Thanksgiving is day that many delusional Black people celebrate because they do not understand the history of it. Many do know the terroristic circumstances behind it but choose to remain in denial of what their immediate ancestors had to endure at the time it was first celebrated. I never understood from a young age how could a Stolen African celebrate a so called holiday that was built off of the terror, exploitation and murder inflicted on a people who were subjected to the worst human trafficking in recorded history.

Listen to these touching words by our dear Sister Charmaine and you tell me after absorbing them if we should be indulging in the gluttonous behavior at the dinner table and beyond to celebrate and give thanks for our continued demise! I never observed a so called Jew celebrate and give thanks for the birth of Adolph Hitler on his birthday and I do not think we should even acknowledge what our open enemy calls a day of thanks! Please leave your perspectives in the comment section below and let us continue this important thought provoking dialogue.

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