Take Cover From The Storms Of Drama By Retreating To A Happy Home That Is Your Personal Bomb Shelter For True Peace Of Mind!

There comes a time in ones life when they make the decision to elevate to an even higher level that they must re-access who and what is in their surroundings and make the necessary adjustments that will ensure their ascension into their righteous destiny.

Translation: Throw out the garbage.

In order to make it to the next level you cannot continue to carry around your toxicities and idiosyncrasies as though the do not add weight to your life and burden down your ability to rise.

We were given this new day for that express purpose, to rise higher a degree more than we were in the previous day, but sadly we kill off our own chances to do so because we just can’t let go of the old crap that is keeping us from that glorious destiny.

While those of us who are aware of the negativity that is attracted to us on a daily basis that sits along our righteous path to cause us to fall, many of us do not realize that the same negative energy can also set up shop in our mind and do to us from within what we guard so hard against outwardly.

Why spend a million dollars on a high tech security system to keep your home secure while leaving your back door unarmed with that same system as well as leaving the key to open that door in the lock?

We can be so imbalanced in our approach to securing our lives and mind that we leave that one door open for all types of strange spirits to come in after guarding the other potential portals of entry so well against an attack.

I for one am so sick and tired of playing cat and mouse with these negative energies that for the most part come to you cloaked in the shroud of friendliness and camaraderie yet have their fangs sharpened just awaiting for the chance to take their first opportunistic bite into the veins in your neck that flow freely with a blood so rich that their lives will benefit at the expense of yours.

When cleared of all of my own personal lusts and worldly cravings, I must say that my gift of discernment and ability to see beyond the surface is greatly enhanced and that “gentle voice” that acts as a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit of the spirit tells me where and where not to go and keeps me safe from the life draining leeches that lurk around and about to gain from the sweat of my brow.

To many, I might be speaking gibberish and to others, they will receive it as truth, but whichever way anyone takes it I am at that point of truly being ultra serious about life more so than I have ever been before in my life because I see my mortality and I am seeing how precious life truly is, therefore I have no time to waste on foolishness or enabling anyone or anything.

Many will think it is a selfish move but I at this point am going to enjoy the sweet place that God has placed me in and understand how truly blessed I am. When I see the amount of jacked up lives out in the world who live in a state of confusion and denial I can only praise my God for delivering me out of so much sin and carnal activities to enjoy a peaceful quiet drama free life as it is now.

Let the drama swirl! It can do as it wishes. One thing is for sure, it won’t swirl here! We all must command these negative thoughts, situations and people OUT of our lives in order to have room for what God has for you on a higher level. When you see the storms of drama and negativity coming your way, then you must seek cover and remain in place until that storm goes elsewhere because it realizes that you just cannot be touched by its poison.

Lance Scurv

Like the drug dealer who flushes his product down the toilet at the first sign of a police bust (Maybe this wasn’t the BEST analogy to use! LOL!), they were always cognisant that their hustle wouldn’t go on forever and that there would one day come a time when they would have cut their losses.

Therefore, flush that negative energy down the toilet and never look back! Protect the life that you have built for yourself and peace of mind at all times! This is a paramount action that many people do not take serious enough in their own lives.

You must have time to meditate and refuel your energies in this world because their will always be someone or some situation that someone else has chosen to neglect where they are counting on your resources to make it right for them. There comes a time in your life where you must declare that you cannot be the Salvation Army or Halfway House for no one else’s jacked up life.

Never be made to feel as though you are a bad person because you will not allow your resources – whether it be financial, spiritual or emotional – to be sucked down into nothingness before getting kicked to the curb after all that you could possibly give has been selfishly sucked out. NO!

Force those who scheme on your good will to stand on their own and fail or succeed on their own resources as YOU have! Throw a lazy man who KNOWS how to swim in the lake and either he will sink or float! If he sinks then he CHOSE to sink and no amount of panic attacks from their side should ever sway you into throwing them a rope to pull them ashore! Especially after you know that either you or someone else taught them HOW to swim! I would have sympathy on someone who wasn’t ever taught to stay afloat in the waters but why do for someone who doesn’t have any desire to do for themselves?

While we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, we still have to deal with many things here on this earth that we can reach out and touch. What I am saying is that we need to understand that our home life is a sacred thing that keeps us protected where ever we choose to venture in the outside world and is quite a mental advantage when you think of how much negativity exists out there in that same troubled world.

You can’t allow anyone and everyone into your home. A clean drama free home is more than worth its weight in gold! To even allow someone into your home to merely use the restroom will open yourself to the spirits they possess and leave with you a feeling that was not originally there before they came.

Your biggest victory over the storms of negativity that rain down on everyone in the world is to come home safe and sound where you can truly drop your guard, let your hair down and relax only to make yourself stronger for another day in an atmosphere where others will falter because they do not have that mental/spiritual/physical/emotional pit stop that you have that keeps you consistently productive over and above what many consider the “norm!”

To not have a peaceful home that strengthens you is to truly be homeless, and this is why it is so crucial that satan take control of the inner workings of your home. If he cannot get to controlling it one way, they will try the other portals of entry until he gets in. If he tries to get in through the husband and the husband proves to be a impenetrable wall of defense then they will surely go after the mind of the wife. When that fails they will try the children, if there are no children to get through to then your third eye will see the rage that was there all along in that entity that was carefully and covertly covered under a Cheshire cat grin.

But to maintain that pristine peace of mind you MUST be ready to abandon ALL of the connections that can possibly be a route of entry for negativity. For me personally at this moment, if it ain’t about my wife it ain’t about nothin’. So by saying that I’ve made the job so much harder for those who scheme and plot, because there are only two way into my world and those two ways are closed forevermore. When you live in this manner then Heaven on earth is yours to immerse yourself in every single day God’s blesses you with. The sun shines brighter. The grass looks greener. Your money stretches further and you will awaken from your slumber as though you just arrived from a two week vacation on an exotic island!

You must make sure to have your OWN money, your OWN place to lay your head that is YOURS and yours only as well as having the ability to create a legacy that YOU own and control that NO ONE can take from you! You will find most often that those who are disgruntled and attack you unexpected ALWAYS have major tasks in their paths that would be best addressed with the limited energy that they spend coming at you.

So when the storms drama and confusion come your way, merely shut the world out and leave the troubled to their pitiful lives that contain issues that will haunt and torment them more than anything that you could do to them for the things that they have spread about you. Leave them be and know that living good is the best revenge especially when it is the reward for all of the hard work and sacrifice that you have put in over the years!

It is for no one else to enjoy but you and you should NEVER forget that!

Now let’s go shopping all day and hit the restaurant right after, it’s on me! LOL!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Battle Tested Brother,


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