Tax Season Is The Mardi Gras Of The ‘Hood!


This is a very dangerous time period in the ‘hood.

Money is about to flow over and above the norm all because the Tax Season is upon us.

“Well why is Tax Season more dangerous in the ‘hood than anywhere else in town” you might ask.


It’s because many who call the ‘hood their home will feel the surge of a false self confidence and power that comes with finally having a few thousand dollars in their possession.

You see, for practically most of the previous year they had to live in sub-par conditions while working just as hard on these thankless jobs as the next person but also on the meager wages that did nothing to raise their quality of life.

So while many had the facade of doing well and being prosperous a mere few weeks earlier during the holiday season, the real fact of the matter was that they’ve merely exhausted themselves financially for an temporary outside display of wealth that they knew they never really had.

Every year this financial Mardi Gras of the ‘hood – while destructive to the ever diminishing  monetary reserves that are usually non existent by the post holiday season – is merely a set up to act like crazed fools after the brief depression that sets in shortly after the New Year has arrived.

Black Eagles Mardi Gras Indians

It’s a hard set up for failure because after such a jolly time of accruing major debt, most not only have to deal with the fact that they are now completely broke and in the red, but now realize that they could have done so much more with the little bit of money that they’ve foolishly squandered away.

You may have a few who have awakened to the fact that this is an ongoing hustle of an entire downtrodden and exploited segment of the community. Those are the wise few who will disengage themselves from continuing a practice that only benefits others who really don’t care about the foolish people that they leech off of at all.

That act alone will make them prosperous down the line and not a pawn to help an oppressors financial books get caught up before the New Year arrives.

But with our exploiters sitting pretty as they trek down to the bank to deposit their profits, their good fortune that was based on our ignorance is not over yet because the second part of the act of financial buffoonery comes in the form of the Tax Season that will once again show how stupid many of us truly are.

So here we go, not even thinking about paying off the bills that were created during the holidays, but are thinking of the even larger purchases that can be made with the lump sum of tax return money that will leave our grasp just as fast as we received it.

The wonton spending sprees that I’ve witnessed during this brief time of euphoria in the ‘hood not only were legendary, but were indicative of an unseen deeper problem that we as a people  collectively have but goes undetected until it rears its ugly head when that check hits our mailbox or money hits the account.

Mardi Gras

When sitting down with the Tax Professionals (who I’m sure are secretly laughing at us because of our desperate need to get our hands on this chump change as soon as humanly possible) that work out what we are to receive back from the government, most of us will opt in to receive those funds in the fastest manner available even if means paying up hundreds of dollars to get it in our hands faster as though we couldn’t wait a few weeks for it to arrive in the mail.

Not only is that a foolish move in itself, but many of us will take days off from work feigning a predictable sickness so that we can have even more time to spend off the few thousand that we receive in the shopping malls, car lots, beauty salons and in the vices that do nothing to leave us better off in life than we were before.

What really is a revelation is how we show how empty we are by the overnight change that we display in our demeanor’s as we confidently sashay down the street as though we are a powerful multimillion dollar CEO who runs a powerful company and only has the intention of spending their vast unlimited store of wealth on the best items money can buy.

Tax Money

Wasn’t it just last week that they were barely able to pay their rent and wouldn’t even dare think of looking in the store window display for the items that they could never afford after blowing all of the last money on the holidays?

It’s funny how so many people get when they get a little money in their hands, they forget that most of what they did spend during the holidays they had to beg, borrow or steal to get yet totally forget that they have to pay back those loans.

Many of us have a weakness to want to wear our wealth on our shoulders because we grew up not having anything an seem to want to live out some twisted fantasy to want to be what we think is rich for a day or two without thinking of the dire consequences.

Buy Here Pay Here

We will go out and purchase a vehicle from a “Buy Here – Pay Here” establishment that specializes in doing business with individuals who possess severely bruised credit.While these establishments can be used wisely for a person with bad credit to get a hold of a car to get them back and forth to work, there is absolutely NO REASON for a person with an unstable work history to put down thousands of dollars down on a foreign luxury vehicle simply to ride up and down the same beat down neighborhood to show off for the other knuckleheads who are doing the same thing!

The amusing part is how these same clowns find a way to hide out of sight because of the embarrassment of not having that car in their possession three months after they got it if even THAT long.

So expect a whole lot of new cars during tax time while several weeks or months later those same faces taking the bus to get around looking defeated.

The Korean beauty supply shops are stacking up on weave hair in anticipation of the currently bald and formerly broke sisters who will keep their establishments busy from sun up to sun down as well as the nail salons.


The Chinese, the Indians and all of the rest who make a healthy profit off of our foolishness in the ‘hood simply LOVE the Mardi Gras celebration of the ‘hood!

I can see them now salivating at the small window of tax buffoonery time that they have to pull in as much money as they can while we have it in our pockets to throw away.

The preachers love it! Tithes, love offerings, money for the building fund and the huge donations that cause the Pastor to allow you to make those long rambling and VERY embarrassing speeches merely because you paid for the right further prove what a fool many of us have become.

The stroked egos, public posturing making it rain and the big down payments on the flashy items that we really don’t need only make us feel like a million bucks for a time, but our overwhelming sense of low self esteem will eventually peek through the ever thinning clouds of financial euphoria once the money is finished and we all will be back to square one.

Most of us never seem to figure the game out, and it’s sad because we are a people who feel they know all there is to know about game but are the biggest victims of an obvious game during every single tax season.

Broke, depressed and defeated, we wait all year once again for the Mardi Gras celebration of the ‘Hood to come around so we can create the illusion of prosperity that never seems to last very long at all.


We now have cars that we cannot afford to tune up.

…….the most advanced Smartphones where we can’t even afford the cheapest service plan to turn on.

…….the most expensive hair weaves that are haphazardly tucked under a stained dirty scarf because it strongly resembles the roadkill remains of a furry animal.

…….the most expensive outfits whose huge cleaning bill will only guarantee that they will remain in the closet for another whole year funky, wrinkled and unkempt.

Like that dirty old man who convinced that pretty young hot thing to go out on a date with him and to the hotel room afterward only to find that he didn’t pack away his Viagra in his pouch, we move about the terrain of the ‘Hood disappointed, flaccid and limp.

Eleven more months of a ho-hum life to endure until that distant party begins once again where we can wine, dine and drive like the best of them but next time it will last forever!

…….oh how we can lie to ourselves!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Mentally & Financially Stable Brother,



…….and yes, that IS my Smartphone and it has NEVER gotten cut off due to non-payment thank you!

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