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There are many who attempt to infiltrate the birthright of the people blessed with Melanin so that they can disrupt, cause confusion and destroy the coming of the New Dawn that doesn’t include them as they have blown their chances to stay in power because of the misuse OF that power.
They feel that by studying OUR history and REAL TRADITIONAL SPIRITUAL PRACTICES that they can somehow fool our ancestors on the other physically unseen planes of existence – who wait patiently for the appropriate time to grant us those gifts – and intercept what was made for us and NOT for them!
How foolish they are, but at the end of the day they cannot see how their futile efforts appear to those who see their “SECRETS” in plain view as we call them out for who they are.

You see, when you do not worship that watered down oppressive religion to keep your true spiritual power shackled while they utilize YOUR true path they know that you are not under their control and are a threat to their rule.
Our Sister Talaya is to be honored and applauded for having the strength to stand tall and speak out to enlighten us on the hijacking executed by an impostor who is either delusional, a scheming hustler or BOTH!
Listen in to this intense conversation that is very informative and realize that everyone that claims to be something just might be that wolf in sheep’s clothing envious of who YOU TRULY ARE!
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