A Terror Attack In A Day Will Convince Us To Give Our Rights Away!

Are we too distracted to see the upcoming storm of a terror attack?

…….or do I sound like some kind of nut who believes the worst with every little thing that looks strange?

I’m a recovering conspiracy theorist, but once a conspiracy theorist, ALWAYS a conspiracy theorist. It’s my inner struggle. Maybe it borders on paranoia or maybe it’s because in my life I’ve always been at the right place at the right time to hear or see something that let me know there was always so much more than meets the eye in any particular situation.

I’ve always been the one to connect the dots successfully and when I failed to do so it was because I connected dots that really weren’t there. Can’t win ’em ALL the time! LOL!

World Trade Center

But one thing’s for sure, I’ve never trusted the government of the United States and at this point probably never will. I know how they have treated those who look like me over the centuries and I would be a fool to fall out in some type of patriotic seizure of a kumbayah moment at any slight gesture of an opportunistic image makeover inspired well publicized good deed that they do.

Their hands are dirty all over the world and the American media makes sure to hypnotize the citizens to thinking that they are always the heroes and good guys in whatever questionable situations that they find themselves in.


I’m a very strategic person and am always looking to find the true motivations of why people and organizations do the things that they do. Especially when certain affluent, influential and wealthy factions in this country are into creating mass deception for a result that ends up being advantageous and profitable to them in the end.

This is why I’m looking at this whole entire government rift ending with the government shutdown. To me, this situation is one that could possibly be fabricated as a distraction to the American people as well as a way of the government wiping their hands clean of any involvement of the disastrous events that I have a hunch are on the horizon.

Infographic 1

I truly hope nothing happens, but just because there are definitely storm clouds in the sky doesn’t mean that it will rain where you are. But as any sane person with a modicum of common sense would do, they will still carry their umbrella in order to keep themselves from getting wet if indeed the storm decided its full fury upon your unprotected head.

What do I mean by this? Well let me explain by posing my thoughts as a question…….

Does the furlough of approximately 75% of government intelligence workers during the United states government shutdown open the door for the much rumored October/November “staged in-house” terror attacks?

Osama Bin Laden is supposedly dead so who will be the bogey-man this time?

Osama Bin Laden Fugitive

Now you’re probably asking how how did I jump from the furlough of government intelligence workers to an out and out terrorist attack! LOL!

I know how I can sometimes jump the gun but let’s not get complacent here because if I told you on September 10th 2001 that something very terrible and massive was going to happen claiming many lives, you probably would have written me off as mentally disturbed!

Now I’m not wishing for anything to happen on this level but look at me like the investment banker who watches the trends and developments on the financial markets, when certain conditions exist they will alert those in that same industry and the investors so that others can avoid taking a negative hit in the pocket and keep much of their hard earned money.

Gordon Gecko

Well I’m that same type of person, when I see certain particular factors moving in a way that appears to be very suspicious, I’m not going to be shy in saying anything about it because I would rather be off in my assessment and laughed at than to be dead right with no one else considering the general thought of what I’m thinking.

So let me tell you what I’m feeling exactly…….

The intelligence workers being on furlough leaves a huge gap of opportunity for a terrorist threat to manifest into reality because of the door being left wide open. I feel that it’s not going to be a threat front the outside as far as an Al-Qaeda attack but one from within by the US government made to appear like an attack an anti-government interest.

You see, it’s my opinion as well as the thought of many that every time those in power desire the masses to give up their rights, their must be a catastrophic event to scare them into giving those rights up easily.

As the 9-11 “terror attacks” were going down, the citizens of the United States had no problem giving up their right to privacy on all fronts because they were scared to death with what was broadcast without end night and day to keep the people paralyzed with fear. It was truly frightening indeed because I’m a born and raised New Yorker who lived there for the first 38 years of my life.


I had moved down to Orlando Florida mere months before this happened and it would have truly freaked me out to be there to witness this happen so I don’t blame those who were there when they say that they could really never recover mentally from that day.

But I do believe that those infamous conspiracy theory websites have a small slice of truth to them even if most of it is speculation.

While I do not depend on what I read there or take it as concrete credible information, I do respect the fact that those who contribute to those sites are very intelligent people who at least try to reference their information even if they are a bit too passionate about their beliefs.

But then again, I guess I’m the same way about what I feel. But that’s the beauty of having an opinion now isn’t it?


So whether it’s the FEMA rumors that have them preparing the central east coast for a catastrophe in October of 2014 or an engineered Hurricane aimed at the same area that has the sheer devastating power of Sandy, there will be enough information being shared and fabricated to keep me as a top member of the conspiracy theory elite secret inner circle for quite some time.

That being said, there just might come a time when I’ll have to say that I told you so as we all run for shelter when the next big one comes.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother With The Aluminum Foil On His Windows,



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