Stop Wasting Your Time Trying To Help People Who Don’t Want To Help Themselves!

Many of you have the love of God within you and see the world as a place that’s beautiful to the core with everything that’s not so pristine as changeable.

If you’ve lived any amount of time with this mentality you have surely tasted extreme disappointment.

I was also the same way and speak from experience and I tell you that it’s just not worth the the time trying to help people that don’t want to help themselves.

It hurts when you look back on all of the time and energy that was spent projecting a positive future for an individual who only wanted YOU to do all of the work for them.

Lazy People - Help

It’s frustrating to realize that for all that you’ve done to show the way to a particular success that the entities that you’ve allowed in your world only want to ride you coattails without putting forth any effort of their own.

To be truly successful in any endeavor in life one has to invest a superhuman amount of energy and focus that most mere mortals are just not willing to give.

You see, most people are just like electricity, they will take the shortest path of least resistance and if you are enabling them to reach their goals with your energy without being enthusiastic about the growth of their own brand and talent, then something is definitely wrong and you will feel it as your energy stores become drained beyond measure.

This is the hard reality and the only way to remedy this without harming your own trajectory of success is to cut your ties with those who make no effort and investment within themselves.

Lazy Man - Help

The world is full of hard working goal oriented people that would love to know someone like you who has committed totally to making your dreams come true.

Why waste your time trying to convince someone that they can do better when they are too lazy to marry themselves to their dreams?

Again, to continue to make your resources available to them as though you are the welfare system for their soul only keeps you from making things happen for yourself.

…….and you wonder why you might be moving forward as swift as you might desire?

Cut the leeches from your inner circle and even if you do not know who the culprit might be, take a Sabbatical from everyone and then add them back in slowly to the soup of your life until you realize what spirit is really the Succubus in disguise.

Sucking Leech - Help

Most of us who see the potential within ourselves as a very real possibility of becoming a reality with a little dedication feel that all others feel the same way too.

But this is not the case and in the end after investing so much time into others who don’t have the character qualities to manifest their gifts, you will feel so frustrated because you have simply judged someone else by the state of your own mind and this is not a good thing to do.

Also understand that the vultures will descend down on you hard when they see the person that you are because of your giving and nurturing spirit.

They will see “FREE RIDE” written all over your face and do and say whatever it takes to get into the inner circle of your life so that they can pull off the lucrative bank heist of your precious life force and energies.

They will sense many times that you have a deeper need to be loved and wanted and proceed to play on this trait for their benefit.

Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve - Help

Do not ever fall into the trap of wearing your heart on your sleeve in your desire to uplift all who are in your midst because it is the same as leaving a key for your front door under the welcome mat for a friend but placing a huge sign for all to see where its location is.

You can never go wrong by moving covertly to avoid attracting these energy drainers into your life.

Keep these frauds out of your space and understand that you will never get a medal or a reward for being the good guy or gal in your romantic vision to save the world.

Save yourself, save your energy and most of all don’t waste your time on someone else’s dreams that their lethargic attitude will forever keep it from coming true.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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