Sweet Tangy Tension Sauce Over Oven Roasted Drama: Satan’s Favorite Dish!

As I drove my bus yesterday, I found myself deep in thought while observing the people who boarded and the many “spirits” that they possessed as they paid their fare.

You could really feel them.

Their tensions.

Their anxieties.

Their confusions.

Their frustrations.


I don’t know whether it’s because of my position in that front seat or maybe I was just so sensitive at the time, but it let me know that there is an unseen component to our lives that we for the most part just do not acknowledge.

Everyone possesses these spiritual antennae or “feelers” but for the most part we do not listen to what our intuitive senses are urgently telling us which in hindsight could have help us avoid some very bad situations.

On the other hand, we need to make sure that we are receiving the right signals from those around us because we might mistaken an innocently kind gesture as something along the lines of a hidden agenda and therefore missing out on a definite blessing from above through someone.

It can be quite confusing at times but in order to “see” the world properly as it is we must keep our own filters clean.

It’s an everyday thing when dealing with the public to have to struggle with so many strange spirits and bizarre motivations in rapid fire succession on after the other with absolutely NO break in between……..

Here are just a few of the questions/situations that I must deal with on a daily basis, I will follow up their statement with a thought of mine:

Uninformed Passenger: “Is the 20 bus (A particular bus route that connects with mine) going to be there when we get downtown?”

My thought: how would I know, I cannot predict that future, if I told you it would be there and it’s not then I would look like a liar. What if that bus had an accident and didn’t arrive until late?

A “Thinks He’s Slick” Passenger: All I have is a 10 dollar bill, do you have any change?

My thought: We BOTH know that you have been riding this bus everyday for years and know that the bus drivers here do NOT make change, you are merely trying to hustle a ride for free!

Kinda Sexy Flirtatious Half Naked “With Her Breasts Popping Out” Female Passenger With An Slimy Agenda: Driver, the battery on my cell phone just went completely dead! May I make a call on YOUR cell phone PLEASE? I promise I wouldn’t be on it long…..

My thought: Now you know I wasn’t born yesterday! You have been trying to catch my attention for MONTHS now by sitting in the front of my bus scantily clad and exposed, thinking that I would try you so you could get some money out of me. So now you want to use the infamous “I’m a ‘hood rat who is going to get me a mid-life suffering bus driver for money” trick, which consists of claiming that the battery on your phone is dead so you can use mine to call YOUR OWN PHONE which happens to be alive and well in your pocketbook so you can get MY phone number on YOUR caller I.D. in order to call me late that night with all KINDS of anonymous freaky propositions! IT WON’T WORK because I am about to tell you that I DON’T have a phone!!

Well, I know that I can be a comedian sometime but I could go on and on with the random and continuous assaults on my peace of mind that I have to endure day in and day out but I believe you get the bigger picture! LOL!

The bottom line as far as I am concerned is that you must be relaxed from within to truly see what is coming at you. Satan has so many ways and means to approach you and you really cannot allow yourself to walk around paranoid but at the same time you cannot completely drop your guard either!

To protect yourself from those energy draining attempts, your connectedness to the higher power is paramount at all times as well as possessing an inner calm based in an urgent obedience to the word of God.

Your enemy can only thrive in an environment of confusion and disarray. Where there is peace, unity, order, submission to what is righteous as well as everyone operating in the mindset of selflessness, Satan must flee.
So he HAS to keep some crap going on where he wants to devour all who are participants. He will give everyone some imagined slight to feed off of to continue the tension to build. Tension is the satan’s favorite dish, to keep tension and drama going will keep him well fed.

Starve him to DEATH!

Rats, roaches and other repulsive vermin can ONLY survive in your when there is a disorderly unkempt system of keeping your premises clean. Even when YOU are personally impeccable in your personal habits, you STILL might have to suffer because of the dirty habits of the neighbors who live in the house or apartment next door!

You can find your space literally INFESTED and become very befuddled as to why you have those little uninvited creatures brazenly

So this should warn you that you must be careful of those who are within your space because the wrath of THEIR nasty habits could potentially be your indirect downfall!

Many will invade your space with the sole intention of ripping off something from you that is of value to them! They cannot remain in close proximity to you and accomplish this unless they manifest some type of drama and cause tensions that weaken your resolve, hamper your ambition or confuse your focus. If they can do this and keep you distracted then they can break you down and you wouldn’t even know where the source of your problems are originating from.

Just like that roach that loves the clutter, they can navigate under those old newspapers thrown on the floor or hide behind the confusion in plain site and YOU wouldn’t be any the wiser!

This is why it is such an advantage to press on diligently in order to live in the spirit, dwelling on that higher plane automatically and proactively protects you from any oncoming attacks. You see, when the vapors of confusion begin to violate your nostrils, its presence will alert you to the more urgent happening in the form of a violation that is sure to come. Just like the neighborhood pickpocket who could NEVER make his daily quota of cash for the day walking down a quiet peaceful street, he thrives where there are people rushing to their destinations, cars caught up in a traffic jam and honking their horns in reckless disregard as well as people bumping into each other and tripping over each other, arguing and just overall caught up in the frenzy of madness. I bet he makes a TON of money in those situations because one could probably litter the streets with cold hard cash and no one would EVER notice!

Just as bringing in your personal vehicle for the regularly scheduled maintenance that prevents problems down the road that could have been avoided if only you had took the little time to do the right thing by your car, keeping your spiritual eyes WIDE OPEN every minute of the day with a clear mind and a fit body can prevent some avoidable situations that can take your life down to the pits of hell in record time!

Ask many of those who are in Central Booking in the county lockdown right now, half of them are saying to themselves: “If I could only have done what I did a little differently I wouldn’t have to BE here right about now!”

Ask that woman who is semi-conscious and bleeding almost to death in the local hospital’s intensive care unit in the embarassing situation of being caught not only in a compromising position of being with another woman’s frisky husband, but in THAT woman’s house in THAT violated woman’s bed, she might say that at this point the forbidden fruit didn’t taste THAT good to be made to face THIS life threatening and reputation wrecking dilemma…….

Ask that man who was in such a rage on his cellphone as he argued with his pregnant girlfriend over an issue that really was insignificant, as he drove his car a little too fast for the rain slicked terrain and very much distracted that didn’t see that he had a red light at the fast approaching major intersection with that Mack truck that had the right of way that snuffed out his life instantly, leaving his child fatherless because HE didn’t take the time to be careful.

As you can see, some things just can’t be reversed!

So when you wake up in the morning and believe that you are about to have the perfect day, be leary of those entities and situations that bring confusion, because when confusion arrives, a disaster is ALWAYS right around the corner!

Believe that!

My Mother ALWAYS used to say that the devil is the “author” of confusion…….

I’ve always believed that…….

But nobody EVER told you that you had to read his book!

Let me hear from you please and leave your comments/feedback on the message board…………

Lance Scurvin

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April 18, 2010 11:37 PM

As always Mr. Scurvin direct and on point.

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