Tamara Tornado: One White Woman’s Take On Black People And Christianity!

I recently came across a posting on Facebook evidently written by a White woman who had some very strong opinions about Black people and their love of Christianity.

When I read the opinions of others I make a point to try to understand where they are coming from and why they say the things that they say.

It has been a long held feeling with me that no matter how one feels about Christianity, it truly has been used as a tool to control Blacks in America as well as some Whites here and across the globe.

“For black people to believe in the same God that allow them to be enslaved, shows their level of intelligence. We are living in the age of INFORMATION! Why are they still believers? It makes no sense. We gave blacks Christianity because it made them better slaves. Even my great grandpa told my dad once that blacks accepting Christianity was the best thing that ever happened to white slavers. The fear of Hell and promise of everlasting life is what finally kept the slaves from rebelling and running away. Lol and now days black people are still praising the very imaginary white guy who allowed them to be enslaved in the first place. Shouting and dancing with their wigs falling off in church lol. I’m no racist but we all must admit that black Christian women are some funny motherfuckers. The only whites who believe in Christianity are the descendants of poor whites from those days. The rich whites didn’t believe in that crap because they knew what it was being used for. Control over slaves and poor whites”

Christianity Obesity

I must admit what she had to say was brutally honest and knocked me down because of the truth contained within, but I could only imagine the uproar that would follow if I or any Black man came out publicly to say the same exact thing.

But when you really look at the world around you in the Black communities, there are usually an abundance of churches dotting the landscape to the point where it makes you wonder why many of these same communities are so downtrodden, poor and saturated with crime.

No, I’m not saying that all Black communities are slums and dangerous places to live, but I will say that the bad conditions are so bad when you look at the proportions of churches that we have in those very same communities.

As much as the churches are packed with so called believers, I always wondered where did those believers disappear to when it is time to stand up to fight those deplorable conditions that exist in those same very streets that the church house exists on?

Something is definitely wrong with religion in this modern day as we know it and the Black community.

So whether the words in that posting were manufactured or real, the questions that they raise are definitely right on point!

Tamara Tornado

It’s been my personal experience with Black people in the church that they refuse to think logically and often find themselves in a bad situation because of someone who has used their “faith” against them to usurp their resources whether it be financial or something more on a carnal sexual level.

Christianity never seems to be something that could ever be questioned when in the presence of a believer, their guards are up sky high and ready to go on the attack against anyone who questions their belief system as they are ready to defend it at all costs even at the risk of sounding foolish.

No matter what, these people have unshakable faith!

I guess this is why it’s so easy for these holy warriors to get ripped off by an undercover shyster who comes in righteous looking Christian garb spouting a word that sounds so anointed that acts as a Trojan horse styled covering to get into the inner recesses of their lives to do the most damage.

What I will say is that we have become such a foolish people and religion has been the noose around our necks in the same manner that the actual noose has been a tool and symbol of death for those residing here in the United States.

Plantation Burial - Christianity

It’s almost as though the wicked powers that be won’t bother to harass you on any level when you publicly proclaim Christianity to be your way of life.

It’s like they will say to themselves: “They are no threat at all to cause an uprising against this engineered oppressive system that benefits us greatly, their Christian belief system restrains them from ever seeing reality clearly for what it is and we know as long as it remains intact that no revolutionary movement will ever come out of her.”

If this is not what is being said it damn sure sounds like it by the way that most Christian movements are treated by the political factions of our cities as well as those who suck the blood from us who don’t even believe in the same God that Christians do.

It’s almost as if Christianity as executed by Black folks is tolerated as “that foolish thing that we do.”

For a people to be so overall broke we sure have enough money for our hairstyles, wigs, Sunday best outfits, love offerings, building fund donations and most of all TITHES!

Yet we just don’t seem to be too practical in the spending in our own communities and own Black businesses if we have any at all.

But I don’t believe that Korean Beauty and Hair Supply owner hates Christianity because it keeps him wealthy every weekend rush because of our need to “get our hair right” before the service on Sunday.

Black Hairstyles Christianity

Yet we do not see that this is a form of enslavement because if we were to all revolt by shaving off every strand of our hair off for a year and taking all of the money that we spent on barbers, hairdressers, beauty supply shops, makeup, false eyelashes, weave hair, extensions and all of the other items that have caused us to be financially drained and mentally distracted.

Imagine how much money could be saved and redirected to uplift ourselves without begging these banks that will turn us down anyway and these jobs who feel as though they are doing you a favor by giving you a ten cent raise every year if THAT much!

Why hasn’t Christianity addressed the imbalanced spending habits of those who attend these churches with their last dime given to the pastor based on the faith that their blessing will arrive over and above what they have given?

Why are “some” pastors so quick to receive your hard earned cash but when you are on the verge of foreclosure or being kicked to the curb all of a sudden they don’t know you and can’t help you?

I’m not church hating by any means and understand that there are many houses of God that are doing a wonderful work in our communities but I refuse to sit down and shut up about those who are fleecing the flock!

You see, I feel that once slavery was technically over and the slave-master didn’t really need to hang Christianity over the heads of Black people for his benefit, those shysters who saw an opening and opportunity went right to work in becoming the one to benefit from religion the way that the White slave-master did when we were literally in chains.

Pimp Preachers & Christianity

Then once again the fear of hell was reactivated to benefit another but I find it so amusing that we can easily embrace the reality of living in a hell of a system of injustice, exploitation and death but won’t get up to righteously make a change in it as our mighty God has empowered us to do!

So who are you really worshiping Black man and woman?

Does that image of a White Jesus still have you subconsciously mortified to make a move against those who resemble him that benefit from your subservient downtrodden mentality?

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a call to go after White people at all because most White people are victims to those in power who share the same bloodline. Understand this.

But the fear of being misunderstood or misquoted won’t stop me from speaking out against the injustices that have been levied on the Black Christian mind and turned against them to the point where they can’t even think straight because of a presently toxic religion!

What happened to being connected on a spiritual level?

Why are we as Black people so caught up in the man made religious aspects of worship that can be changed into something completely different on a whim every time the wind blows.

Isn’t it quoted that God never changes and is the same yesterday as He is today and will be tomorrow?

Then why has man made it a regular custom to take it upon himself to decide what God deems to be acceptable and unacceptable in order to tailor fit the Holy Scripture around our sins comfortably?

While I absolutely love my Creator and the awesome life that He has given me as well as this dynamic world that He has placed me in, I refuse to allow ANYONE to play the middleman role in my relationship with Him in order to stop me from realizing the mighty potential that He has placed in me!

Black Christianity

So to wrap it up I would say that this Tamar Tornado speaks much truth from her positioning, she speaks from where she stands so I can look past her verbiage and see exactly where she is coming from.

So stop letting man’s religion control you and begin to allow God’s supercharged plan for you live rise over and above any oppressor who seeks to profit from your ignorance!

Religion and Spirituality are absolutely two different things and I would suggest that many in the downtrodden Black communities who may possess an oppressed defeated mind try out the latter sometimes.

True connectedness to the one true God will never leave you shackled!

True believers move about their Father’s earth as free beings who would never bow down to any man except to He who created us!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brutally Honest Brother,



About The Author

Media Personality | Culture Critic | Podcast Host | Digital Nomad | Blogger & Cartoonist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!  THE LANCESCURV SHOW PODCAST focuses is on current events, trending happenings, news and thought provoking topics of interest in an uncompromising uncensored manner.

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January 5, 2018 3:15 PM

African-American churches have long been the centers of communities, serving as school sites in the early years after the Civil War, taking up social welfare functions, such as providing for the indigent,
and going on to establish schools, orphanages and prison ministries. As a result, black churches have fostered strong community organizations and provided spiritual and political leadership, especially during the civil rights movement.
As neighborhood institutions:
In black neighborhoods the churches may be important sources of social cohesion. For some African Americans the kind of spirituality learned through these churches works as a protective factor against the corrosive forces of poverty and racism.
Churches may also do work to improve the physical infrastructure of the neighborhood. Churches in Harlem have undertaken real estate ventures and renovated burnt-out and abandoned brownstones to create new housing for residents. Churches have fought for the right to operate their own schools in place of the often inadequate public schools found in many black neighborhoods.
– Quoted from Wikipedia (Black-Church)

Personally, I’m not religious and tend to lean towards more Buddhist-like spirituality mixed with aspects from my indigenous spirituality of old Africa. But what I’ve noticed from being an African living in Europe, is that Christianity takes the edge of the anxieties and negativeness of life offering a lot of comfort, gratitude, joy and resilience to it’s believers.

Here in Germany, the average white person has at least 10 insurances (everything from medical to accident…etc), suffers from periodic anxiety and depression, has visited psychologists at least once in their lives, suffers from hypochondria, has a great fear of aging and death…whilst in Kenya where I’m from….even in the most dire circumstances…people are filled with hope and gratitude and don’t need shrinks or countless insurances. I believe religion has a lot to do with this mind-set and overall psychological well-being. There is power in faith. That, we cannot deny.

January 8, 2017 2:25 PM

I’ve heard this conspiracy before. I will say I perceive it as foolishness of high order. If using Christianity as tool to control people were true, then it failed miserably. I can’t count how many people have been freed from bondage through Christ, the number is higher than I can imagine.
Next, let’s look at the author of this particular version of this theory. Her name is chaos and destruction. Do not dismiss what a person identifies themselves as.

Reply to  GrandDadKnowsBest
January 31, 2017 9:02 AM

No offense to the “Non- Oppressors”….But this needs to be stated….What gets me though, many men/women of God will not comment on the “white” Jesus. I wonder how many even know the orgins of the picture and name of that Jesus. Do your own biblical research; that’s what’s wrong, we’re too eager to believe what our oppressors have taught us. Many won’t comment much on the orgins of the name “Jesus” even. I can’t help but wonder whether of not these people have honestly done a thourough research of the history of the bible even. Newsflash, “Jesus” is not the son of God’s real name. Jesus is not even a Hebrew name. Why is it so hard to honor the truth of the matter. If you had an English name and went to Hong Kong or somewhere, would you not, rather continue to be called by your real English name given at birth? Anyone who thinks history doesnt’ matter “does not dig deep”…I feel people study but they study the bible/word on (ONLY) a certain level. If you dig deep, you just might find the truth. “The Truth” I realize is a hard pill to swallow.
Note: Down through the years so much has been added and taken away from the bible, it has lost it’s original value. According to my research; Eurpean American actually made dire changes to the bible.

The bible…”It has undergone three transliteration/revisions, incorporating more than 100,000 changes!”

I would be careful to totally dismiss this lady’s stance.

Reply to  GrandDadKnowsBest
January 21, 2017 7:13 PM

@GrandDadKnowsBest quit hatin she told the TRUTH it’s not her fault you still believe in the promise of heaven after death. That Christian Jesus saved NOBODY at all so stop frontin wher was him and his father during slavery?

You sound like that Samuel L. Jackson character from Django Unchained house nigga who LOVES his master. PROVE people have been freed through Christ. YOU CAN’T house nigga.

January 21, 2017 7:46 PM

I don’t usually respond to children, but your comments are so….. well, I won’t take the low road to meet you. Your words are more proof of my faith. You’re filled with hate, fear and self loathing. Find Christ my friend and be released from your bondage to death.

January 9, 2016 1:21 AM

Show me one verse to me that Jesus Christ was racist, the reason why we become slaves its because of scriptural distortion by the roman Catholic missionaries that come to south africa. The bible has nothing to do with racism but rather a promoter of racial reconciliation. If you do not see it that way than the racist is the man you see in your mirror

June 25, 2015 9:53 AM

The bishops of Christ were called followers of Serapis! Before the time of Christ
Who was really Ptolemy !!
In acts they said they hung Christ from a tree .. “”Jewish law for blasphemy””
Them later it says
Nailed to a cross “”cross”” is a single piece of timber , no a “crucifix”
That is Roman …

She probably was insensitive ! But she was completely honest

master dee
master dee
June 24, 2015 2:13 PM

You are setting your mind free! One day you will see, there is no Father. There is no He!

Michael Davis
Michael Davis
May 19, 2015 10:51 AM

It takes courage to discuss these things publicly. I saw the post on Facebook, shared from the Wu Tang Clan’s wall, and googled the name “tamara tornado” and this page was the first result. Good for you for attempting to start the conversation.

February 12, 2015 1:52 PM

I am going to start off by saying I agree with some of your points Lance. I do not agree with Tamara Tornado expressing her opinion about a christian black women. Has she ever attended a black church? Has she ever spoke with a woman of faith and asked her why she believed. The money aspect is not the church’s fault. The bible states 10% for tithes anything else has been misconstrued. So many other cultures are “experts” on African-American culture from hair to out of wedlock children. No one judges Asians for believing in Buddha, or Muslims for believing in Allah we accept it and try to understand their faith. We deserve the same respect. There are Indians and Brazilians that “offer” the same hair some women wear to their God but no one is judging them.

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