The biggest secret in plain sight is the supernatural Black Man is one of the most powerful episodes that we’ve had in recent memory as Brother Eye-Son speaks on the entertainment industry and how many are “detained” by it even though most of the masses of fans would die to have a fraction of the fame of these so called “stars.”

He also speaks on how our bodies are simply a straight jacket for the soul as we are NOT our body but something that we can’t see with the naked eye but is very much real! There are so many secrets revealed to us born out of the constant study and meditation of Brother Eye-Son and for that I am so appreciative.

Do leave your perspectives on any and every aspect of this powerful dialogue with Brother Eye-Son in the comment section below and you can best believe that we will have him on the show on a regular basis for sure! Enjoy and thank you for spending your precious time here with us. Peace!

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  • Debbie says:

    hi herbal remedies
    I just recently listen to your amazing teachings and loving it! More power to our awakening!
    Reason for my reaching out is that I wanted to be more aware of who I am in this trying life! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Ps my first time on this site through lancescurv YouTube channel
    Sister Debbie
    Much love
    Shalom peace 4 ever

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