Subservience To A Friendly Employer/Oppressor Aint Nothing To Be Proud Of!

It’s appointed for every man to work, that’s Biblical and morally correct. Just as it has been said that a lazy man should not eat, we
need to earn our keep and pull our weight. These are principles in which I believe wholeheartedly.

But when that job borders on exploitation and an attempt to allow you ONLY to eat and NOT to grow into a position of earning better then something about that doesn’t sit too well with me.

In the past I made a YouTube video entitled “Jobs are the ultimate pyramid scheme”, in this modern day and age the people in position to employ great numbers of people have definitely stacked the odds of remaining in a superior position in their favor no matter how much they may tell you that you can work your way to the top.

It’s not about your personal growth, it’s about the companies bottom line and those who stand to benefit at the top of the food chain off of your years of blood sweat and tears.

Is this fair? No it isn’t! But why should it be? This is amerikkka!

You will have some (Usually those who are getting paid high on the pyramid scheme food chain!) who will proclaim that the working
conditions here in amerikkka are amongst the most desirable in the entire world! They will back up this statement by saying that we have laws here to ensure that everyone gets equal treatment under the laws and this is why people from other countries are risking life and limb to come over to these shores via plane, boat or over a border to enjoy a better life here so you had better appreciate what we have over here and bear with it because it could be much worse!

To that I say phooey!

Laws to ensure? With laws come lawyers and the tricks that they bring in order to twist the “laws” that are there to “ensure” in their favor!

Enjoy a “better” life? To that I say look again – why is it that with the majority of immigrants who come here for that “better life” end up taking the money that they have earned in this so called “better system” and sending it back to their home country of origin?

Send it back? If it is so good over here than why would thy send it back?

It’s because in actuality if they are getting paid so much more here than their home country they understand that it’s all about the money and nothing else. These foreigners have internalized the fact that upon arriving to these shores that they have left the slave like employment conditions over in their country to trade it in for another higher paid form of bondage that will help them reach their goals of a better life back home and NOT here on these shores!

They have no delusions about the United States of Amerikkka as do the homegrown dreamers do here who know nothing else but the broken promises of these politicians and the system that is stacked against you from achieving a fair result from your hard work.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many success stories here in America where individuals have overcome many obstacles to transform their lives through the principles of hard work and sacrifice but if you look closer into their success even they were made to jump through hoops that would be considered unfair and even as they enjoy the results of that hard work and sacrifice you can beat believe that “Uncle Sam” got more than what he deserved as far as a cut from another man’s sweat and sacrifice.

There is just no way in getting around it!

Whatever it is that you have achieved you could have had even more if it weren’t for the government being such a pimp in our personal affairs! Should we contribute taxes to keep this system running? Sure! But this system needs to not only be revised, but it needs a total revamping because it is definitely not in favor of the little man who slaves at the bottom for mere pennies on the dollar!

So this brings me to the people who are grinning and bearing a system that never really did anything to benefit their efforts in this life at all. These are the delusional individuals who keep the oppressive systems going by the belief one day that they too will be rewarded with overwhelming riches and the good life that they see their bosses enjoy. They were indoctrinated from the beginning to toil endlessly, waiting while never complaining of the injustices in the workplace that they see and will always find a way to “see” those injustices as the fault of the person who is suffering and not the employers as a means of keeping their shot at the top as a fresh possibility that will be earned in a fair manner.

With these types either you will see them burnt out like a useless husk as they have given their best years when “still waiting” for that
better position that will never come to them no matter how much the evidence supports that fact or they will have given up altogether but only after executing a herculean effort that again has benefited an employer who will employ the next wide eyed fool once the older one has given up!

……..and the cycle continues.

I’m sorry people, I just can’t buy into it.

I just cannot sit around and wait for another man or system to do for me what I should be doing for myself. Am I against having a job? Of course not! I have one (Or two or three, but let’s officially say just one! Lol!) but O know what to expect from it and have no dreams of something that will never happen on it. I know how I am truly viewed beyond the Colgate smiles, fake handshakes and false bravado that is only executed to keep the illusion of inclusion alive.

Just give me my money after a fair eight hours of labor has been traded off. No delusions or expectations of grandeur. This is an
exchange, almost like the cold-hearted impersonal distant arrangement between a prostitute and her client for the moment. I do what you want. You give me what I want and we will be off on our own way in our own separate directions with no love lost until next time if there IS a next time. Simple as that. I don’t need you to tell me what I need to do with my money in your 401k hustle to keep your company afloat with me being the loser. I know exactly what to do with my money once it hits my hand an it will be utilized to better MY situation and keep MY company thriving an not merely afloat. Case closed.

When you possess this mentality on an oppressive job it pretty much insulates you from the pain of the broken promises because you now expect nothing from the arrangement except cold hard cash and nothing else.

It amuses me to see those that push their chests out with a sense of achievement once they have been deemed a supervisor or a manager in someone else’s affairs and can’t really even manage their own. If they truly mastered their own destiny then they would see how limiting and small their so called position is when compared to the vast wealth and riches that beckon to us all on the world scale. But if the range of your mind has been reduced to thinking on the small level of a job being your life then in your eyes holding down that interchangeable position is quite an accomplishment indeed. Just understand what it really is when you get there and if you do you really wouldn’t push your chest out as far as you do because all you are is the membrane between higher management and the bottom feeder workers below you. When the bullets start flying it will b easier to demote YOU or fire YOU because you are only there to catch the crap once it hits the fan in order to protect those above you from any implication of wrongdoing. Think about it. This is why I prefer to thrive in the trenches. I will see you coming long before you see me in the vast sea of faces in which you are paid the extra dollars to oversee us with.

I guess this is why I could never get caught up in the hierarchy of the jobs that I have been in that are based on these twisted principles. Many employers are trained to profile you right at those first interviews not only for your honesty, great work ethic and you ability to produce positive results while striving in a team setting amongst others, but they are really looking for someone who has a few voids to fill in their psyche which leaves them opened to be programmed like a trained puppy for their corporate benefit.

You see, if you don’t have your personal identity and sense of self worth set in stone before you enter into these cult-like companies ruthless grip, your mind will be brainwashed for the years of dedicated service ahead to a company that will never look out for you the way you sacrificed for them.

This is not only the case with the big companies, it can be the smaller employees also, the bosses that may even deal with you one on one as an independent contractor. These people are so competitive in their nature that they will never want to see you grow above and beyond their level of dealings with you and will often remain silent on any information that would help you advance your business to a more profitable level.

This is why unless it is a trusted confidante in your inner circle you must never reveal your professional plans to any employer or coworker unless it is a strategically scripted move to usurp a reaction to see how you stand with your employer. Keep all moves and future intentions silent and you will never go wrong with your hearts aspirations.

The entire “feel” of the workplace has changed quite a bit since the economy has been strained. It is almost as though many of us go to work like we are going to battle in fifteen round Heavyweight Championship Fight! While having to produce more and more as well as having to deal with the sharks who will do anything to make you trip to be able to take your position or take the attention off of them. Must we all go through this just to make a dollar?

It’s pathetic indeed.

You would think that after risking our health in these stressful places called “jobs” we would be wise with the money that we did make. But we are to blame most of the time for spending that same money in a foolish manner in order to feel some type of justification for going through the battles that we do in the workplace. It can be a very vicious cycle to get caught up in indeed.

The bottom line is that we need to take better control not only of our finances but our lives. Everywhere you work there will be pros and cons but if you have a vision, a plan and are willing to work that plan consistently over and above your set goals then with discipline and focus you can surmount any challenge financial or otherwise that is put in your path.

…….and there is no hateful oppressive boss that can stop you when you are programmed to think in this manner.

So know that while the pressure in the workplace may be on for the moment, understand that this too shall pass and all of the people who happen to be the wolves in sheep’s clothing in your midst will one day be a distant memory if they are even remembered at all!

…….I can remember my days way back working at the Home Depot and all I can say to those coworkers, department managers and assistant managers who felt that THAT job was the only way to go and who treated me like a slave is LOOK AT ME NOW!

“Living good is the BEST revenge!”

I rest my case.


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