Successful Black Women Finding Good Black Men:

After watching a very interesting program on ABC entitled “Can Successful Black Women Find Men”, it caused me to think how much of this issue is perception as opposed to reality? Now, the term successful in my mind doesn’t fly with me in the traditional sense of the word because if you are a women “holding it down” on your OWN regardless of your tax bracket, you are successful in my eyes!

My question to the ladies AND the gentlemen is, “Do Black Women come down on the Brothers too hard when they state their expectations or do we as men think that women don’t understand what we have to go through as Black Men with the lower expectations attached to our reputations?

Please shoot from the hip!

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April 23, 2010 12:27 PM

I agree with you Nicole. We give up the “goodies” much too soon.A lot of us feel that its better to have half a man than none at all. We have to get out of that mentality.But I do know there are still some brothers out there that realize the true worth of a good woman. Who knows that we should be respected and loved. The good brothers know that when they put forth an effort, when they cherish and treat their woman like a queen,he will be treated as her king. There is no greater love, other than what GOD feels for his children than a love of a black woman.Please don’t give up on our black men.

April 23, 2010 2:22 AM

I Feel with all the issues facing black men, being incarcerated
and all the other ailments ex Down low, Drugs, Lack of education.Lack of them be creative enough to get what they want on their own.. took a good percentage away. which means you have to be a special kinda of women in this age to deal with what’s out there, and the fact that other … See More women Are not respecting themselves enough, so what do most men have to work for. its handed to them on a silver platter, but I believe in the power of prayer. which means I’m not worried. it will happen the way it supposed to.

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