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When “Mr. Married Right Now” Looks Like The Only Option!

What a show topic! LOL!

While it may seem as though we are on a roll here at LanceScurv with the relationship discussions, the fact of the matter is that we’ve always spoken on the many different aspects of what makes the romantic pairings tick.

That being said, The LanceScurv Show hosts Mia Sweetkisses, Joe Neckbone and yours truly are like sentinels on the mountaintops always aware and looking out for the latest shift in the world of dating, love and the difficulties experienced by those who are deep in that world.

After living life a bit and learning from the mistakes of others and the possible miscalculations ourselves, we are in that position of being the elders to many others who have yet to walk the path that we’ve already tread.

Looking back over my life personally, I can only thank God that He protected me through some very reckless times romantically and kept my bloodstream clean of all diseases that could have come to me as the result of my wonton promiscuity.

When I receive the countless communications and feedback on the talk shows and articles that we’ve produced, I have the opportunity to gain a tremendous insight into what is transpiring now in the dating world and know very well what the frustrations of that world are simply because you tell me.

It’s like an investment firm that must study the stock market and make projections on what the market will not only be tomorrow, but next week and beyond because of the people who don’t have the depth of knowledge to make an educated assessment for themselves. We have become that for so many and I have to say that while certain relationship issues will always be simply because this is how human nature is, there are just some situations going down out here that I’ve simply never heard of before and would have found it quite hard to fathom many year ago.

Let’s get down to it…….

It’s a dog eat dog world out here when you are open to receive true love as time marches on, of course the women will feel it more because of the pressure from the biological clock ticking if they so desire to start a family. It doesn’t mean that every woman is on a mad hunt to find a man that possesses the desirable sperm for her womb coming in the package of one who has his life together and is the perfect catch.

But for this women who feel that they are in a limited time budget, the world can look completely different. The self inflicted frustrations that come from an intense sense of urgency can be a constant companion to an otherwise happy life.

Life just isn’t made to order that way, but so many women think that the so called script of their lives must read out according to what their personal projections may be.

But you and I know that this is a set up for failure and that life doesn’t read out like the perfect script of a soon to be released well hyped star studded lucrative blockbuster movie.

So what happens to most women when they begin to see that the fairytale fantasy doesn’t exist or even the most secure appearing plans can go up in thin smoke literally overnight? Well that depends on many factors as most women are not made from a cookie cutter mold to all react in the same manner.

Simply put, life happens.

When it does, how will you deal with it if it doesn’t work out the way that YOU planned?

Will you wait for Mr. Right indefinitely?

Or will you take what you know is not rightfully yours to “ease” the pain?

There’s ALWAYS that “Mr. Married Right Now” to go after for some quick relief!

Let me use the example that I often do on The LanceScurv Show when I want to illustrate the different type of mindsets that single women have.

Imagine we’re in a church service where there are many available single women who would gladly welcome some male company in their lives who are potential marriage partners.


They see their married pastor every week in the pulpit and are mesmerized that such a man walks the earth even though they know not to worship the man but rather to worship the God behind the man. But, as human nature would have it they ALL admire this person who they see and are even more taken over by the lovely manner in which he treats his Queen of a Wife.

…….most will think to themselves on how great it will be to finally have someone of their own who will treat them the same way.

For many it will end there, but a percentage of them will allow their thoughts to go even further without anyone knowing…….

Some will think “Pastor is such a fine man, he sure seems to make his Wife happy, I wonder what it would be like to be HIS Wife?

Still, others will go further in their mind…….

“Pastor really looks good in that suit today, I could just eat him alive! I know that it isn’t right to think his way because I should be looking for a man of my own but it’s been just too long since I had a nice hard sweet piece of dick inside of me and if he ever came on to me I wouldn’t resist at all! It would be our delicious little secret.”

Single Church Sister

And then you have those man-less holy rollers who will turn into straight predators…….

“I finally got to sit in the front row this morning at the service and I hope my short skirt and inviting cleavage let’s Pastor know how I really feel about him.”

“I heard him and his Wife might be going through some problems in their marriage so who am I to not bring some comfort to a great man who does so much for his flock? Maybe it will be ME one day who will be known as the First Lady of this church.”

“Hey, I’ll even settle for being his only Mistress because their damn sure aren’t any good men out here and I’m sick and tired of waiting!”


Now again, this is not the mentality of every single woman but it has to be one that is very prevalent due to the amount of affairs going on resulting in broken marriages and homes.

Now I’m not blaming the women alone as the men are JUST as guilty, but I want to focus on the women who have waited so long for a man and have somewhat given up only to have made up their mind that they will take or borrow someone else’s man to make their wait for Mr. Right less frustrating.

It doesn’t have to go down this way and what I will blame many women for failing to do is that they cut their chances for finding a good man because the men that they DO encounter doesn’t have fit the rigid standards that they have set for themselves for a man to live up to…….

I don’t care HOW cold of a dating world it may appear to be out there!

Cold World

He doesn’t make enough money even though he may have a meticulous and steady work history with great credit.

He may be five years older over the age limit that you may have set for yourself but he treats you like a Queen.

He might have children from a previous relationship but he has been a great father to them (What a great in-house character reference!) and they are on their own anyway.

There are many reasons why many women move themselves out of the path of meeting their Mr. Right even when he’s staring them in their face and what’s even worse is when they allow their frustration levels to cause them to foolishly seek pleasure and satisfaction from one who is currently in a committed relationship already in progress!

Not every man is a thug!

Not every soft spoken brother is on the down low.

Not every hard working still struggling student will remain on a tight budget.

Maybe a Latino or Caribbean brother might do the trick for you. Stop being so confined in your choices and maybe after relaxing them just a bit you will find true love without having to take something that isn’t and will never will be yours!

This is a topic that we need to tackle because their are a whole lot of frustrated women out here as well as a whole lot of affairs going down!

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