Success Will Elude Most Of You Unless You Look Within!

This is a very unorganized rant on my thoughts on success.

My mind is all over the place right now so the order of my thoughts are all over the place. If you can’t handle my honesty on that, don’t bitch about it. If you can, then enjoy my brilliance.

Many have asked me how is it that I can stick in there with the many hats that I wear in life without being discouraged to give up and quit.

Well as simple an answer as it may seem, I feel that you’ve got to want success in your various endeavors more than anything else in life.

It’s not for everyone to wear multiple hats and that’s okay, but if you pursue mastering even just one field of excellence, make sure that you are going after it with every ounce of strength and breath that you can muster.

To be honest, you have to be married to what you do. Anything less won’t bring you that ongoing level of success that stands the test of time.

And you also have to define what success is for you personally because what might be success for one may not be success for another.

One thing that I see that is a complete mistake is when someone attempts to keep up with the vision of another, this is a definite recipe for failure.

For anyone to stay the course in their pursuit of excellence, they’ve got to have their own vision and idea of success means to them.

It’s almost guaranteed that if you are trying to beat someone else at their own game that you will surely fail never to manifest the God given talents and abilities given to you by God Himself.

But we have to be realistic about what it is that we are going after, if one stands at only four feet seven inches tall while standing on the first rung of a step ladder, all of the passion, desire and focus in the entire world is not going to land you a spot on a professional basketball team where you will be seen slam dunking the ball with the elite of sport on the evening news game highlights!

So what must be done is that we must align ourselves with the divine higher power to see if we are ordained to do what it is that we desire to pursue.

Sadly, some of us refuse to acknowledge that we may not have been born to excel in the lane that we chose because God had another assignment for us.

I didn’t say that to discourage anyone at all because to find your true calling makes you forget what you thought was your original desire because of the high that comes along with moving into your ordained destiny.

So to accomplish great things in your area of expertise means that you must dance to the beat of your own drummer and listen to the vibrations that resonate from within and never ever consider moving yourself along with anything that comes to you from the outside at all.

Success means to be yourself and never losing yourself in a world that can dilute who you are at the core, for you to have to become someone else in order to attain a standard of another mans success means that you’ve sold out on your God given originality and you’ve therefore failed.

Always be yourself and stay true to who you are.

For as long as I’ve remembered, I’ve always stayed true to who I’ve been.

If something angers me, you will know about it.

If I don’t want to be bothered, you will never find me.

When there is something that I want, no on can stop me from getting it.

I’ve never been that “grin and bear it” type of gut. I’m diplomatic at times, but you will eventually sooner more than later know from me directly if you’ve been purposely stepping on my toes.

Test Of Time - Success

You have to know yourself so well and have confident in the inherent traits and qualities that dwell within you that you’ve taken a lifetime to discover.

Look at Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, when they fought they both stayed true to who they were as fighters.

Muhammad Ali didn’t play the role of a slugger in his fighting style nor did Frazier attempt to out jab and out box Ali.

No, they stayed true to who they are and were confident in the style of fighting that they developed over their careers that brought them great success.

You see, the advantage of knowing yourself is that when the pressures of life hit you in those unexpected ways you will never waver in your success game plan as the outward storms will never make you doubt yourself because you KNOW yourself.

The confidence needed to be successful comes from the core of your being, if you are not built for what you do then you will never feel right about going after something that you were never truly made for.

Be the best YOU that you can be no matter what it is that you do or have yet to find what it is that your personal mission is.

If you can’t do that then you’re on a definite road to obscurity and insignificance and your efforts will amount to nothing at all.

……if this entire article went over your head then at least make an effort to remember the last two lines. It’s the meat and potatoes of what I wanted to say.

Peace & Righteous Love,

Your One Of A Kind Original & Classic Brother,



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