With so much deceptive imagery relentlessly bombarding our minds on a daily basis it’s a wonder that we’ve maintained our sanity overall as a society. Then throw in a ton of mental and emotional issues on top of drug addictions and you can then see why the United States of America is on the brink of collapse.

Not to mention the absence of having the moral compass to guide us as we have walked away from any connection to true spirituality and into the man made engineered religions that direct us straight into the carnal places that we should be attempting to avoid.

Brother Heru Hainus once again breaks down the many facets of deception that we as Black people face to keep us under control. He drops uncensored truth with no restraint and I’m quite sure that you’ll enjoy the content that he so generously brings. Share your perspectives below in the comment and thank you so much for spending your precious time here on LanceScurv! Enjoy!

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