Thanksgiving – Just Another Day For Christians To Praise Satan Direct!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day 2011.

…….and this morning upon awakening to a new day the first thing that I did was to pray for those who may not be feeling too good this morning because of their so called Thanksgiving Day festivities and indulgences.

Well why would I pray for them you ask?

Well for what I heard days before while driving my bus, it was going to be a whole lot of eating and drinking going on as well as all KINDS of worldly indulgences in the name of giving thanks to God!

Imagine that.

So I pray for all those who’ve overeaten to the point of constipation and indigestion in order to give thanks to God.

I pray for all those who’ve gotten drunk, stumbling around and about, cussed out their family and friends, and passed out somewhere where they had absolutely no clue only to wake up (If they’re still not fast asleep on your couch snoring and farting away!) on the dirt near the curb of a busy intersection three miles away from their house. Oh! Let me not forget – all to give thanks to their Creator!

Wow! God must really feel honored to have so many people across the country remember Him in such a special way…….

But I ain’t finished yet!

I pray for those who brought home an S.T.D. to their wife after messing around with that fast freaky who finally got that lust filled husband to “swing by real quick” for an episode that will not only land him in the local health clinic but also in divorce court AND subsequently in child support court to give him a lifetime and countless reduced paychecks to contemplate his philandering ways.

All in the name of serving the Lord! Ain’t it good to serve God in the special ways that we do?

Hold on! I ain’t finished with these wonderful example of righteous submission yet!

I pray for that young dude who after spending time with his family at the dinner table, felt the need to follow the crowd and take a puff of something that was being passed around only to find himself staring up at these lights shining bright in his face at the hospital while his worried looking family members stood around him crying to the doctor and asking if their son was going to make it!

No need to get scared now! You know that you will be okay (I’m being sarcastic people!) when you do dumb shit like this in the name of serving the Lord!

Yes! There’s more…….

I prayed for that frustrated angry man who just got arrested and is now on lock-down after getting into the same dysfunctional family argument that happens every year around the Thanksgiving dinner table that resulted in an overturned table with the painstakingly prepared meal being splayed out all over the floor with the turkey rolling over (I bet those three hungry pet cats where happy!) somewhere behind the couch.

Maybe this gentleman(?) would still be free if it weren’t for his giving in to those readily available kitchen knives that were utilized as the tools to help him prove his point to win the argument.

I bet he feels so good that he set aside the time to give thanks to his God. Maybe he can now start a prison ministry since his dumb ass will be incarcerated for a long time on attempted murder charges. I guess he was trying to see of the phrase “blood is thicker than water” is true. Well with no one coming to visit him I guess he found out the answer to that one!

Have you ever noticed that the various news programs on the day after a major holiday always seem to have the most intense bouts of violent crime being reported more so than any other time of the year?

I’m willing to bet that you will be able to add a whole lot more of these such incidents (That’s a whole lot of praying that we have to do now!) to this list after you watch the local evening news in your area.

It seems as though when the shopping season begins after Thanksgiving Day Black people have a knack for acting up and “acting a fool” in a very visible and unforgettable manner!

…….and all the while as they do this they do so under the covering of something holy and righteous as giving thanks to the Lord above!

Christmas time ain’t no different!

There is an ever rising tension and frustration in the Black community that rears its ugly head against the backdrop of a time that is supposed to he about family, about giving and about being thankful and humbled that an Almighty God has blessed them with another year to live in this wonderful world!

Many have wondered why this tension builds to an all powerful crescendo crashing like a powerful wave of a tsunami hitting the unsuspecting coastline always around the time that the holidays seem to be rolling around? It almost makes one wonder if the terminology used to signal in the holiday shopping season known as “Black Friday” was used covertly to really let other people know that this is the time when Black people will begin to show their ashy fat asses! Just a thought. To much information? To bad. That’s just what I was honestly thinking. Lol!

But I do feel that there is a reason why this happens in such a predictable fashion year after year as though Black folks have some type of deadly remote controlled digital timer embedded deep into their pleasure seeking brains. You see, there is a whole lot of pressure that hits the downtrodden around this time of the year, and it’s everyone that’s feeling it if the truth be told. But then again let’s just say that it can be anyone who is not doing as good as they think they should in the personal finance department. And if you haven’t been living under a rock you will know that with the Occupy movement in going full force as well as the overall feeling of doom amongst the people concerning our future, this could be just about ANYONE!

But, as they say and as I hate to repeat it, we as a community have been at the bottom of the sociological totem for God knows how long to the point where many have given UP any hope of doing better.

So! Just add in the tons of television advertisements, billboards, radio ads with those annoying jingles and every type of electronic gadgetry pushed on us that gives our kids and our egos a reason to want to splurge to sooth a damaged ego amidst the job layoffs, diminishing value of the dollar, inflation and general sense of despair that we absorb every time we turn on the television or pick up a newspaper.

To put it bluntly, nobody wants to see all of this festive bull crap going on around us (Get ready for an Ebonic rant now!) when we ain’t got no g*dd*mn money in our m*therf*ckin’ pockets! (Whew!)

Now do you understand the source of tensions in the Black community?

So when we delve a little deeper below the well dressed surface of this yearly phenomenon called Thanksgiving, we shall soon see that it is NOT about honoring the Almighty God who created us, but really about indulging in every transgression known to man that our God wants us to have absolutely nothing to do with!

So who are we really professing a love for if God did not ordain the activities that we happily indulge in during this time of so called Thanksgiving?

It’s none other than satan HIMSELF!

Yes it is!

Well if you think not then you tell me please if God ordains you to immerse yourself in the spirit of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony?

…….because this is all I see on display at this time of the year more so than any other season!

Instead of seeing the fruits OF the spirit, all I see is those prime examples of the seven deadly sins!

Look at how the spirit of gluttony has taken over a day that many falsely believe is a time of Thanksgiving? Falsely? Yes! And that will be an entirely separate blog article because how are you going to kill a nation, slave a people and give thanks to God for all of the murdering and rape that you have committed?

God bless Amerikkka?

Why do you think the former slave master is catching hell right now?

There is too much blood on his hands!

But back to the spirit of gluttony. We aren’t praising God at all by acting as a pig at the dinner table. Look at all of the hungry people out in the world and here you go eating enough to feed a family of eight and using enough toilet paper afterward to clean up the pungent funk that will dwell up inside of you until next spring! Hell! Some people STILL have that Thanksgiving meal up in them from 2008! You don’t want to let them use YOUR restroom when that bomb drops!

But that’s another story. LOL!

Look at the spirit of greed, look at how much pushing and shoving goes on at the various shopping malls while these so called holy women and men of God act as though they are demons straight out of the pits of hell in search of the next material item that won’t do a damn thing to secure their salvation for an eternity. What are THEY thinking?

We don’t even have to say anything about the spirit of slothfulness. Look at how many men are out here not doing what they are supposed to do for their families and communities, laying up on a hard working woman and spending the day web surfing, playing video games and trying to impregnate as many women as they possibly can? It’s funny, the spirit of slothfulness doesn’t seem to work when it is time for one of these lazy ass men to get some pussy now doesn’t it?

While we should be glad to have been awakened this morning (Even if you woke up drunk on a strange couch!) and blessed with another day of health and strength but many of us will reveal that nasty sinful spirit of wrath when someone cuts us off on the road sometimes by mistake. So must we follow that same car so far off of our former path in order to curse, threaten and make an unnecessary scene that could have been prevented if we would just learn how to exhibit a little self control?

Envy seems to be a very dominant spirit that has a grip on the hearts of those from many different levels of financial standing. You could a CEO of a multi-million dollar company holding down a high six figure income mad at the next man who purchased a new luxury car all the down to wino on the street corner jealous of the next bum that found a damn near empty bottle of rum that contained just a small swallow of rum mixed with a stranger’s spit!

Our false pride is killing us and it has driven us to live beyond our means, it has fueled the notion that we don’t need each other and we seem to feel as though we can make it on our own even with many of us feeling as though we don’t even have to acknowledge the existence of God! What gives?

Lust? Do I even HAVE to speak on this spirit? Look, it’s an epidemic fueling us to have unprotected illicit immoral sex, killing ourselves off wholesale and in record numbers because of our own lack of control and ability to resist the powerful fumes of lust that we so readily inhale wholeheartedly. It breaks up homes, families and whole communities, lust is a spirit that has done more damage to us overall then any war, drug epidemic or disease EVER did!

So do you now understand WHY I say Thanksgiving is just another day for Christians to praise Satan direct?

Wake up and see reality for what it is and see how we have been hoodwinked to think that our transgressions don’t hurt us as they are okay to indulge in.

Do we really have to wake up and find ourselves in the fiery bowels of hell before we realize that we can’t follow man’s law over God’s law?

Stop worshiping the damn devil on Thanksgiving Day and give thanks to God through your actions. Trust me, He can see right through it if you do anything otherwise.






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