Tap Dancing Zombies With An Infected Stolen Conciousness

The fight is ON!

Believe that!

Whenever you make the choice to live by a higher standard and to refute all that satan stands for, you have thus entered into a contract of everlasting struggle. Locked into a constant battle for your decisions. The negative forces are commissioned to maintain that you never even THINK about changing your reality for the better. For those who have chosen the low road and stay within the comfort zone that will never bring them to challenge the powers that be, they are rewarded by being left alone because they are not a threat to them.

Only those who do not accept the sub par conditions around them and take actions to make change are the individuals who are smeared and demonized. If one attempts to enlighten or make change in the thinking of the blinded, those attempts will be feverishly attacked until wiped out completely.

Read the newspapers, watch the television and see what is put up for us to absorb. We stare at these mediums blindly and accept what is offered as truth but could you take a moment and realize that THAT particular truth may be marbled with someone else’s agenda? They WILL mix a truth with their lies but it is done in an expert fashion that slips by you conscious mind into your subconscious.

Their opinion will then become yours.

Their enemy then become yours and you just don’t have a legitimate reason as to why you hate a people that for the most part you have never seen before. Never had a problem with.

Isn’t it so intriguing that these same shuffling passive negroes will hate one they have never seen but love the ones who continue to hate and scorn them right here on a daily basis? Not only that, you are so afraid to tell them how you really feel and save your revolutionary diatribe for behind closed doors, safely away from the slave master’s ears that you fear will take away the crumbs he has afforded you!

Your mind is pounded over and over, day in and day out with the same images and well constructed messages to reach the inner recesses of your mind, you are now a zombie whose free thought has been stolen, dampened and infused with an external mission that benefits someone else who couldn’t give a damn about you!

You have become a programmed monkey who thinks they are so intelligent but are possessed with oppressor’s will, possessed like a spy ware software program that has invaded your computer, it has slowed down your mental processes.

Your mind has been hijacked to someone else’s benefit.

Why do you love McDonald’s food so much? Why do you think you should have the most expensive vehicle even when you know it would be more beneficial to invest your money wisely? Ever hear a song on the radio over and over that you initially hated but after prolonged exposure to it began to love it? That is a dangerous place to be in this world that has so many hidden motives.

How can we survive as a people if we can’t even control our own thoughts and agree on where we should be politically as a people? If we are constantly broken down and can’t agree with each other, that makes us helpless to the common threat that targets us all regardless if we came from the Caribbean, Africa or were brought here to these stolen shores to do the job of building amerikkka (Babylon) for them.

So as long as we are reduced to the mindless bickering of our minor differences, we ain’t NEVER going to change NOTHIN’! Others will always surpass us…..others will shun us because our foolish concerns make us a liability to any society in which we chose to dwell. So get your face out of the television set and look around your suffering community with your own two eyes, and if you can tell me that there isn’t MUCH work to be done, then you need to go and chose your casket from now because you, like so many of us, are the walking DEAD!

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Media Personality | Culture Critic | Podcast Host | Digital Nomad | Blogger & Cartoonist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!  THE LANCESCURV SHOW PODCAST focuses is on current events, trending happenings, news and thought provoking topics of interest in an uncompromising uncensored manner.

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