Worry, concern and stress are places that dominate the majority of those who are unaware of how to manage its destructive effects on our lives. When we live in a more dense population as in the bigger cities, we will have to deal with even more stress due to the fact that we’ll have more out of control people that will bring us the stress that they are unable to manage.

So is the quick fix to the overwhelming stress levels that we feel is to simply pack our bags to head out to where no people exist in a long forgotten rural area way out in the boondocks? For most people that just wouldn’t be possible at all. While there are those who have the means to eject themselves out of society in this way, most aren’t able to even THINK about making such a move. So what is an average blue collar wage slave – hopefully temporary – to do?

You have absolutely no choice but to manage the worry, concern and stress levels that living among these undisciplined people in wholesale fashion. While you cannot control what’s external to you, you can darn sure control yourself from within and THAT’S where your focus should be. Listen in to the shared words of Brother LanceScurv and share your perspectives down below in the comment section.

Thank you for sharing your precious time with us here and know that you are always welcome to return to see the new stuff. Enjoy!

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