The Test & Paternity Court: Television’s Supersized Dysfunctional Serving For A More Decadent Society!

While taking some time to relax and surf the internet to see what’s new out on the cyber horizon, I kept running across people chatting about how they can’t wait to see the new TV programs name The Test and Paternity Court.

Paternity Court is pretty much self explanatory, but The Test?

Well if you were thinking what I was thinking then you were correct. A Paternity Test is what the show focuses on and this plummeted me into a swirl of thoughts as I just couldn’t see why this type of programming would make it through the long and arduous process of seeing the light of day to make it into our living rooms.

Paternity Court

The first thing that hit my brain was Proverbs 23 verse 7 “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Or as most people say it “So a man thinketh, so is he.”

Now I’m not trying to be the 37 billionth internet Pimp Preacher by mentioning scripture, but that verse really is relevant to this garbage that is so freely shared on our cable outlets and airwaves today.

If you look around at the trends of the world today that are so disheartening, you’ve got to realize that these things are the by product of the seeds that were planted in the prior decade and generation. What we abhor right now was a seed that slipped past us unknowingly to be planted into the huge oak of a problem today.

Test Logo

Just like the time that you ate a watermelon with some friends on the back porch of an abandoned house, you laughed and talked until the melon was history but never realized until your return that so many melons were growing back there where you sat!

This is how we fall into a lower state of being in our society, it’s the things that we let slip by us!

so here we are in the present, seeing the effects of the Jerry Springer Shows and the Maury Povich mental onslaughts on our diminishing sense of morale. But instead of taking the reigns of responsibility to change what will be an obviously failed future, we indulge ourselves in the filth that we consider entertainment not realizing that the next generation of youngsters are absorbing every bit of our interest in it.


So it goes without saying that our children will mimic what we do and what we like merely because we are the first influences that they are exposed to. We mold them. So if we are reading books on history and have discussions with them from a young age then should it surprise you when they excel in school with history?

If you enjoy going fishing and all things nature while engaging you’re children, expect them to carry the torch of what you placed into them long after you’ve passed on to the next level. So when we allow the television set to raise our children thinking that the little input that we give is all that they need, then we now have a wonderful recipe for disaster in the making!

Maury Povich

So with these new shows such as The Test and Paternity Court being pushed as entertainment, understand that with such an engineered level of decadence place in the brains of our kids, the seeds that will grow within them will manifest a twisted world even more than it is in the present!

WOW! …….and you thought that it couldn’t get any worse!

Trust me. I hate to say it, but it WILL!

Hoochie Mamas with no sense of decency or cognizance of what being a true lady is, sagging pants fall even lower near the knees, illiteracy being touted as the new cool for our youth as well as the art of making babies that one refuses to take care of will be the new credo of the land and accepted as normalcy.

But with the government taking care of the already slothful mules that bring our image down in the ‘hoods of America, how many will be caught out there living the Jerry Springer lifestyle without a clue as to how to take care of themselves when all government subsidies are soon vanished?

This type of entertainment will in the long run cause us all to be locked up as men and have our women producing a nation of slaves who are beneficial to no one except as free labor for the very lucrative prison systems that the private corporations are salivating to continue building. It’s as simple as that. Take it or leave it alone.

We’ve all heard how damaging this type of exposure to filth can be but now we are living it and we have no one else to blame. But what we can do is stop the madness from going even further by rejecting this type of material by refusing to watch it and also writing a letter, sending an e-mail or making a direct phone call to your cable provider to let them know that you will cancel all business with them if they continue to offer this on their playlist. They will definitely get the picture when the see an entire community standing together in strength to control the destiny of what their youth are absorbing in epidemic proportions.

Until we stand up and let our children know that there is more to life than paternity tests that result from having unprotected sex with multiple partners or the court system that profits from our promiscuity, it will continue and many of us will feel the pain when we see it unfold in the very homes that we’ve been commissioned by God to protect and nourish.

But it’s sad to say that by then it might be too late because the remote control will be passed around in our living rooms like a well rolled joint at a frat party soon to turn into an orgy. We will be too far gone as our appetite for filth is merely the first dish in the buffet of sin that will drive us all into hell if we don’t watch ourselves!

…….and yes, if we tested Jerry Springer and Maury Povich to see if the had anything to do with the birth of such low down shows we would most likely hear: “Jerry and Maury…….you ARE the Fathers!” LOL!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Fiery Brother,


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