyes.


Here you are as a married man checking out your next door neighbor through the window watching her work on her garden bent over as you tell yourself that God wants her to be involved with you sexually to give you what your wife isn’t!


You horny old geezers let lust take you over so much that you forget how much your reality would change in a very painful way if you ever got caught doing that. God doesn’t have anything to do with your wayward desires and your justification of them by using His name especially to bring pain to an innocent person in such a manner!

We can become so intoxicated by our own delusion that we will actually believe the lie that we’ve told ourselves. Just because we’ve become so caught up in it doesn’t mean that God has signed off on it.

As a matter of fact, we’ve managed to put God at the scene of our personal crimes and disasters when in actuality He had nothing to do with it in the first place.

Stop using the name of God as a shield and a cover for your mess!

And some of our Sisters are just as bad with this same mentality. Just because you see an attractive man walk through the doors in the church for the first time ever and he made your clit tingle with excitement and your pum-pum moisten doesn’t mean that he is your future husband and Boaz!

You don’t know this man from Adam but you’ve allowed your twisted religious-mindedness to take over and fill in the blanks the way that you want it to play out.

God had nothing to do with that man coming to the church to “find” you, but your desperation to get a man got the best of you and you proceeded without caution and walked right into a disaster on a massive level.


You have no one to blame but yourself when you’ve been ripped off, hustled, used and tossed away like a snotty napkin because the fact of the matter is that God doesn’t move recklessly and He doesn’t operate with your carnal mentality in mind.

We really need to get a grip on ourselves and learn how to separate our own narrow view of the world and of life as opposed to the vastness of this world that God has made for us. There is no jumping to the head of the line without going through the necessary period of preparedness that is divinely mandatory in order to be ready for our blessings when they do arrive.

We just can’t tack on God’s name on everything and expect it to flow as effortlessly as a situation that is ordained by Him. But we are so hard headed and refuse to see that if what we need didn’t come from Him then it will never work out in the long haul.

You can call it anyway that you want to call it but if it is not in accordance with divine law you are merely wasting your time.

Just because God gave you the blank checkbook of free will doesn’t mean that He will approve of your reckless spending on all things carnal and sinful.

We’ve allowed the blessing of having free will to hang ourselves and show God what we are really all about even though He knows all even before it happens. The real insult to Him is that we put His name on all of the dirt we do as though we are fooling Him in the process.

We may fool the masses who haven’t a clue as to what lurks deep within the inner recesses of our hearts but we “ain’t” foolin’ Him at all!

Just because you refuse to face the truth by sticking your head in the sand to avoid seeing reality doesn’t mean that it ceases to exist!


So if it all comes back to His ever watchful eye then why waste our time lying to ourselves when we can beg forgiveness and turn away from all things sinful while we have the chance?

It’s because the sweetness of sin is real but it is really a substitute pleasure that can never compare to the rewards that come from living an obedient life. It’s just that we have become so used to the replacement pleasures that when the real joys arrive we want no part of it.

We are like those folks who prefer the junk food over the healthy variety until the ailments and sicknesses that come along with the bad diet manifest! Now we WANT to hear all about healthy living! But this is how it is on a spiritual plane and it’s best to come clean and face the truth.

But no, we attempt to dress up our sin thinking that we can fool God but that will never happen. You can fool most of the people most of the time but you can NEVER fool our Creator at all!

Never forget that and you will make it through this test of a life with flying colors…….

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brutally Honest Brother,




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