Targeted Individuals, Gang Stalking Techniques & The RH Negative Blood Type Takedown! – The LanceScurv Show

Tonight we speak with a very courageous Targeted Individual who has decided to fight back and not live in fear of the deadly fatal “consequences” that many others have suffered.

Welcome to the world of Gangstalking, when you are a Targeted Individual you will suffer a harassment that is unbearable to most. Your assumed sense of privacy will be a luxury that will only exist in your memory as the only escape to maintain a modicum of sanity is to plunge yourself into a reclusive lifestyle.

Sounds like jibberish to you? Well think again!

Simply listen in to our program tonight which will fully explain what a Target Individual is and what the Gangstalking techniques are, who is doing it, why people of a particular bloodline are most at risk and what one can do about taking down the powers that be who are hellbent of ridding the world of a segment of the population whose very existence threatens their stronghold of power over the masses!

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  • HELP ME NOW!!!! PLEASE!!!!! says:

    Please email me concerning this matter. This is an emergency! It is the 5G cell towers, touchless torcher and project paperclip produced project monarch. Consider the las vegas set up. they are producing Manchurian candidates out of RH- victims. PLEASE contact me ASAP!!!! HELP!!!!!

    • My direct email is [email protected]

  • Ellen Atkin says:

    Loved this show and the guest’s story. I am rh negative and I have an mkultra background and I am always up to my eye balls in this subject constantly, but I have nothing to complain about right now, except being snowed in. In fact, I am mkultra girl. If this guest is really ready to go forward, well I am too. I have tonnes of evidence too. Just let me know. I have tonnes of sources too.

  • Chris says:

    I’m targeted. You’re guest is the closest anyone’s yet to define that sounds even remotely close to what this sad, horrid gangstalk program is; he defined me to a T. Thanks for airing this. I am RH-Neg O. Retrospectively, they’ve watched & worked to destroy me life, since 6 weeks of age. Why? I was always highly intuitive, highly intelligent, played the Piano age 4 and read notes, ESP, clariyvoinent and sort of a knowing… I knew things about anyone I just glanced at whom I didn’t know; even knowing when loved one’s would die in horrid accidents; walk-ins here and there (lifetime), really certain they killed my family members whom I was closest too; and my hair turned from black to blond overnight, then again to brown/red and my eyes hazel and turn color.I too question why spend billions as they surely do and I am tortured so bad, the pain is no longer describable by these monsters..

    • Chris says:

      Neglected to mention all the paranormal from a few possibly Godly incidents to hair raising evil, to digital voices coming over old dial phones, feeling a guardian angel or someone or something there to an invisible trying to carry me away, twice, out of body–messed my entire life to hell. And more. So many loved ones died in horridly tragic accidents, then they came after me, repeatedly just got more brazen since 2002, up-ticks. They went out of their way (100s) to let me know who they are. They might look human, but they’re not… then the holograms and dark shadow people… all from the gates of hell.

      • Thank you so much Chris for sharing your journey as well as the links that you’ve provided! I would absolutely love to feature you in an in depth interview because what you’ve shared as far as your abilities I would LOVE to go in with more detail about them. I am experiencing a heightened sense of awareness in many areas my self but nothing to the level that you possess. I have so many questions to ask you! Feel free to text or call me at 407.924.8793

        • Chris says:

          Thanks Lance. I will call tomorrow. This is something that needs to be brought out more into the open. Too many have and continue to fall victim without understanding why. What I have seen and survived has been off-worldly. Like the Monarch butterfly/MkUltra (they’re getting rid of RH-neg to alter earth’s natural humanity, and the elite are RH neg) as its in the DNA memory to understand our line’s (wherever we’re from) traits of high-intuition, psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentience/clairtangency with a sense of awareness to other realms with strong emotives, clairempathy/clairsentience; as a knowing (you just know), prophetically at times and susceptible to attracting the paranormal world (or they are to us). Add a high IQ to the latter mentions. I knew early in life I was different with strong natural spiritually, with a natural connection to the Creator.

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