Tactics Of The Enemy

When a enemy wants to capture you with the least effort, all he has to do is study you, study your habits and make an educated calculation of what you would fall for, what your “weaknesses” are.

The moment you affirm within yourself that you will never ever have an affair on your mate… comes satan with the most desirable man/woman entity that will appear to you and effortlessly worm their way into your life by way of your lower desires.

This is nothing but a trap, and it always comes to you when you are at your weakest….maybe after a misunderstanding, an argument or even lack of intimacy. What ever it may be….satan is always like that little girl in the playground, timing the double dutch jump rope, watching the rhythm and waiting for the perfect chance to jump on in and stomp ALL OVER your life!


He won’t appear to you when you are at your strongest….NOOOO! He won’t try to tempt you with someone ELSE’S weakness! NOOOOO!

He has studied you for your ENTIRE LIFE and knows your secret fetishes and desires and is in the process of cooking up something that will appear to be REAL GOOD to you! You may not admit it. You don’t have to, we ALL are going through it. And you know this to be true.

Serious tactics indeed!

If you had a weakness for drugs…..well some situation is coming your way to test you! Are you on a diet? Well here comes those dishes that you love! “Take some, (Satan whispering to you) it won’t hurt just this one time!” And if you have a weakness for certain “specific” sex acts….well satan has a person for YOU who come to you to offer you ALL YOU WANT and do it so good too! Mind blowing toe curling eye rolling sessions that will have you so turned out and not thinking in your proper mindset while the enemy permeates your life in a deceiving way while you are focusing on what you THINK you need!

Let’s be real!

You talk tough around your girlfriends (And you men too, while you are hanging out with the boys!) at work or while you socialize, but when those weaknesses hit you in the midnight hour comes it’s a whole totally different story! You will find yourself paying someone else’s child support, car note and forgetting who YOU are and your righteous goals just because “this man/woman has a hold on me”….DUMMY!

Wake up!

Never let anyone play your weakness against you!

Your “weakness” can be satisfied righteously with someone who will commit to you the right and proper way and watch out for you and build you up with it. Not tear you down and tease you with it as a power trip the same way the drug dealer gets a crackhead to do ALL KINDS OF THINGS because he knows he holds the power over his weakness!

Guard over you weak spots while you work on them to become strong in those areas in your life.

What good is it to install a state of the art security system in your home and you leave the front door swinging wide open unlocked? We leave ourselves open to the world as victims and we let the enemy see this from miles away! I should know….I speak from experience!

Can’t you tell?

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Strategic Brother,



Lance Scurvin



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