T.D. SNAKES & The Religious Shape Shifters Among Us!

I realize that after making T.D. Jakes the focus of this sketch that I would most likely have an entire congregation praying some not too wonderful prayers in my behalf.

But since being bold enough to not hold in my perspectives, it’s worth my peace of mind to get off of my chest what I happen to see.

I’m so sick and tired of seeing so many people truly falling for the celebrity worship that is all too common in the predominantly Black Mega Churches today. While they dutifully bring their tithes and offerings to these religious institutions with absolutely no hesitation, they don’t seem to realize that there are absolutely no changes for the better happening in their perpetually downtrodden – and often getting worse – neighborhoods.

The pastors that seem to generate the most money are often a delusional escape for the communities that they supposedly serve. Never do they speak on the major issues and incidents that are happening within their communities locally and beyond.


The very politicians who only come around to the Black churches for a “photo op” to be seen kissing a Black baby to endear themselves to a congregation of mainly of COONS who just feel so validated when they get a visit from their “MASSA” are brought in by these Masonic Ring wearing Black Pastors because of the under the table perks that will be guaranteed to them after their political “I’m cool with the Niggers” paper thin vaudeville act could Mrs to a close.

It’s about selling hope to a people who are twisted enough in their psychosis to believe that if they continue to suffer -which for the most part is the first step to their salvation – that somehow before their lives are over, their beloved white Jesus will come down out of the sky to save them from ththe poverty that their politicians will never change, the police shootings that chop down our Black youth in epidemic numbers as well as allowing all others to benefit from a system of prosperity that only thrives because we are the “streets of silver and gold” that the new wave of immigrants expect to prosper from in our communities.

It’s a system of exploitation that most in the Black community sadly will never figure out because they can never face the fact that these slick talking preachers would never sell them out even if their world never changes year after year. While the flock suffers their holy suffering, these Black preachers like T.D. Jakes laugh all the way to The Bank Of White Supremacy as they bring YOUR MONEY to his political masters to fed the system that continues to gentrify your neighborhoods, fund the police departments that harass our children and benefit in every way from our subservient position in this system without ever truly having our freedom in mind.

Keep telling us that one day our savior will arrive without ever once telling us that our savior resides within us and to truly make it in this world we’ll have to separate from it in every way to keep our hard earned money in our pockets and not their tithing plate which has been just another nose around our necks for decades untold!

The day you hear and see a consistent revolutionary individual in the pulpit of a secret society ordained Black church is the day you will soon witness a scandal or actual assassination on its way.

Black preachers are ALL compromised in Amerikkka and the Black Church is just another place of escape from the pain, suffering and frustration in the Black Community just like the liquor store, crack house, gambling spot and whore house is too! And too make matters even clearer, you might have a better chance of hearing the truth about this racist system of exploitation in those other places because at least their they will keep it real even as they indulge in their preferred sin of choice!

Let me hear from you!

Your Brother,

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